Continent Lock - The Holy Grail?

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  1. Dalek

    Everyone talks about continent lock being some sort of game saving thing whereby this will enable people to enjoy more than just Indar and the game will be better for it...

    But will it?

    If you think about it... Indar is incredibly difficult to cap at the moment. There are bases that when you approach a faction's warpgate where it becomes massively biased in favour of the team near the warpgate. Indar is in continual combat and is rarely ever captured by anyone during civilised hours (at least).

    Another doubt I have and perhaps a more sobering doubt about the effectiveness of a continent lock is...

    Is it really going to liven up the rest of the game?

    People are imagining it this way:

    Player A logs on to Planetside 2.
    Player A finds Indar locked and instead him and his outfit fight on Esamir or Amerish instead.
    Player A has a lovely battle.

    But what I think it would turn into is:

    Player A logs on to Planetside 2.
    Player A finds Indar locked and instead he logs off and waits for Indar to unlock again.
    Player A repeats process until he gets tired of continually being denied access to Indar and quits the game completely.

    I believe the second eventuality is more realistic. I fail to see how denying people access to their favourite areas would really realistically encourage people to go to the other continents? Fortunately, Indar is difficult to conquer completely at the moment so we may not have to think about that.
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  2. Codex561

    I was about to make a post like that but you said it better than I could ever say it. I fight on Esamir and on Esamir only, if esamir gets locked i 'might' go to indar, if battles are too large for me since all players from esamir did the same... I will probably quit the game.
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  3. NBA JAM

    You clearly never played PS1.
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    In complete Honesty, Player A in the second scenario is a snob, and this game is MUCH better off without him. Players like him, that fixate on what their particular taste are, and hate deviation in their gameplay, are the same players that whine, complain, and demand changes on the forums that throw balance out of the window in favor of THEIR particular play style. In a game like PS2, you have to be willing to play all roles, in every situation, and adapt to the cards you've been given. If you cant, then all i can say is good riddance and Im genuinely glad to see you go.
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  5. Codex561

    I cant play anywhere else than esamir due to lag. If it gets locked, what do I do? Checkmate.
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    LOL!! humility is NOT your strong suit is it? dont call an end, before you each the end. Its extremely arrogant.

    If its locked, then get a new computer, or upgrade your internet connection (which ever is the problem). Me, and the rest of this community, should NOT be limited, or otherwise held back, due to your personal limitations. I cant call this a bad game simply because im trying to play it on a 10 year old computer, and I cannot say certain features, which are very popular in the community, are bad ideas simply because I was never prepared to play this game in the first place.

    Looks like my king is free and clear?
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  7. SenEvason

    Why is this tagged as a PSA?
  8. Trudriban

    Everyone on forumside knows you need to use the PSA tag for anything that isn't a PSA
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  9. Tobax

    Here is the thing, if you want people to move around you need the intercontinental lattice in place with Hossin and the Battle Islands added and with proper benefits for base/cont ownership, then people will move around on their own instead of sitting on Indar all day. You don't need to lock a cont off and force people to move but you do need to actually give them a reason to move and then they will, where as the current lack of any kind of goal means there is no point going anywhere else than the current fight, obviously the organised squads and outfits will do their own thing but it's the zergs that need to have the reason to move around.

    For anyone that disagrees please see PS1, there was no cont locking there and yet we had no such issue.
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  10. Pikachu

    I fear this might happen too. So many butt boring players attached to Indar. -.- I cant wait to find out though. I think Hossin will be the least popular btw.
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  11. Pikachu

    About the last part, didnt ps1 have much higher population/(continent size) ratio?
  12. Ash87

    Because of free will, and it's amazing ability to encourage silly questions.
  13. doombro

    I highly recommend that all of you have a look at the roadmap post. If you're denied access to indar, it's because you weren't fighting to get there in the first place. One faction will have permanent access to indar.

    Also indar is terrible. Amerish is the new hotness. Stop forcing yourselves to play on boring continents that got stale half a year ago. It hurts the game, and it hurts your soul. :(
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  14. BloodMonarch

    Player A :-
    "I must be able to do what " I " want, when " I " want !!! ...... If I cant, the game sucks and I'm not playing anymore....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!"

    Will we really miss Player A?......I think not!
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  15. JudgeNu

    I never played ps1.
    I am afraid the cont-lock will have players just shift to the dominating side.
    I like the looks of Hossin, love to have new ground to stomp.
    I am looking forward to it though.
  16. Littleman

    Sort of. Each continent could field ~150 people per empire if I recall correctly. The thing is each continent had pretty much a whole of seven to nine bases each connected by lattice, with dozens of little towers that were not connected to the lattice. The continents were still 8x8km, but the fewer number of central locations worth actually capturing concentrated players, and often meant that an empire could be driven off the continent because they didn't have 40 different points to break out from, often they only had two from their warpgate. Sometimes just one.

    The way Planetside 2 is set up now? Don't expect Indar to ever really be locked except maybe during the twilight hours. Between the three way combat and the near 70 lattice-linked facilities, capping Indar during even off peak hours is a Fantasy, even for the NC. SOE might have to re-examine the lattice, the purposes of facilities, and how to make taking a continent more practical. There have been numerous suggestions in the past that explore making bases the only capturable "territory" with the other existing facilities playing key roles in the strategy of taking that base and often include working with the upcoming resource overhaul.

    Basically, I don't see a continent realistically being captured unless they go hardcore PS1 model and have bases be the only latticed objects, and everything else functions like the PS1 towers, just with extra functionality this time around.

    Finally... servers crash when we place 666 VS into a small tower that requires 666 TR to pin down. So um... I see SOE's options in controlling a nearly warpgated empire's breakout as fairly limited short of lowering the pop caps per continent (which unfortunately with PS2's dwindling pops, might be necessary to spread forces around.)
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  17. MaCritz

    Frankly, I would rather have 50 players per faction playing in every continent, rather than 600 players per faction playing in Indar only..
    I honestly don't give a damn what Player A thinks.. To me, Player A is exactly the reason why this game is so... f**cked up..
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  18. Ice

    You misinterpret what a Continent Lock will be. It will NOT be a forcible exclusion from a zone - it will mean that a zone is 100% owned by an empire and the only way you can get on it is through a warpgate. If you desperately want to fight on a locked Indar and you have a link you can go there, but there will likely be no one else around. Ghost cap to your heart's content and hope someone comes to investigate.

    The continent lock system will also push front lines to be global instead of continental - meaning most fights will be 2-ways with an appreciable chance to actually win the continent.
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  19. DQCraze

    Im with the OP on this, everyone has their favorite, its a form of personal choice this game has offered up to this point. Its about to change and I'm not sure its for the better, before I go on a rant ill let the community test it out. We all have our ingrained styles of play and when that routine is upset we complain because change is uncomfortable. For some, it may be enough to push them out, most of us will retrain and go with the flow.

    To me as a Coke drinker, if someone suddenly switched me to Pepsi, ya I would be pissed. So if someone likes Indar, give em Indar.
  20. ncDieseL

    Wrong. The warpgates would still rotate, so every 3 weeks Player A would get to play on Indar, because that's where his factions home warpgate would be.

    Also, this is a holy grail

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