Continued death rate.

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  1. The Rogue Wolf

    I think you're going about things the wrong way. You shouldn't need to run to cover when attacked because you should always be near some cover, whenever possible. There are so many combatants in a typical Planetside 2 fight that being out in the open for any real length of time is basically a death sentence, no matter how carefully you look around (nobody can maintain constant 360-degree situational awareness), because there'll always be somebody you missed who can draw a bead on you. On the other hand, if you make a habit of staying to cover, that reduces the amount of area you can be attacked from- just keeping your back to a wall literally makes you untouchable from a 180-degree angle, both vertical and horizontal. From there it's just a matter of learning to "read" the battle and knowing where attacks are likely to come from so you can give the majority of your attention to those areas.

    As for weapons: There are few outright "best" weapons in this game; almost everything is situational, and if you want to be effective in this game when it comes to fighting, you need to learn which situation your weapon works best in and then maneuver yourself to be in that situation in every firefight.
  2. Eternaloptimist

    If you are saving up for a TR LMG the MSW-R will be your best bet. And one other thing I don't think anyone else has mentioned, you can reduce aimed mouse sensitivity in the game (the settings cogwheel symbol) I lowered mine from 0.5 to 0.33 and it greatly reduced 'mouse twitch' when firing....I get nervy in hectic situations! :)
  3. Liewec123

    one big thing to note, this game has horribly glitchy clientside hit detection,
    you might have a higher KDR in other games, but here you need to learn the horribly glitchy hit detection XD

    think you're safe behind that wall? nope you've only been behind there for 2 seconds the enemy is still shooting you! lol
  4. Gundem

    You book is wrong, rewrite it.

    Aircraft, whether or not you think they are "Spammy" play a vital part in this game's dynamic. And you will either learn to hate them because you can't fly, or learn to understand them because you choose to fly.

    Choose to learn, choose wisdom, not ignorance!
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  5. Moridin6

    Make an Emerald vanu

    get your teamspeak up and running

    PM me

    i have the maggy if you have the willpower
  6. Shiaari

    What AZAN said.

    There are a million and one factors that are in play when you play this game. Unlike traditional lobby shooters, this game throws you to the wolves in terms of skill and experience. Koltyr is the only place where new players truly face new players, or at least new accounts. The moment you hit the game proper it's you against a player population that's been playing since beta.

    Take you spotting for instance. Everytime you "spot" something your character speaks. You can be heard from a surprisingly long distance away and the voice is faction specific, meaning we more than hear you. We know what side you're on. If you sit in one place and just keep spotting someone's going to get wise and come looking for you specifically. Being a new player you won't see them coming. You just die.

    Another thing you will need to come to grips with is the shear randomness of this game. In a lobby shooter things are pretty predictable, but here not so much. In a huge fight there are hundreds of eyes looking around. The odds of you literally just being randomly seen are not low, they're high.

    To play this game and play it well you need to depart with some patterns of thought. There is no timer or kill count or any other such contrivance that says the fight is over. Not even a capture timer says its over. No, even after officially capturing a base the fight doesn't really end. It has an ebb and flow, and a part of the learning curve is determining--to your reckoning--when the fight has moved on. This may seem like common sense, but it isn't, and it stands out as an idea of just how complex a game you're playing.

    Perspective is a very good word here. It fits in so many ways.

    You even need to rethink what it even looks like to play "well" when you play this game. Even the pros die a lot, and half the time when you watch a YouTuber going on a huge kill streak it isn't because they're really playing that well, it's because no one is bothering to stop them. Complacency is the killer in this game. Comfort is another killer. You get into a spot and you like it. The longer you stay--sometimes just long enough for you to take one shot and one only--you're being hunted.

    Perspective is a very good word to describe the problem we all face. It's not just you. Trust me.

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    Mentioned before, go into koltyr...i cant it wont let me, im not sure if its because one of my chars is BR30, the others are below 15, it clearly say's i cant enter because my rank is too high altho it was BR0.

