Cortium Bomb is useless

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  1. Quimcity

    With hindsight, I may have been a bit to quick to describe the Cortium Bomb as useless.
    If you are trying to destroy a player made base and have access to a nearby equipment terminal e.g. a hacked equip term, or a sundy you can do a fair amount of damage with the cortium bomb if you are prepared to spend the time/mertits on using it multiple times.
    The quickest way is to take out the silo first, takes about 3 to 4 bombs (obviously don't do this if you are using a hacked equipment term in the base to resupply your bombs as once the silo is gone the terminal is dead)

    Once the silo is down any pain fields and turrets are are down too so you are free to roam about the base and place more bombs to take out the other key items. In combination with any base destroying weapon of your choice you can take a base out relatively quickly providing nobody turns up to defend it.

    I'm sure there are quicker ways of achieving this but as a solo take down option it's not too bad.
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  2. OneShadowWarrior

    I was hoping it would be like a mini orbital strike, very disappointing explosive device.
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  3. TR5L4Y3R

    can´t you use it as a tool to bust PMB walls? i thought it was meant to support a PMB siege ..
  4. NotziMad

    the fact that no one really seems to know speaks wonders about ... (I won't say it :p)
  5. Villainous Hydrosa

    Takes about 1-2 to take out a PMB wall, but unfortunately, I've only used them on walls that were already damaged, so I can't say for sure. I honestly love these things. Put'em on a stalker, wipe out a base, go cap/defend a couple bases to resupply your merit. Beyond that, it's really all about placement. I like to think I have an eye for these things, and I usually blow up several mods because I figure the best spot between them to place the thing.

    I also use them on sundies. Put one behind the wheels, then shoot the sundy with an explosive bolt until it blows. Works well on cloaked sundies, because people won't see the bomb while you're shooting the sundy, and if you have to stop to kill the infil shooting the sundy, those 20 seconds are actually pretty fast.

    On the topic of it not exploding when shot, there are explosives IRL that are like that. They only explode if a current is run through them in a specific way. I mean hell, if you shoot a cortium spire, will it blow up? Nope! Gotta do something special to that crap to make it blow like that.
  6. Villainous Hydrosa

    I usually bring a cloaking sundy near the base, putting it out of sight, and away from where passing vehicles, or cortium hunting ANTs, would feasibly go.
  7. REZistance

    As it is with everything there is the multiplier effect. Sure, just one guy with one Cortium Bomb isn't gonna be able to do much in a short period of time, but when you get a team of Stalkers (or whatever class) and they all place bombs around the Silo simultaneously, it goes down immediately.

    As a Stalker main I love the Cortium Bomb because it makes for the perfect bait in an ambush attack. People just can't leave the bomb alone when they hear it beeping, so place it in a tight corner where it can't be shot at a distance and wait.. an enemy will show up looking for the beeping.. when his attention is on the bomb and he goes to shoot it - BLOODCLOT
  8. JibbaJabba

    They need to fix the radius OR the damage. It's pretty weak.

    Right now unless it's literally touching a piece of construction it won't destroy it. Even then it won't destroy the heavier stuff.

    Make it blink too, and be easier to locate and destroy.
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  9. TRspy007

    it does blink, and takes about 5 rounds to destroy. Also it's pretty massive lol
  10. cemorela

    If you have the new hack that is out, you can place unlimited bombs. Watched a guy doing it two days ago. I was near the TR base and trying to take down a silo and had a sundy hid. I kept going back for resuply and would place a bomb and run back to sundy. I had almost everything in the base wiped. Then.... An aircraft crash lands and this guy survives the fall and place 4 bombs. Yes 4... And boom. Took out the silo and me. I was like okay, is there a new thing where we can now carry more bombs? On to the next base...

    Oh look here is the guy again just placing multiple bombs everywhere. His clan members on-looking and waiting. As soon as all the bombs he placed went off his clan moves in and places more. He waits. Bombs go off and he places a butt load more. I was like wow! And supposedly there are only pros playing and no hacks. Sure! It is this B.S. that ruins the game. I reported the guy, but he's still active. Doubt anything happens.
  11. xDefender

    The same happened to me. Player name: SRrIN
    (his profile:
    I also told him via proximity chat that I was going to report, and he made fun of it, saying PS2 do not ban anyone.....
  12. Johannes Kaiser

    Hope you don't mind if I copy that to another thread about cheating. :)
    Same here (as in "the above about copying", not "was laughed at by that guy").
  13. xDefender

    Haha, thanks for clarifying that lol
    But please, be my guest (and let me know where so I can check it out!)

    Cheers mate!

    (P.S.: I reported him with all info I had, but unfortunately I could not record.... Anyways, the game seems to be offline now. Hopefully they are fixing this?)
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  14. cemorela

    The player that was doing it when I was on was H4jiM3H4YWiR3.
  15. Johannes Kaiser

  16. then00b

    I've seen people use it to break my pain spires, not sure how many they used, just that they used them.
    I'm pretty sure dbg just has no idea what they want to do with construction. The no-deploy zone should be removed since Bastions can fly literally anywhere in the map, should be able to deploy skywall shield generators etc anywhere to counter it. Forces the bastion side to actually have a ground force to disable it or some such, but no. They're just for bases that sit out in the middle of nowhere doing... hell what is the point of construction anymore? Isn't the new thing to spam OS's at will wherever and whenever you want?
  17. nagibator

    it is weak and does not live up to the expectation but I would not call it useless. 3 bombs for silo barrel
  18. TRspy007

    You accused the wrong guy, it's one of his outfit-mates doing it. The guy you linked is very chill and actually working on the construction directive himself, although he stopped because of this bug.

    As I thought, it's just another silly bug that can easily be exploited. I asked around, and then recorded and created a thread (linked below) about my findings.
  19. RblDiver

    It should be at least powerful enough to destroy a shielded sundy, but alas, it isn't.
  20. Johannes Kaiser

    They should have made three categories of consstruction items, and set the HP and bomb damage accordingly.
    Soft targets (that can also be damaged with normal guns, like modules) take one bomb.
    Medium targets (turrets and artillery) take two bombs.
    Hard targets (walls, bunkers, towers and the silo) take three.
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