Continent Locking and Outfit Bases: How Phase 2 Needs to Work

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  1. Sagabyte


    After a while of brainstorming, I came up with a few ideas to supplement continent locking and outfit bases, specifically on the benefits and requisites for either. So, here goes.

    Continent Locking:
    In it's current state, continent locking involves zerging, alert winning, and nothing of great importance except for another (better) temporary metagame.

    There are 2 ways to lock a continent, winning an alert or capping it old school. This, of course, has problems. There are ways to solve this, through fixing alerts and cap criteria.

    Alert changes: When an alert happens, it's completely unrelated to territory. It involves racing against other factions to gather the most of X resource in 2 hours. Every resource cycle will grant that many points to your faction dependent on how many resources you are gathering at the moment. The amount of resources added to your team is equivalent to the amount of resources a DEFAULT player with no boosts would be getting. Therefore, a faction earns x points every tick for each resource location it owns. If I am correct, and resources generate every 5 minutes, there should be 24 periods that generate points, which is plenty for a race.

    -Makes an actual struggle for resources, makes the game live up to itself.
    -Provides strategic gameplay for people.
    -Rewards effort and teamwork on the field.
    -Grants a complimentary meta along with continent locking.

    -Your Passive Cert count (default 12, auraxium member 48) PLUS 50 certs for the winning faction. To prevent 4th factioning, your character must have put in 20 minutes to the alert to obtain a reward. Members can obtain 98 certs per alert!
    -A 25% resource boost for winning the alert, which lasts until (MAYBE) the next alert begins, or 1 hour passes.

    Continent Locking requisite changes:
    It takes 94% of a continent to come under ownership to lock it. That's a LOT. Shouldn't you get a large reward to compensate?

    Lock changes: Locking a Continent will have the same base requisite of 94% ownership. However, a faction cannot lock if one faction has 50% or more pop on the continent. Ghostzergs are now gone. Locking a continent should not be a silent wipe-out by the one faction that happens to be sneaking around at 3am. Also, default continent lock time is now 4 hours unless another continent is captured.

    -Discourage ghost-capping.
    -Discourage swarming.
    -Encourage tactical play on continents you want to cap.
    -Reward continent capture handsomely to provide an edge during future fights, making a reason for continents to be locked.

    -+25% Experience for the duration of the Lock.
    -Alerts later on will provide your faction with an edge, because owning a continent will provide 10% more resources for your faction during an alert. This can go a long way especially due to the fact that factions earn resources 24 times during the alert. 90 resources per generation versus 99 is very significant. 2,160 versus 2,376. OWN A CONTINENT TODAY!

    Alerts and CL are now very tied-in with each other. You can win big on alerts if you cap a continent or two. Your faction can't zerg their way to victory, however. They need to be smart and spread out in order to secure a hard-earned victory. It makes a fairly good meta now that alerts are actually worthwhile and an integral part of the game. Who wouldn't want to miss out on resources, XP, and 62-98 certs an alert?

    Outfit Base Capture:
    Boo yah! Your outfit gets a place to call home! Now how do you get the home and what does it give you?

    How to Obtain:
    -Be in the outfit owning the base.
    -The outfit must contribute the most overall (SOMETHING) at the base and once they do, it's theirs.
    -The faction must have control of the base.

    Changes to the System:
    -You may trade bases with an outfit once every 24 hours. The outfit must be on a friendly faction and both sides must agree to the exchange. The command to trade is /tradebase (outfit goes here) for OUTFIT LEADERS ONLY.
    -THEORETICAL: A base may have owners from each faction if they happen to own it. Future Crew and 666 can own the same base at the same time as long as they own it.
    Once you get these 3 requisites down, you are good to go. Your outfit now owns the base!

    -Make places OTHER than the warpgate strongholds, especially bases controlled by big outfits.
    -Provide a challenge to people locking a continent.
    -Makes a strategic point on the map.
    -Numerous metagame goals hopefully achieved.

    -All resource costs while inside a outfit-owned base are reduced by 10%. You must be in the owning outfit to get this bonus.
    -PERMANENT respawn option for players in the outfit. No matter where you are, the base is a safe point for you.
    -+10% experience boost whenever you are in the bounds of the base hex.
    -10% longer time to capture the base. That means a cap time of 4 minutes goes up to 4 minutes and 12 seconds. It's a tad longer, but those 12 seconds may be able to count.

    These boosts are minimal (except for spawn binding and capture time) but provide a little more reason to join an outfit.

    Just these small changes make the metagame that much better. Please, SOE, look into this and provide input.