    As for moving around the map spotting, its also a good way to get exp as well, but i dont stay in a single place, not today.
    I have learnt that constant moving is a safer way to be, but the downside is that i dont know the map like the BR100's do, so getting from a-b on foot is rather cumbersome and to a point...silly.

    But all being said and done,im still learning, even if i die far more than i live.

    The gamepla as clearly say's above by Shiaari is important information to NEW players, because one area has been won, does not mean the fight is over there, on the contrary its far from it, you will find sitting snipers,crafty light infantry and so on, just waiting to pounce.
    The learning curve is very onesided, the reason im struggling is because im in the MAIN play area's against very high ranks, this is killing me badly, But as i said, for some reason i cannot get into koltyr because it wont let me.

    In the end, i know what will happen....i will either live with dying or stop playing, the speed im collecting stuff and the amount of time im dying, i cant even power level my way to certs.
    Maybe i should consider purchasing help..I will think long and hard.
    I dont want to spend money on a game i cant play, im pretty sure you guys would also feel like that.

    I have had some offers of help ingame, from some of you guys..Trust me i appreciate it very much.
    most of you i guess are going to be online at different times to me.

    Your welcome to add me and see if you can catch me, i will get on as much as i can.
    Manteray (main)BR30
    RidianPrime BR12
    Quemex BR7
  8. Hegeteus

    Don't try to measure your skill with KDR. Just focus on improving your positioning, accuracy, finding optimal settings etc. until you'll feel good while playing and feel like you're doing your best under the circumstances(like did you miss shots, were you out of position or were you just simply out of odds).

    KDR is just one end result of your efforts and when it comes to kills, I rather look at KPH first(Kills Per Hour) anyway. Focusing solely upon KDR only brings you unnecessary stress and impacts gameplay in a negative way for not only you but your teammates as well(who likely appreciate your help more than your KDR)
  9. IcEzEbRa

    I've been playing 1 1/2 yrs, my first, and highest BR character of 6...NC on Connery, lol, barely has a 1 kdr because I died so many times. Ya, I know how it feels, and my character was in exactly the same spot as you, BR 20'ish with a .20'ish kdr. I just seemed to die so easily. Took over 14k kills to reach a 1+ kdr, on that character... You'll do better.

    Stalker infiltrator, if you have room and a view, is a great way to see how battles unfold. There are people in game that are verrrrry familiar with bases they like, light assualts that like the defense or attack on certain bases because high ground, buildings, and their maneuverability, etc makes it a killing field at times. Remember that your callouts, including spotting, can be heard quite a ways in game....not just yours.

    Playing the support and medic, you can double dip... not only xp for kills, and engie has lots of ways...but also essential repair, ammo, revive, etc. Imho, w/o the support classes, hard to succeed at all. Engie is usually more welcome as gunner in any ground or air vehicle for obvious reasons, and that can be a cert fest, or rapid on driver.

    Get a battle buddy, Wrel had vid about this, someone you try and get to watch your back, as you watch theirs. Voice com's ofc are preferred, use proximity voice w/someone so you can die together, or rejoice in the kill...;p..

    As i said before, its not about KDR, its solely surviving,...
    Scenario 1) Today, started playing on MILLER with my BR30, approx 3 or 4 players in this sector, went from base to base capturing as light infantry, all of a sudden, 1 player with a BR103 enters, bam die die die, no matter what i did, i could not out play the guy, where ever i hid he came right to me and killed me, NO diversion just straight to me(didnt even move) as he knew exactly where i was...I will not mention the guys name, this is not about wether someone cheats or not.
    4 players and i died 14 times to this guy in less than 10 minutes, could not continue to play simply because of the objectives, this left me no other option but to leave the game.
    This then now throws more light to the point, players like me do not stand a chance against them, so the question is why bother trying?
    As i said, low rank players entering the game have NO chance in hell of learning anything if they die consistently.
    People may argue my point, OK make a point to make me or a low rank to understand, advice i have been given does work to a point(all help is appreciated) on my BR30, so far it has had no effect on my low ranks. (this is not advertisng).

