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  1. Collin

    Daybreak and Planetside needs new Players.

    All I see is just bad press and bad balanced games. I am a hardcore Planetside 2 Fan and I really don´t see any updates in the future. Half baked content is sitting on the testserver without ever getting released or no New weapons or weapon mechanic is being implementet.

    Don´t forget everything is in a half broken state. ZOE, Striker, Lock Down, Fractures, aso.. Nothing is being said or done about it.

    Ixtab and other bases are totaly broken and not working at all. Don´t let me start on new maps.


    Get your Roadmap together and get some content into the pipeline. No new content no new players and the game is dead. New content is where the money is coming from. I don´t get it.
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  2. Pikachu

    2015 is maintenance year they have said. Surprisingly there will be some stuff in september, resource revamp I think. I doubt it will be the real thing though. More like phase 2 of 3. Anyway I don't expect any new big content, game has too few players to be worth it.
  3. ZDarkShadowsZ

    While they may not be doing things in light-speed that many people seem to keep expecting, they are doing things. The Striker right now is one of them.
  4. Collin

    Again it will be on the test server like the Interlink station aso.

    I am not playing on the test server and i don´t care about the testserver. What counts is what is going live and that is a shame.
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  5. Liewec123

    yeah its catch 22 :(
    lack of players is causing no money to be spent on development, they've given up.
    no money being spent on development is causing lack of players, they've given up.
    it's a downward spiral.
  6. Goretzu

    They must realise that they are very likely dooming the game though, as no matter what format the release it on the same unfinished issues are going to cause the same problems.

    I have to even wonder if they'd made enough with the PS4 version to cover the costs of developing it.
  7. pnkdth

    Add more varied alerts and do the resource revamp. That is all they need to do to generate momentum again. Then follow up with more interesting bases / base effects. After this, take a look at the older weapons and abilities, just to make sure the game feels good and that EVERYTHING within it has a purpose. How a game feels plays a massive part in how it is percieved.

    This next bit will never ever happen but I wish they had done the continents smaller and larger in numbers. We'd have more continents to lock(and therefor more variety) and the possibility for inter-continental lattice(for even more variation). Oh well, next time... :D
  8. Collin

    The most frightning thing is we get already anouncments and plans for the testserver but they have NO plans on updating the live server soon.
  9. Doogle

    Seems like a cop out from DBGs when I stopped playing back in 2013 I believe the resource revamp was being working on as it used to be 3 separate resources, to come back to PS2 and now find they are STILL trying to figure out the resource system makes me think that the game is in maintenance mode with only minor updates/tweaks ever coming to the game.

    But then again im just a semi bitter PS1 player who thought PS2 was going to be something other than a jumped up mega battlefield 4 server.
  10. Obscura

    I posted this in another thread. But planetside 2s prime is already long past my friends.

    SOE(DBG) is now owned by a private equity US company Columbus Nova, whos parent company is the Russian Renovo Group, which if you search around you can barely find anything about. To me thats a red flag and its probably owned by the russian mafia or wealthy russians. It would explain alot too lol

    SOE said themselves the layoffs and price raises were intended to make the company profitable, that can only mean bad things for the longevity of this game and franchise. SOE has a plan for the game itself, within the margin of profit required by them and with the staff their given, while renovo probably has 1 plan.

    Plan: Milk money from F2P game.

    1. Downsize staff
    2. Raise Prices
    3. Ignore loyal customers
    4. When population dies move on to next F2P game
  11. Pikachu

    I thought that had been clear for a long time. ;) The prime was in spring 2013. 3x as many players as now, more content (but with lots of balance issues), fridaynight live, command center and what not. More people in the team (Luperza and Clegg), a big and hyped roadmap (which failed but looked good).
  12. Xellon

    "I am not willing to try to understand politics and I don't care about politics. What counts is what is happening in the country and that is a shame."

    And that, my children, is why our country is so ****** up at the moment....
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  13. FieldMarshall

    Maybe they are just waiting to see if the game dies before comitting any effort into it.
    Seems weird that they would ignore content updates for an entire year when the game is barely hanging on as it is.
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  14. FateJH

    He means to imply that the Test Server is a dumping ground where ideas go to demonstrate, stagnate, then ultimately never get promoted to Live.
  15. CaptAmazing

    I returned to PS2 a few days ago because I have some free time atm. The last information I found from Smedley was 2 month ago on Reddit.

    He explained, that there will be an update in September and that they will be totaly transparent about the developement. I'm missing this transperency - I can't find a recent post from some official about the near future of PS2.

    All of Smedleys twitter messages are about H1Z1 - very disappointing. Is even someone of the devs reading this forum?!
  16. Obscura

    Oh yes I remember :D even though the game was buggy as hell I remember everyone being being excited about it and enjoying the game alot. Though I'd say the prime for me was definitely the first 3 or 4, I have many fond memories of fighting hordes of the enclave with my outfit Sentinels.
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  17. RadarX

    PTS is crucial because that time there allows us to ensure we are releasing balanced content. A few of you veterans can likely tell horror stories of things that almost became reality. We need it and appreciate those who jump on to test.
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  18. Demigan

    Some of the aircraft secondary weapons... the spinupcanon I believe? It could rip away 75+% of an MBT health or something ridiculous like that.
  19. Collin

    that is all true and great but the content has to leave the testserver at one point.

    There is pleanty of stuff never made it to live and balance problems are not being repaired in a certain timeframe. People are getting bored and start to vote with their feet. I still don´t get it. No content no money!
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  20. CaptAmazing

    Hey, thanks for chipping in!

    Honest question: When can we expect more of the promised transperency Smedley talked about? There is supposed to be an major update in September and we haven't heard any more details since two month.