Continent Lock - The Holy Grail?

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  1. Pikachu

    o_O Take a look at my signature. It adds great spice to the game.

    LOL!!!!!!!! I have probably looked at your sig a dozen times and thought "agreed, that bug should be an in game feature", but when you mentioned it in your last post, I just diddnt think of it. My bad ha ha!!
  3. doombro

    If by that you mean deploying directly to other warpgates from your redeploy screen as you can now, I don't see why not, as long as you own said warpgate.

    Here's my glorious mspaint rendition of a scenario under continent locking:


    Let's say you just happen to be one of those weird spandex people in this scenario. You would ideally have the option to deploy to any of the purple bubbles on this map. Though, since it's historically been difficult to do things that make sense as it relates to the redeployment system, you would probably only be able to warp to one warpgate per map on the deploy screen, and you would have to go through another redeploy hop once on the continent you want to be at.

    For example, you might be fighting on Hossin, but you could want to get back to the southwest esamir warpgate since NC is trying to cut you off from Hossin by pushing west from the eastern warpgate, but you'd probably only see the option to redeploy at the sanctuary if you weren't already on Esamir.

    Hopefully they'll make a redeployment system that makes sense by then.
  4. Bruiserdog

    I do not think the game is ready for continent locking or if the idea should just be thrown out, why?

    1. Population needs to be fixed
    2. Useful mission's for all outfits small medium and large, not just the zergballs, lattice needs to be looked at. (why hex system was better IMO, it promoted small/medium fights for small/medium outfits to build themselves up, when lattice was introduced it basically killed that, (In before "Ghost Capping" well its still happens, now with Stalker Cloak, its easier.)
    3. Continent Locking is just a bad idea in general, it renders game play, there already is a queue 30 seconds after an alert starts, we all know it "112th in queue".
    4. It will effect alerts too much. (cap Bio lab, Techs, Amps)
    5. A lot of people like playing specific maps, like myself I do not like the new Amerish Lattice system at all, sorry, the bases are nice, only on there when there is alert then I am either on Esamir or Indar.

    So what gonna happen if people do not like the map they have to play on? If over popped or just in general do not want to play it, they either go to a different server, or just completely log off come back later.

    I like the idea but for a game like PS2 I can not see it working.
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  5. PostalDude

    Think about it, on servers with massive overpopulation issues( I'm looking at you waterson NC) wouldn't this be broken ? Besides, wouldn't it be horrendously horrible for the lockers ? They don't get to do anything since noone can get there.
  6. Tatwi

    Cyssorside: Why I stopped playing Planetside.

    It was so boring to play on the same one or perhaps two continents ALL THE TIME that I literally did what you said there and quit playing the game.

    It's like having 50 Counter-Strike maps on your server, but only ever using two of them... Why? WHY GOD, WHY!? Anyhow, I too palm my face at all the rose colored glasses folks who swoon for continent locking. All it means to me is, "Oh. I can't play there agian". Why would I pay for a game that I am literally not allowed to actually play large portions of? That's right, I wouldn't!

    I understand that PS2 is "free to play", but some of us do actually pay for it, which why the rest of you can play it. :)
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  7. P4nda

    I don't know about your servers, but Connery Amerish has been absolutely booming. Amerish is the new Indar, Indar the new Esamir and Esamir the new Amerish. Esamir is mostly a ghost town, while Amerish and Indar trade off always haveingqueues during Thursday-Saturday nights. Continent locking and lattice is going to be a godsend.
  8. Ice

    Actually, Cyssorside was more akin to Indarside than anything else. Capping Cyssor took so long and was so big that it allowed an endless 3-way. People played on Cyssor because people were playing on Cyssor and as populations in PS1 shrank you generally went where the fight was.
  9. Pikachu

    On Cobalt things are going back to normal. Ameirsh has lost it's popularity as expected.
  10. Tatwi

    People know exactly what it means:

    Right, because that's SO MUCH FUN!

    It's not. It's a waste of people's time and, quite frankly, it's basically throwing in the towel and admitting that the game is such a commercial failure that there aren't enough players to support fights on all continents at all times.