    I added my youtube so people can view what i do, the games i play, and maybe learn how i can play.
    None of my 385 video's are tutorial, and i do not have subs(dont want any), i only report hackers i catch, i do enjoy playing the games(combat arms im retired from), i still play MW3/battlefield 3/battlefield bad company 2 and many others.

    All i want to do is be able to play a game reasonably confident i will live long enough to enjoy playing.
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  11. JonboyX

    Well, going back a page... I'd suggest wholeheartedly you start playing with a squad. Genuinely, I expect your k/d to go up by 50% just by doing that one thing.

    I fully appreciate everyone has their own playstyles, and I don't speak as either an elite or even current (tbc) player, but unless your average accuracy is on the high side 25% (which it isn't?) running solo is going to be brutal. Yes - I know - accuracy is not a perfect stat, but even so, stack the odds in your favour... and bring a buddy.

    My accuracy is low because the newbie weapons have so much recoil, this down to early gameplay too, not knowing the game mechs properly.
    My accuracy has improved lot, but cant grow the accuracy until i live long enough to do it.

    its still spammy, the only vital role they play is overkill. but thats just an opinion, its far to easy to sit in a aircraft pumping bullets into a spawn area(spamming).
    I choose never to spam spawning players even if it is in the game mechanics, im a fair player and i like to give people at least a chance to move before i kill them.
  14. kempo95

    You might say that, but staying alive in that aircraft can be though on its own with ten people or vehicles are shooting at you.

    But a couple tips for you.
    1. You have joined Miller but personally I think Miller is sort of a elite server. The skill level of the players is lower on Cobalt or Emerald. I personally enjoy fights way better on those servers. (Emerald is btw way more active and is still playable for players in Europe, like myself. The amount of players on Cobalt is not enough to get active platoons rolling, so that why I prefer Emerald.) And also you cann't join Koltyr if one of your characters is above BR15.

    2. You really should join a squad or platoon every time, if you don't do that already. If you have a good leader, he will choose fights that you can actually win. That will makes your life quite a lot easier.

    3. Choose a support class (medic or engineer). That way you can get some certs with helping other people and without putting yourself in the front line and you can learn the basics of the game. I have not read everything above but a infiltrator can be a though choice to start with. A stalker goes behind the enemies lines and shoots or spots them, while a sniper needs to be very skilled before you can get some kills. And a sniper is kinda worthless is a squad or platoon. Also being a engineer while in a tank allows you to repair your own vehicle.

    4. Also the newbie weapons are pretty good weapons for all round use. Don't expect that a bought/better weapon gives you more kills.

    And yeah, this game is a lot about spamming the spawn room of the enemy. Although not fun, and it doesn't give you many kills mostly, it is (sometimes) necessary to capture a base. And where are you from? I am dutch and you could add me on Skype if you want.
  15. Alzir

    If you want some help add ExDeCee to your friends list on your VS character, I'll squad up with you when you're on if you want. I can help you out with anything basically.

    One observation from your certifications is that you don't have a 1x sight unlocked for your Orion, so are you just using your iron sights or are you using that 4x sight sight which you do have unlocked? I personally don't like the iron sight on many VS guns because it's a bit too obstructive, but if you're using a 4x sight that could well be the main problem. The Orion is a close to mid range weapon and I can't think of any time that I'd find a 4x sight beneficial and tbh I'd really struggle with it. My preference is a 1x sight but you could probably get away with a 2x or 3.5 if you're good enough, I just wouldn't like it myself.

