Cosmos back to its usual self?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Roarboar, May 2, 2013.

  1. Roarboar

    Fixed VS Cosmos VM3 having a max cone of fire of 7. It now matches all other MAX weapons with a max cone of fire of 3.

    This was the sudden change that everyone was talking about right?
  2. Van Dax

    It very well may be, will have to try in game and see if that is it. If it is I will be so pissed after they told us there was no bug and it was working as intended.
  3. Ghosty11

    I knew there was something seriously out of whack with these weapons since you literally couldn't hit crap with them unless you fired very short bursts.
  4. Quiiliitiila

    I'm in class for most of the day, could someone test this at some point after the patch and post the results?
  5. Ganjis

    I guess barn doors across Auraxis are ******** themselves now eh?
  6. Rown

    I say, they're good enough!


    They're now noticeably less accurate than blueshifts, and with nebulas you'll do better at close range, but Cosmos are very useable right now. I don't plan on changing them soon.
  7. Sebyos

    Never went 63-0 even with the old Cosmos, but I sure did with the new Bueshifts. TR had it easy mode all along with their Mercies.

    By the way Cosmos still has a terrible 2.15 CoF.
  8. TeknoBug

    I'm a long time Cosmos user myself, I quit using them a few weeks ago, they're still pretty good in enclosed rooms but it has trouble hitting anything at range anymore and once I switched to Blueshift I can hit them again and they're still good indoors due to faster rate of fire, the reloading is the annoying part as I haven't added extended mag to them.
  9. Crysander

    Was trying to use them earlier - just complete garbage after their 'fix'.

    The 'deadzone' bug means that anything <5-10m won't be hit reliably, and the accuracy means I was struggling to kill anything >15-20m while crouched, burst firing from inside a spawn room.Then had a firefight at about 5-10m in a corridor after we broke out I was almost killed by 2 infantry until I was saved by a teammate with a shotgun - I failed to kill one in the time it took them to bring me to 30% hp.
  10. Quiiliitiila

    Don't the Nebulas have a better accuracy value? If I recall correctly, Cosmos' have 2.15 and Nebulas have a flat 2.00?
  11. Rown

    Yes, the cosmos only advantage now is the greater clip. I'm not saying it's the best, but I found them to be serviceable as long you don't shoot anything beyond 30 meters.