Continuing to investigate server issues

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  1. emre

    they'are not gone. you just couldn't rech your server. when your server is up, you can countinue where you left ;)
  2. joey0341

    yet, you have the most rudimentary spelling and grammar skills.........
  3. gyzair

    ( Briggs (AU) MAINT )

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  4. DrLooney

    I have to wait another day.... I was looking forward to playing planetside 2 with my buddys.

    I was able to play on US servers for about 3 or 4 hours.. only crashed once, but still anyone have an ETA on how long its gonna take??
  5. diinnzin

    Any official updates on when we'll be up?"
  6. Maelios

    Two words:

    Test Server.
  7. BrianJ2

    All servers are from the list...

    NoOOOooOOOOOoooOOoOoooOOOOOooooOOOOOoooOOOOO. They gonna SHUTDOWN PS2 Forever!!!
  8. pizo1

    22:04 h........hmm.
    Deja Vu
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  9. Malkymder

    too much snow they are still shoveling most of the continents ... patience :D
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  10. hollysy

    If for some resone a person would kill themselves due to a server crash than that rids the world of the ignorance and arrogance that they would bread into it. It is a game, get over it. crashes happen. life happens if they can not face it and wish to bow out that is there decision and they can be as selfish as they want. just be aware someone will miss you, hope they are OK with that
  11. TheScavenger101

    Stop the hate!
    If you were playing a bought game you could complain about the servers not being up fast enough. But with a free t play one, I'm not so sure.
    Any don't tell me anything about your valuable time you loose while not being able to play. The fact that you actually have the time to whine about it in the forum is proof.
    And yes, my time isn't worth a dine. 
    Well some of us actually pay for the subscription, not that it's expensive or anything but that was kind of a weird generalisation.

    Also to all people saying "You should know better then to [insert anything here] when you know how SOE works with updates". Not everyone has played since it came out.

    Lastly to SOE and the Developers of Planetside 2, I truly believe you're doing the best to get this sorted out and I hope all the numbnuts in this thread isn't bumming you out to much. As T_Ray said in the last CC, some of us got your backs.
    Hoping for a quick fix so I can take part in the Holiday sales tomorrow.
  12. Serafine


    Yeah... you know that this is the Australian server?
  13. BrianJ2

    ^ + the fact that SOE makes alot of money out of this game.
  14. TheCuqui

  15. 22N3oN22

  16. Elixx

    Noway they are laughing at our comments, we are the ones laughing at there comments. Im not sure, but i might put up a resolution on the blackboard at work tomorrow, hope my boss likes it. Add PS2 client and domain to suspected malware lexicon.
  17. Vortigon

    Nothing to do with local cache and everything to do with the servers. Your computer does not cache the information presented to you at the character select screen until after it is downloaded from the servers.
  18. porter478

    no that happend to me yesterday but we will not lose our character, but now every time I log in to check there are miy characters :p
  19. Brasileiro

    Briggs (AU) MAINT
    damn you Bruce!!!
  20. 22N3oN22

    It's 10 gigabytes(Pts) download it'll take too long...