Cool tip for engies that equip AT mines.

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Flanker15, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Flanker15

    Encase you don't already know if you equip AT mines you don't lose your ammo pack even though it's not on your weapon list anymore. Equip your turret package and hit b (change fire mode) and it will change the deploy silhouette to the ammo pack. Now you can use mines and rearm your team.
    It's probably an oversight from an earlier version that'll be removed eventually but use it while you've got it.
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  2. RoaRawR

    go with AP mines to, I think this tipe get posted every day on here

    but it is really a BIG thing that missed outside og tutorial....
  3. Wibin

    It works the way it should IMO.

    Ammo pack vs mine, i'll take mine all day.

    I'd even drop the turret/ammo for more mines.
  4. undeadsapir

    its not a bug or oversight, its working as intended
    there was an unannounced fix to it that made it so it remembers which deploy you used last (turret or ammo) and leaves it that way till you die.. so yea its intended.
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  5. Skurcey

    not a good idea to post bug exploits, please, PM or report ingame

    Get out.
  7. Aristel25

    Yep, Undead has the right of it. Honestly I see them leaving this in the game until we get a option for a better deployable (aka the shield/Anti Vehicles/Anti Air turrets that never made it to testing back in Beta).
  8. RoaRawR

    not a bug, work as intended
  9. FateJH

    I keep telling people: I can't possibly see anything that makes the MANA turret useful as an exploit.
  10. crissHill

    There are some pretty nasty exploits you can use the MANA turret for. I'm not gonna post them on these forums though as that would just get me banned for spreading the information. If you know any, you should report them as bugs to SOE.
  11. B0bzor

    I also like how if you switch your mana turret to an ammo pack, and change weapons, if you switch back to the turret, it's still an ammo pack. No need to hit "B" every time I want to deploy ammo now!
  12. o.Solei.o

    Not an oversight, it's always been this way. The reason is that it keeps people from having to choose between getting kills and supporting their team. Giving your support classes incentive to not support their team is a really bad idea. It's one of the reasons why in alpha/tech-test they took the ammo pack away from LAs and gave them to engies.
  13. Kid Gloves

    Actually, the two alternatives aren't mutually exclusive. You can put down an ammo pack from your ACE then place a turret and teh ammo pack won't go away.

    I do this all the time, in addition to carrying mines.

    What the ammo deploy gives you is the ability to place 2x ammo packs simultaneously. In some situations (e.g. supporting burster MAXs at Crown) this is far more xp than mines will give you.
  14. Mafarett

    actually the fact that ammo is in the utility slot to begin with would be the oversight from back when LA had the ammo box. Now if only they could get the ammo box certs to work with the ammo box from the ACE tool.
  15. Mafarett

    Also if you hadn't noticed, the Ammo Box certs are in our Ability cert tree, not our Utility slot cert tree.