    Thoughts [and suggestions for the requisite to obtain an outfit base]?
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  2. TyranEndlos

    I approve of this thread.
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  3. Sagabyte

    I approve of you, sir
  4. Paragon Exile

    You always have a ton of good ideas.

    I especially like the "You can't lock a continent with 50%+ pop".

    Great thread!

    *ParagonExile seal of approval*
  5. volth

    A faction should need to hold the map for 1 hour before it locks, and no continent lock from 2am to 6pm. That way you cant ghost cap the continent. Maybe do 2 alerts at the same time too, so you need to split forces.
  6. Lucerin_SolTech

    Points to consider for outfit base capture meta
    - Most Spawns Denied (Deployed sunderer kills, beacons destroyed, galaxies killed)
    - Most Spawns Enabled (Number of troops deployed through sunderers, beacons, galaxies) Squad leaders using faction reinforcement commands
    - Points captured
    - XP while defending point
    - Most Revives
    - Hacked Terminals to pull Spawn Sunderers and Galaxies.

    Added to larger bases:
    - Shields generators and SCU's destroyed added to equation.

    Then overall XP. Why overall? Is the XP granted from resupplying an ally any less important than the AA max accumulating XP from air deterrence? From killing an enemy combatant to recon darts providing situational awareness for the infantryman to make that kill easier?

    Remove all XP gained in this equation from killing anyone within 15 meters of enemy spawn rooms after the point is in your faction's control. Showing up for the farm should not be rewarded in outfit base capture meta.

    Just ideas to start with.
  7. Lucerin_SolTech

    There has to be a line there that says "must have less than 50% continent population before owning X% of continent." Or defenders will just ghost the continent before capture to ensure they can't lock it.
  8. Sagabyte

    I once had an idea that asthma could be added in game, causing you to sneeze on your visor constantly unless you had epipens in your inventory. Fortunately it was scrapped.
  9. Codex561

    Great ideas, hope some dev sees it. Post it on reddit just in case.
  10. Sagabyte

    I don't have an account... D:

    Do you think someone here can post it for me? (Just mention that I made it)
  11. Codex561

    Sorry but reddit is beyond my territory. There I can be held to account about what I say.
  12. Sgt.Mile

    One problem with the 50%+ pop. When My outfit was Capping a Continent and not during ghost hours but not during prime either, we had about 40% of the Cont until we Warpgated the NC and the Platoon plus that we were fighting left the cont and pushed us over the 50% pop but it was not because we were zerping the cont but that we had pushed the NC into a point that they gave up the fight and went to fight on a different cont. They still held about 20% of the map but we killed the resources and left. So what would you say about this point of view?

    P.S. When I remember my reddit info I will port it to reddit
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  13. libbmaster

    I have to second this.

    The 50% rule sounds okay, and then you start thinking about it.

    I honestly feel like, if everything else on this post and in the roadmap went through, ghost capping would be a minimal problem at best.

    I also believe one of the thrills of PS1 was launching a sneak attack on a deserted content, and pushing to the enemies warpgate before they could redeploy from the "hot" continents.

    But everything else here is solid.
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  14. FateJH

    The populations on a continent are relatively even between factons A, B, and C; but, faction C is doing exceptionally better than A or B on all fronts, despite the efforts of A and B. In fact, C only hasa handful of bases left to capture before the continent would lock in their favor. Factions A and B, realizing this, or just disheartened by their lack of progress over-all, decide to leave for greener pastures rather than continue fighting. Through no fault of their own and for reasons they have no control over, faction C can no longer lock the continent because they have over 50% of the population on it. Even if you put a grace period of the time since last population shift, factions A and B could have left a long time ago but faction C remains because their goal was to capture the whole continent from the start.

    For faction C, there are no more barriers in the way or their goal but now they can't attain it because too many enemies went away to meet the arbitrary criteria. What are members of faction C on that continent to do now? they can't force the enemy to stay and fight them.
  15. Sagabyte

    Remove the 50% rule when you do it. I saw that it might be bad for some factions, and ghost capping isn't that bad of a problem.
  16. Sgt.Mile

  17. Sagabyte

    Important change!

    Warpgate Captures:
    -In order for a continent to be locked, one faction must capture the enemy warp gates. This is achieved by breaking the WG megashield's 2 SCUs and capturing the center plate in the middle of the WG. The SCU destroy time is over 7 minutes each, so it's real hard to take. Once the warp gate is gone, bye bye for that faction.


    -Locks now last for 5 hours unless more are captured before the expiration.

    Benefit Changes:
    Prize pool of certs added for capturing a continent (Gained for how many facility captures you were present for).
    Free Implant charge of 3200 (1 free supercharge) when you cap the WG.