    The original hex system was designed for a new game, Planetside 2, which SOE thought would be so amazingly popular that forcing people down lattice links would break the game, so they needed a system that would spread fights out over "every inch of land". Too bad they were wrong and the game is so unpopular that even with lattice links, it's often a pain in the rear to find a fun battle to attend.

    Bantering about semantics doesn't solve the real problem that "continent locking" prevents people from having enjoyable fights on all the maps at any time. While YOU may feel it is cool and awesome to only be able to play part of the game, other people aren't you.
  11. K2k4

    I think the problem people have is that indar is a complete set of biomes with desert, forest, mountain, and savannah, while esamir is only frozen wasteland and Amerish is only mountains/savannah.

    I will put it this way. If you want to play on indar so bad you better organize your friends and keep the damn continent from locking.

    When it comes to the point where people won't play the game just because one of the three (or 4) continents is locked, maybe there's something wrong with the other continents then.
  12. Phazaar

    I think you've completely misunderstood the situation currently.

    People don't play on Indar because they prefer it, they play on Indar because they prefer the FIGHTS, because there ARE fights... People stay on Indar because that's where people stay. I don't know anyone who actually likes being on Indar, and when we've had populations and co-ordination big enough to drag people off to Amerish or Esamir, everyone has been amazed how much better the continents are.

    Whilst I think it's fairly likely that people might NOT want to fight on one specific continent, I think it's incredibly unlikely that anyone would not be willing to play simply for lack of access to their favourite (of 4!) continents. Look at server rotations on BF - each time the map changes, you'll see maybe one or two more people leave than if the map stays the same (I used to run BF+RvS servers - I've done the math ;) )... These are obviously people unwilling to play the new map... The rest of a 64 person server stays put, even if they'd rather be playing Metro - after all, variety is the spice of life!
  13. Hiding in VR

    The one thing I have learnt from Forumside is that people that won't play the game the way they are told are Wrong-Bad. Because there is only one way to play Planetside 2 and if you can't recognise the one-true-way then we are better off without you. L2P noob.


    Am I doing it right? :(
  14. MajiinBuu

    I could care less about continent locking.
    I can't fight on Indar? Cool, there's fights on Esamir and Amerish too.
  15. Codex561

    Read the first and last paragraph, I agree with you 105%.
  16. Bloodlet

    I played PS1 and I can't wait for cont locks to return. Hurry up SOE.
  17. Regpuppy

    Not really. They planned on adding more features from PS1 from the beginning. Continent locking being one of those features. They probably didn't plan on bringing out the lattice, but ultimately player behavior necessitated it. (there was a LOT of fight avoidance, in spite of even full pop primetime)

    You point at people arguing for continent locking and scream it's just their opinion. Yet you spout your opinion like it's one shared by the masses or as they're cold hard facts and act dismissively to other's opinions on the matter. Hypocrisy much?
  18. iller

    Cont lock will be the final nail in the coffin because it just makes Overpop incentives WORSE

    They just keep going in the wrong direction and normally I wouldn't even care except that I'm pretty much out of MMO's to play these days. This one has been a pure desperation late night booty call ... once it's toast, the only thing 3D wise my computer will be rendering will be models for Source Film maker.
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  19. Tatwi

    Really? Show me the post where they said that, because I have been following PS2 before it was even a real project and distinctly recall Figment pushing hard for cont locking (on PSU) and Higby dismissing it as an option.

    And no, they did not want to include lattice links in PS2. That was never part of the plan.
  20. doombro

    Not everyone thinks it's a good thing that anyone can go anywhere in the world at any time without any regard to territory control. Some of us want territory to be the focus of the game, not just something tacked on to the game. You're not exactly doing the discussion a favor by getting upset over a system that has yet to even be implemented. You aren't elaborating enough on why the system would "prevent people from having enjoyable fights".

    I feel that the system will add a great deal of depth to the game that it currently lacks. This system will provide incentive to fight down a specific lattice line if you want to get to a certain place. And most importantly, every continent (currently in the game) is equally important due to the presence of sanctuaries. It will hopefully bring the "home continent" mentality back to life that made the early days of PS2 so fun.