[Suggestion] Controlling the flow of manpower.

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  1. oTec

    Due to the nature of fights becoming unbalanced by random players switching regions to get to the "bigger" or "better" fight, i started thinking about how to keep fights balanced and to prevent one side gaining a massive overpop. The free traffic in Planetside 2 makes this quite hard. But i came up with some small points.

    1) When a fight reaches a 12-24 status on both sides, it is considered as a real skirmish rather then couple of random players pulling vehicles or hunting a hacking infiltrator.

    2) From now on, PS2 starts giving this region a point to spawn on (Green circle) and controls the numbers. So if one sides starts gaining a certain percentage of overpop, let's say 5-10%-ish, the spawn location dissapears for the faction in question. (Also for sunderers, except for the people currently in the region)

    3) If the region gains numbers equally on both sides, the spawn stays open untill it reaches a certain number, by example 96vs96 (or something higher/lower). After this is reached, incoming traffic starts being throttled/stopped again to spread people and keeping more then one big fight alive.

    4) Locations with a 1-12 population on both sides don't gain a spawn possibility unless the point is being contested or terminals/turrets/generators are being flipped/attacked.

    5) Since there is free traffic of players, even without the spawn on the region itself, due to vehicles, Point 2 is applied. The spawn goes open for the other side and closes for the side that is bringing in troops by air/road.

    6) If Point 5 applies, and there is a sudden large increase in manpower, the region will be the main target for instant action and will appear in the "Needs reinforcement" tab. (Wich already happens now.)

    7) If you use IA / support a region wich has suffered a massive increase in manpower, read zerg, you will receive an additional exp bonus based on your effort to support and help attack/defend on top of the continent population bonus for the duration of the fight.

    If you have more ideas, feel free to share them or leave some feedback on my points;

  2. oTec

    Added point*

    8) If players start to leave an area, unbalancing a fight, spawn options could be stopped to regain balance again. (Not sure this would work)*
  3. Demigan

    I don't think that balancing the playerbase by numbers is a good idea. The whole point of PS2 is large-scale unchecked warfare. Overwhelming your enemies with numbers is simply one of the ways you can win.

    Of course, they should have given more power to teamplay and coordination so that it would be easier to defend against the unorganized Zergs out there with a coordinated and cohesive (but still large, we are talking about a Zerg here) group.

    A better way to balance things would be to focus on how players get there. Currently it's relatively easy to reach any fight anywhere quickly. Redeployside has immense power since you can simply overwhelm your enemy time and again within the time it takes to capture a base.
    So you could limit the amount of redeploys per minute. This means that redeploying becomes a strategic use. Yes, you still can redeploy masses onto a single base to defend or attack it, but afterwards you will need vehicles to get around. And that's part of how you can balance this. By making players use vehicle transports more often you create more importance for territory control, but you also have more grasp on attack and defense.
    You might say "but now if the attackers overwhelm the defenders, the defenders have even less ways to even the odds", but anyone who will move to defend that base without using redeploy would be bringing a vehicle, which are important force multipliers that are often absent for the defenders and can balance it in the defenders favor again, especially since vehicle superiority for the defenders means they can destroy the Sunderers and end the attacks.