    Aside from that there's too many things that you could be doing that would account for that low a K/D. I'd need to see you play to help further.
  16. KashifM

    Tell you what, if you're up for playing in Connery, send a request to the outfit S3X1 and we'll try to help you stay alive longer :)
    I had pretty much the same experience you did till I started playing with squads, and eventually SoulFact invited me to join the outfit. Since then, I've been playing with them and even though my KDR sucks as well, I kill vehicles really well and I am now a BR81 :)

    In this game, you will always die a lot unless you play very, very smart. I usually end up dying more because I play on a crappy laptop, with a crappy mouse, with a crappy internet connection. I get so much lag, it's crazy. I've seen a video a friend recorded of me emptying a 75-round clip on a bad guy, but only 5 of those shots actually hit him. The rest were fired well behind him because of my lag. Yes, your internet connection plays a crazy important role in this game. I used to play the F2P Battlefield title, as well as Medal of Honor and BF3. My KDR in those games was a lot better than what it is in PS2 primarily because of that very lag and hit detection.

    Now, as a rule, I tend to aim at least a meter ahead of enemy infantry then work my way to their heads. When I don't do that, they live, I die lol
  17. Curved

    When I started playing I had low KD around 0.2-0.3 and now I regularly have 200 kill sessions with 5 KD. The first thing I recommend is that you are coming off slightly know-it-all-ish and you should humble your attitude. The people giving you advice here are the people killing you. Ask questions about the whys and hows versus telling them their suggestions don't apply to you.

    The cornerstones of my progression were as follows:

    1) Playing each class the way its meant to be played: There is only one main line fighter class, and that's Heavy Assault. All other classes will lose to an HA in a symmetric engagement. Light assault and infiltrator are fighting classes that revolve around creating asymmetry (EG ganking). Engineer and medic are not fighting classes and will consistently get lower KD & KPH than the other three classes.

    2) Do not initiate a 1v1 without an advantage: A simple rule of thumb is that the only class that you should inititate a 1v1 from the front arc of an enemy is HA. All other classes you should only initiate a 1v1 when you have some kind of advantage. Most of planetside 2's high level play revolves around initiating a fight at an advantage. High level squads win because they have players who understand how to create advantages, and they have the intel (motion spotters and voice chat) to create them consistently.

    3) More headshots: If you are consistently creating advantageous fights, getting more headshots is the biggest way to win more engagements. High level players have mastered recoil compensation and can consistently get a string of headshots at medium range.

    To achieve these goals, I recommend playing SMG infiltrator for 1000+ kills. In my opinion this is the best class and play style to get better at the game with because it is the weakest class with the most tactical options. It forces you to use all of the tools in the game to create advantages. Firstly, it is easy to trade (get 1KD) with an infil because you are the most in control of an engagement's initiation compared to any other class. The infil's motion spotter allows you to see how enemies move, and eventually when you switch to other classes you will be able to know the patterns enemies use in different scenarios. Finally you will be able to get time to prepare for headshots, and slowly your effective headshot range will increase to the point you are hitting people in the head from long ranges.

    The loadout I recommend for learning with an SMG infil is MKV suppressed/emissary/hunter cloak/nanoweave/motion spotter/emp grenade. Try to pick bases to fight on with 12-24 population and close to 50/50 friendly/enemy.
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  18. Curved

    You should try playing an ESF with rocket pods. Its not as easy as you're assuming because ESFs are fragile. The great ESF pilots make it look easy though.

    You'll get recoil compensation down over time. Try out SMGs -- they have okay TTKs and very low recoil.
  19. DeatnKnight

    The hackers on that server are really bad, probably because thats where the asians log on ususally. First think you should do is make a character on Emerald, where its not as bad. I can show you some pointers to help with kills as well, though I'm no pro by any means i can ususally at least maintain a 1.7 KDR fro the most part.
  20. AirPilot

    You probably have a bad internet connection, I do, and the same problem is for me, especially back and I played CoD, I sometimes thought I got sniped when it was a assult rifle simply of how I felt I got 1 shot because of my internet, eventually I became very good at the game and maintained a 2 K/D despite living in the city which is very crouded and there is a large strain on the internet.

    On planetside 2 it's a bit easier but that's party why, note only partly, I'm takeing up the airgame, the internet advantage isn't as big or obvious.