Continued death rate.

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  1. DCWarHound

    I'm also a Battlefield veteran, started with BFBC2 and ended with BF4 with a K/D around 2.5-3

    I started out as an Infiltrator in PS2 but i will get to that in a bit, here are some general pointers that i have followed over the years.

    1.Don't aim to kill vehicles alone, focus fire on vehicles when your allies are attacking them or when they are heavily damaged.Rocket launchers are little more then an annoyance to vehicles and you are more likely to just attract them to your location.

    2.Always attack infantry from the side or rear, try to never engage head on and always keep close to cover (you do not want more then one enemy on screen while engaging)

    3.Aim for the collar bone when shooting enemies with automatic weapons, headshots will miss when they start moving and shooting at the center of mass will just soak up bullets. Shooting at the collar bone will give a good mix of headshots and actually hitting your target.

    4.Stay on the move and choose your cover carefully, experienced Infiltrators will try to get into blind spots and flanking positions where they can pick off targets that are standing still or are low on health.

    5.Unlike Battlefield, the battleground in PS2 emphasises on 3d combat where death can come from any direction. Your rear would usually be safe in battlefield but not in planetside.

    Those are some basic tips that should help you along the way. You should focus on certing into one class once you find one that you're comfortable with.
  2. Curved

    Oh one more thing that bumped my KD: I've had the same internet connection for years, but a basic router. My router died a few months ago and I splurged for a $200 one. It was a great investment. My latency went down by around half and my packet loss went down by around 90%.
  3. Gundem

    Want to know something hard?

    Try CAS Strafing ground targets. You'll learn real fast how dangerous AA actually is.

    What i mean by spammy: i see many players sat on a hill side in a aircraft firing into spawn area from miles away, annihilator rockets cannot reach them, and they just sit and spam the base.
    Yes ok, some think its fun and some say its necessary for gameplay(like you mentioned), but its far to simple.
    Bare also in mind, some dont have the equipment to fly planes, i cant fly them with a keyboard, im sure people can, i have sat in a aircraft and flown it around the map but i have NO weapons to use as i fly(i guess its all about uprades) and keeping the aircraft out of danger is not my forte/skill set.

    Also, im from the UK, my connection to the game server's are very good in the EU average(40ms).

    I have changed my sights for 1x on my weapons from other peoples recommendation.
    I will see what i can do about adding you, currently i am thinking about starting over and go back to the beginning, that way i can learn easier. so i may have to make a new account and start afresh.
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    Yeh u know what you mean, BR81 is a pretty good rank to be at, i guess in the real end its all about unlocking stuff, i have the rocket launcher(No1) not upgraded, but then its about certs too, i am unlocking as fast as i can to gain as much as i can, but it gets to a point that you need 1000's of certs and not 100's to upgrade, thats where i am on somethings.
    patience is a key factor, be careful on what you do i guess, i dont head up a possy i back it if i can, most of the time i spend trying to get to a place where i can fight and not die so much, this is lack of experience and knowledge of map locations.
    My knowledge of this game is somewhat lacking to say the least.

    I apologize but i dont know enough abut the game to be a know-it-all, i do know a lot about FPS in general as i said in earlier post's(on this post and my other one about rubber bullets), this game eludes me somewhat, no tactics from other games can be used in this game i found.
    I have noted your ideal set-up but please bare in mind, i am rank BR30, with wasted certs due to lack of info. I have no certs to upgrade to the set-up you suggest, i will in time for sure, but currently not possible.

    1v1...hmmm i never win so i dont bother, i seem to face them and as soon as i fire they have protection(what im lacking) and so my bullets will fail me, i try to pick my targets carefully but i cannot guarantee a easy kill.
    Still i will work it out in the end. im collecting info from all people who recommend idea's and have not dismissed any.
    I have written down idea's so i can refer to them easily, even tho i have access to the forum while still gaming(not on the same pc) i have a laptop directly in front of me.

    HS kills, well we all agree its the best way to kill, we will also all agree as a newbie its almost impossible to maintain that accuracy...This comes with experience.
  8. ConstyC

    this is seriously just a case of 'git gud'.

    git gud in the sense that you have to adapt to the game, not center what you've experienced in other games into planetside. some people even said that the game doesn't have a learning curve, but rather, a learning cliff. while unlocks are a great boon, the base guns itself are more than capable of dealing with fully decked out people. alot of kills will be all about positioning and excellent aim.

    aircraft as you said being spammy, is true in a sense, but so is everything else like tanks and infantry; end up overpopped against the enemy, and you'll also be shooting at the spawn. big battles that take place in open fields test your mettle as a pilot. as an avid ESF ground support pilot, the rush of strafing enemy positions while avoiding AA fire is one of the reasons I've stayed with the game for so long.

    if you want some basic tips, wrel has some videos that showcase what to get, how to play, smart certing, and what not.

    all that said, I was also in your position once. the feeling of helplessness against the more experienced enemy is very frustrating, but now at BR93, I came to love the game despite that frustrating start.

    though, you will still get 'those days' where nothing seems to go your way; dying as soon as you spawn in, getting run over by friendlies, getting tank mined as soon as you grab a tank. take in all in stride, get to know the game at your own pace.

    well, that was an exciting first post for me.

