[CoOp] The Cooperative (DD12/SVO)

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Kylerr, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Wisdomcube2

    I actually was in SVO...and if you think I'm actually a jerk mclolzies. I just like to ruffle feathers, this game has became way too buddy buddy with the enemies. Which in turn has created the 4th faction VS population. So...thanks for contributing KylerrVS scum. And to the guy above me, the guy guns for libs plenty.
  2. happfyunbags

    I kind feel like a Wisdom Cube is one those Zelda items that when received you hear this noise
  3. ake1

    CoOp created VS confirmed
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  4. Kylerr

    150+ days played on TR main.
    7 days played on VS.
    are you even trying anymore?

    also lol at "I'm not actually a jerk, I just act like one"
  5. Yeahy

    Gujana in CoOp? What does it mean?
  6. IamnotAmazing

    he'll be kicked shortly for being bad don't worry
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  7. Yeahy

    Gujana lolbad

    dont make me 360noscope you irl.
  9. IamnotAmazing

    nah you'd end up shooting yourself by accident
  10. Schwak

    Notorious best outfit.
  11. Kylerr

  12. Zok

    how active is coop?
  13. chrisbeebops

    deader than ZAPS
  14. D1STORT

    You guys should message higby and see if you can get a name exception seeing as you've been prominent community members featured on SOE sanctioned events.
  15. Kobrakilla

    CoOp is dead. It split into DD12, Notorious, HONK, and some other small new outfits.