Continental Faction Overpopulation Que.

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  1. Foxirus

    This system will put players into a queue when attempting to get onto a continent where their faction has +10% pop than the faction with the lowest population. More Info:
    • Uses the standard queue system, players in queue can play on another continent while waiting
    • At least one continent must have 150 or more players on it for the system to be in effect globally
    • A continent must have at least 50 players on it for the system to be in effect on that continent
    • If a players faction is +10% over populated on all open continents, and all continents have more than 150 player then the player will be placed on the continent where their faction has the least pop advantage (otherwise known as the “THE END NIGH!” scenario)
    The system will be making it to PTS later tonight with a few modifications for testing purposes.
    • Pop on at least one continent must be 50 instead of 150
    • A continent must have 30 players on it instead of 50
    • These values can and will be changed in real time on PTS over the weekend
    Personally I don't think this is enough. If it was combined with blackops, THEN it might work.
  2. Diggsano

    Let's look into it.....
    Let's say as example VS has 20% Worldpop and TR and NC have both 40%....
    All what they do is spread out all overpop Factions to the other Continents?
    So basically VS has still 20% while the other Factions have still 40%?

    That's absolute bullpoop how the heck will that even change something?
  3. AxiomInsanity87

    This just looks bad.

    People play as and with whatever they want

    Pathetic libtrd idea 1/10
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  4. Pelojian

    at least they are trying something. though overpop will still be an issue when all 3 factions decide to use their balanced population to zerg each other while their allies are being zerged by another faction in other hexes.
  5. DooDooBreff

    i agree, this such a cheap, and lazy solution that is going to just piss people off.

    making better incentive to play the underpopped faction would be better IMO
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