Continent Queues are Broken

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  1. Erendil

    From the patch notes, this is how the new queues are supposed to work:

    Continent Faction Population Queue
    Any player trying to zone into a continent where their faction has 10% more population than the lowest populated faction will be placed into a queue.
    • At least one continent must have over 150 players on it for the queue to be active
    • The target continent must have at least 50 players on for the queue to be active
    • If the player’s faction is severely overpopulated on all unlocked continents, they will be able to play on the continent where their faction has the least population advantage
    However, it's 4AM Eastern Time on Connery right now. The VS just capped Indar. VS have 31% world pop, 34% pop on Esamir (tied with TR), and 30% on Hossin, giving us the low pop there. Indar and Amerish are locked.

    But guess what? As a non-member, I have a queue of 25 on Esamir, and 3 on Hossin. I can't warp anywhere right now. I can't even get to VR to dick around while I wait in queue since I have to be able to get into a cont warpgate first.

    Looking at the fights, there is one - yes ONE - fight on Hossin that has more than 1-12 VS in it, and two fights on Esamir. Pops are REALLY low right now (there are a bunch of VS on the WG tho). And yet there are queues on both conts.

    Da Fuq??? :confused:

    EDIT: And before anyone tries to be cute, don't say, "Become a member." :p
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  2. Liewec123

    yes this "queue system" needs to get hotfixed out of the game, i'm imagining it as an open wound rapidly gushing out.
    DBG need to close it or the game will rapidly bleed out.

    i'm not happy with the effect the consucktion system has had on the game,
    but the queue system is a far greater imminent problem that needs to be fixed straight away.
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  3. Costa200

    If this is working as designed and won't be changed i'll stop playing this game. I care nothing for the construction system and this is the nail in the coffin.
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  4. JobiWan

    I was shown a 10 minute wait last night to get on Hossin and a 2 minute wait for Indar. The queue time for non-members was only a few seconds longer than for members.

    So I ended up forced to play on Amerish, which had one fight of note on the whole continent, which was a spamfest.

    All this new system does is drive players away, because there's no way I'm hanging around to play a game, I'll just go play something else instead.
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  5. freshrebel234

    has the queue already been fixed? if not, any idea on how long it'll take?

    Complain about over pop or complain about queue?
    they need some kind of system that would allow the continent to fill up then level out.

    It's kind of like fluid dynamics and there is a blockage in the stream.