    I have made a char for emerald and i was also told what you say. i think it is Quemex i have on there.

    My internet connection is 150+mbps download and 11+mbps upload. 1gb lan connection...Virgin superhub 2.

    Not a bad 1st post i must say, points noted obviously,as i have said..My mistake is not knowing the game when i 1st started, i didnt know about KOLTYR map for beginners, so i was in mainstream maps being killed and having no idea what im doing.
    Its fun in some ways being in at the deep end.
    Trust me its very painful and slightly frustrating when you constantly die, and you have NO idea why. As with other FPS you do know why you die, normally because of stupidity and lack of judgement or even(sometimes in my case) lack of accuracy, we all have bad day's and mostly they are good, currently im waiting for a good day to come..Actually a good day is only dying 20 times instead of 50. But nonetheless the gameplay is very different from normal FPS, eys i learned that very fast.
    I also watched 98% of WRELS video's and yes i gained some experience on gameplay styles, he showed little about very simplistic stuff about making sure you use cert's to upgrade nanoweave, and other protection as a priority...Most will argue about needing to do this, but when you are a BR1 v BR100, do not expect to live for a second unless you have protection.

    Just my little opinion on a game im leaning to play:
    Do not think you are clever by thinking all FPS games are the same........They are most definitely not.
  12. kempo95

    It isn't about the internet connection but about the amount of players that are playing on the server. Emerald has way more active players, and you can even find a good squad or platoon on normal Europe hours. More people in a fight make fights easier for you because there are enough other targets the enemy can shoot at so you have a chance to shoot at them.

    And funny though, this game isn't actually about the upgrades. This game is knowing where the enemy spawns, where they are coming from, how to get to a point fast, undetected and under cover. And that's why you should join a squad or a platoon, because he can direct you. And if you join a squad or platoon, you can also work together, a infiltrator spotting the enemy, HA's shooting them while backed up by engineers and medics. Idk if you already do that, since you didn't reply to that part, but PS2 is not really a team game. You need to work together as a faction (couple hundred people) and that's what I like personally about PS2.
  13. Graubeorn

    This is a HARD game. The difficulty level and complexity vs help is up to Old Skool levels. Which means that you learn by dying, rinse and repeat. I had the same experience, once upon a time. Dying from everything and every angle, no matter what I did. K/D ratio probably around 0.1. And I am a very experienced gamer. I actually gave up several times, but couldn't resist logging in and trying again. And slowly but surely, you do get better. I now have >2500 hrs in PS2, and in my opinion it is one of the best games ever made (have been playing since the VIC-20). I still can't fly for sh*t, I am middling at HA/LA play and I still haven't everything certed out. And I learn new stuff all the time.

    Haven't checked my K/D ratio in ages, since when you start getting a tactical/strategic feel for the game it becomes totally meaningless. And I am pretty sure all 100+-level players feel the same way. I am pretty sure it actually drops as you leave the middle ranks behind, since medic, engi, infi and sundy play becomes more important. You play more for the good of the faction and your squad/platoon, which translates into less kills per death (the certs still keep coming off course).

    Koltyr wasn't available when I started, but is a really good way to get a grip on the game. Even so, when you join the fight on the hardcore continents, you should approach everything as a newborn bunny surrounded by hungry wolves on every side. Be afraid, be VERY careful. But do NOT be afraid of dying, dying is inherent part of the game, and trying things is the way you learn. Forget the K/D ratio, it really is BS. The most important players during a hard base fight are usually the medics, and they die multiple times without getting a single kill, which makes for a poor K/D ratio. Even so, they can be the deciding factor for a team victory.

    Also forget all this nonsense about which weapon is better blah blah. Almost ALL the weapons are good enough, and much is up to personal preference. And most is up to game play, which is why noobs gets slaughtered a lot by more experienced players. Pick a role that suits your playstyle (you might later be surprised how this changes over time) and follow your teammates around. Observe, try, and die some more.

    The difficulty and the multilayered complexity (which is even much more complex since yesterdays update) is what makes Planetside 2 one of the most rewarding games around. Ever. It is however not a modern game with a built in level autoscaling system trying to give you a "nice experience". And personally I am very, very happy for that.

    It is a proven fact that humans learn more from making mistakes (and evaluating what went wrong) than from straight successes, and this is very true for PS2. The players who have made every mistake there is to make (multiple times) are the ones who are effective on the battlefield.

    Joined a squad, got given orders i know nothing about, he expected me to know, sorry to say i didnt, the way they expect you to know when you are clueless is unreal, i fully understand they will get frustrated by players like me, i am trying to learn as fast as i can, its not easy when your my age(had to fit that in) to learn so fast, younger people are faster learners and adapt more quickly.

