Continuing to investigate server issues

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by d_carey, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. The Gamer

    What do you mean by ''slow''
  2. pizo1

    Nothing yet from support on update how long this will take?Is it hard to say its gonna need 24h+ to fix this or even more .
  3. Tsavo13

    think he means low
  4. BigBooty

    Oh god the jokes that will come from this.. so offense... trying to resist. :confused:
  5. Sammywillz

  6. ferelferret

    Damn our plan has been discovered
  7. BigBooty

    Haha! And with the new update I have the code to your secrets! :cool:
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  8. Waxa

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  9. Sramos58

    You know what I say? We all get EQ Next or Landmark beta passes for a week for this. :D
  10. Geekboy234

    Yea that will go over well :p
  11. TimStark

    I'm not sure what you're talking about, mate, all the servers are still down.
  12. Justnormal

    Another 7 hours passed. Still no server. I hope we all can play tomorrow, otherwise it would be a big mistake from SOE. In the meantime, play an other game or play on the test server. But if you like waiting, stay here ^^
  13. Exsolea

    KOTV:p Hi sammywilzvs
  14. Harry Ticblasphemer


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  15. Soviman

    why would you want passes to games that are horrible?
  16. The Gamer

    you wish
    but in second tought theres i tiny chance but is't a chance
  17. Sammywillz

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  18. Flatfish

    I might as well go afk to take a big d double ok!
  19. SniperApache

    that was funny
  20. The Gamer