Cosmos stealth nerf? WTF

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NateTronic, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Hunter_Killers

    I'm not defending it happening now but it should've happened before the game was even released.

    Cosmos had both high capacity and the most accuracy. It was supposed to just be Cosmos with high capacity and Blueshift with high accuracy going by descriptions.

    Too many overlapping roles and useless weapons.
  2. S0LAR15

    Your gonna bring up the NC max as a defense, frak off, seriously frak off, IGNORING NC MAX weapons WHICH DON'T COMPARE AT ALL, the Mercy had the best DPS by a HUGE margin and the best accuracy, and you wonder why your faction is despised as easy-mode, nooblet-central. C U N T S cant think at all. WANT NC DAMAGE but at range, welcome to TR. T W A T

    Even still, beyond 15 metres the Mercy was the clear winner. OF ALL MAX WEAPONS.

    Now if you mean to say TR aren' t competitive unless they are blatantly OP, then sure I'll agree. Since the faction drew so many nooblets, that now, despite being in a less gimped position and having more Pop than VS, they cant hold or cap anything but their warp gate. They consistently fail because their player base has the intelligence of a frakking jelly fish. Players like you, who say, without a GRAIN OF IRONY that the Mercy was outdamaged by the NC max, as if somehow that wasnt trure for the VS max, which was/is in worse position.
  3. Jetlag

    Lets keep something straight here guys, the cosmos wasnt one of those "I WIN" guns that needed a nerf.
    Even with its previous stats of highest accuracy large magazine and high damage, it was still at a slight disadvantage to the TRs mercy.

    If the blueshift and cosmos stats had been like this from release the VS max would have been even more underpowered and under utilised then what it is currently.

    This COF nerf to the cosmos has effectively nerfed the AI ability and dps of the VS MAX.
    I will give you all of my certs and SC if you can point me to even one thread or stats decrying how OP and beastly the VS MAX was and that it needed a nerf.
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  4. Babaganoush

    Higby didn't even know about the CoF change, yet another example of fine SOE QA during the development of Planetside 2.

  5. Dragonblood

    So the Max weapons are now balanced to each other at the cost of the previous best overall weapons being nerfed. For a niche class that is only useful in certain situations and has no utility to the point that it can't capture/hold a point, this is rather disappointing.
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  6. Zan_Aus

    If the Cosmos had not existed in its previous state you would never have seen a VS MAX in an AI role ever. It was the only weapon that gave you ANY hope of competing with TR and NC MAXs (or infantry for that matter). If they wanted to make the Nebula and Blueshift viable choices they needed absolutely enormous buffs, not nerf the Cosmos down to the same worthless garbage as the others.

    Go try it in the VR room, the Cosmos is now completely non-functional outside 20m and I was getting accuracy misses from spread alone at 10m. Completely ridiculous, these clowns have no idea what they are doing.
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  7. Zan_Aus

    The Cosmos should have been the baseline weapon with the Nebula being higher ROF & DMG with lower accuracy and range and the Blueshift being lower damage with much higher accuracy and range (LMG level accuracy).
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  8. S0LAR15

    No, the MErcy still is useful the Cosmos is not in anyway, compare to the mutilator for example. Something is frakked up.
  9. SgtScum

    Ummm, still collecting heads with my dual cosmos max.

    Ranged shots suck ash but ai max should never be ranged killers anyways..
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  10. Sov21

    Now I'm afraid to buy the blueshift in case the stealth nerfs are changed :eek:
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  11. Rift23

    If you're trading weapons/swapping certs then you're less likely to get frustrated.

    If you're less likely to get frustrated, you're less likely to pay cash when the FOTM changes.

    "Support the game you cheapskate!" ---SOE unofficial reps.
  12. Ghosty11

    Yes but it's generally agreed that all the VS MAX weapons are under performing, with the Cosmos being the closest to being on par with the TR's Mercy's. Logic would dictate that the Cosmos should have received a small buff, which was in the GU07 update patch notes, and the rest of the weapons should have been brought up to the same level, with niches to make them side grades. Instead what we got was a significant nerf to our best weapon and small buffs to every thing else, which in the end means the VS MAX weapons will still be under performing compared to the other faction's weapons.
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  13. WarpNaccele

    Fix the cosmos, or I want a refund for my 1400 sc.
  14. Fenrisk

    Grow up and learn to read a post before throwing insults. No where did i state that VS max against infantry wasn't UP. I said both are UP. You want to debate stats then you can't ignore an entire factions Max just to make your own argument against the TR max. Thats what nooblets do. You can't say mercy max has the best damage per second when at any range that matters the NC max has 150% more damage per second then the TR and VS maxes. Max suits don't have scopes or zoom, their low barrel fire makes it impossible to fire from behind any real cover, their speed also makes them a easy target for any heavy with a rocket or anti tank grenades. Maxes are used for 2 things in organised outfits. AA or Storming or Holding a point.

    Maxes are weak in this game unless used in specific situations. Inside enclosed bases with your outfit backing you up is where they shine and in them situations 20m or less is the norm or up on the high ground using AA. Going up against heavy amounts of infantry out in the open where that extra range might matter is voided by the fact other classes can and will do that job better then you in terms of clearing infantry without being a massively easy target.

    If maxes were effective against infantry at the ranges cosmos or mercys excel at (in comparison to the NC max) then everyone and their dog would be using one whenever they have the resources. 20m or less and your better off a NC max by a large margin.

    When it comes down to it any half experienced outfit member will just bring a uppercut rather then a max to clear infantry from a outpost because you can do it faster and your far more effective. Maxes are slow, noisy and have less damage per second or burst damage then TR infantry. Pointless bringing a AI TR or VS max to most fights they both get ripped apart and both end up less effective then a experienced heavy assault. At least the NC max does it right given the maxes limitations on the battle ground.

    The nerfs just increased the gap between VS/TR and the NC max.
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  15. schwarzklang

    I gues Soe is overall nerfing the vs max weapons to balance the new Max ability a bit more.
  16. S0LAR15

    The blue shift and the nebula compare well with the TR MAX weapons tbh.

    It's just that now the Cosmos is a downgrade. If you were even thinking about putting 1400 SC or 2000 certs into getting these, you could put 2000 certs into the default Quasar instead. 1000 for second Quasar, 500x2 for extended mags, and bam, you have a better gun than the Cosmos, with the same higher ammo capacity.
  17. Prodigal

    Nice trolling. Talking bigmouth and ignoring the fact that your MAXes were and still are OP nonetheless...good job, good job.

    Balance is not about you winning by merely w+m1. Try to take one step aside from yourself.
  18. Fenrisk

    As far as i am concerned both TR and VS maxes need to be buffed. The problem with having AI weapons that are only effective at range in terms of DPS is maxes are not exactly designed for the kind of environment that would ever see that advantage come into play. They are too slow, too big, too noisy and can be taken out very quickly when exposing themselves to infantry at them kind of ranges.

    Other classes do the job of anti infantry at them ranges FAR better and won't get themselves killed half as often.
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  19. NateTronic

    Was this changed yet?
  20. Zenanii

    I'm looking but I'm not seeing it