    I got kicked out of a squad(i think i did anyway) because i was doing what they asked, if i dont know how can i do such stuff.
    Nonetheless i play by myself, that way i can only muck it up on my own and dont get anyone else killed.

    Some will say why play alone? This is pretty simple, you watch and learn, stay undetected as long as possible(never long in my case) and see what the other guys are doing, where they spawn, which way they go and how they get to where they wanna be.

    I have been jumping in sunderers and just observing as well as shooting, it works in many ways.
    Especially if you deploy a sunderer and people spawn at it, you get points of course(learned that 2 days ago) something you are not taught.
    So my progress can only get better, as you put it, KDR means nothing..totally true and i care nothing for kdr whatsoever, my idea of FPS is totally FUN orientated, nothing more nothing less.
    I have NO goals, not after glory, but i do like to catch hackers on the side.

    Indeed this game is far more demanding than most FPS games, complexity is so different, the style of gameplay is 360 compared to 180 degree playing, most fps games have 2 sides front and back, this game has all around, this makes it unique in its style, hence why its the world record breaking game.

    Having said that, the basics are still the same, you have to learn each FPS game like you have never played one before, this is how im trying to play now.
    I dont play like an idiot and rush into battles i cant win, suicide is not my forte, i try to follow and pick the easier kills, and by dying i learn where i went wrong..Normally he was possibly cloaked or some other special gear they have so my bullets do nothing, so upgrading gear is essential i know, and i will as i gain certs, i will also configure my weapons the right way to my style of gaming.

    My style of gaming:
    Im a mid range fighter, i do not play as a rusher(most other games maybe i have done) and keep a little distance between the target and me(close quarter combat is not my style).
    I do try to flank when not detected, i do try different tactics as much as possible.
  16. Curved

    Yes this is a good idea. Starting a new char is the easiest way to get a bunch of certs to experiment with.

    Except for the gun, the smg infil route is very inexpensive. You need to be about BR3 to have a decently specced infiltrator. If you'd like to try this route, I just checked the cert costs for various guns, and the cheapest decent option for an infil is an automatic scout rifle (there is one per faction -- Stalker, SOAS-20, and Artemis). They cost 650 certs, so BR10 will get you a solid infiltrator everything included. You use the auto scout rifles about the same way as an SMG, except they have a longer range damage profile and more recoil.
  17. Chubzdoomer

    Join a platoon and stop playing alone. Stick with your squad and you'll most likely be revived if you ever die (unless you wander off or die in a dangerous place, like right in front of an enemy spawn room).

    PlanetSide 2 isn't Battlefield, and if you try to play it similarly you're going to get destroyed time and time again. This game is all about rolling with teammates and working together. When you were gunned down by those low-KDR players, I guarantee that in most cases they weren't the only ones shooting at you. As soon as firefights become 2v1 or even 3v1 and beyond (you being the 1), you can usually forget about winning them. And in PlanetSide 2, if you roll alone you'll almost always encounter those scenarios and be slaughtered.
  18. Moridin6

    Vanu? you Think its that name?
  19. Halo572

    It isn't you, it is just an overall bad game.

    Your post has been posted innumerable times in the past 4 years by others and nothing has changed to make it any better.

    The base idea of this title is to get an advantage over other players any way you can, there is nothing about fair.

    You need to get an aircraft, armour, max, invisible sniper, shielded heavy, SMG, one hit kill sniper rifle, a high RPM gun that is higher than your opponents or any other glitching or exploiting the game design allows.

    That is it.

    Those who would defend something that I haven't logged into since October 2014 and having done so regrettably tonight to see the new patch would have you believe different.

    They would have you believe that you are playing the successor to chess, that it is the pinnacle of strategy and skill when all it is is fitting 200 people into a TDM map smaller than you would find in COD and spamming.

    Nothing has changed at all in the last 18 months, same exploiting, same laming as the past 4 years.

    It is a title with no game or objectives, a title which panders to gamers that want to dominate others on an unlevel playing field, players who want to stack the odds against you any way they can.

    It makes them feel superior and they spend their cash for the warm glow it gives them.

    You have a choice, join them and enjoy the cheap cheese or go and play infinitely superior single player games.

    What annoys me is I have reset my last login from the 2nd October 2014 to today, I now have another 18 months work to do over.
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  20. Alzir

    Don't worry about restarting, the only reason is to reset stats which is a pointless exercise. The only use for stats is to see a progression, and if you can figure out the game from this point you could end up a wolf in sheep's clothing :)

    The loss of certs for "mistakes" in unlocks is also always negligible at your level. If you play the game long enough you end up using everything anyway, and it'll take you longer to redo it than correct anything from this point.

    If you want to add me please do, I've helped many new players and don't mind you joining me on TS either to explain stuff (if you want - it would just be you and me). What I can do for you depends on what you enjoy but we can cross that bridge when we come to it if it's an issue. I tend to go for fights where I'll be outnumbered and it would be my intention to drag you into those as well, but it's the best place to learn and I'm a good wingman :)

    If you are intent on restarting as VS, do it on Cobalt and add the name in my sig as a friend.