Containment Site Playtest Feedback thread - Apr. 10-11

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  1. Hagloping

    The facility is too defender-biast. NDZ and NCZ really hurt attackers as they do not have any hard spawn in the base and sunderer towers located too far away from the enters and infantry is very influenced by a2g and hesh.

    SCU still has too little health, it can be destroyed by a single basi sunderer in seconds, same with the weakpoints.

    Layout is still too confusing even with the arrows (colors are confusing and sometimes it is hard to understand where they are leading, maybe a couple of usual sings on the walls would help)

    Would be cool to see a "reload" timer between each switch of the siphon, as it was constantly flipping on and off

    Do not forget to patch the easy out-of-bounds with killing and reviving someone on the flash in the vents (router can be deployed there too)
  2. MichaelS

    Two things I noticed.The base is cool, when there are a lot of people around, but on less populated hours I feel that it is just annoying to defend. Do we really need three of these?
  3. grazr

    I thought the vents would be something that would be unique to certain classes being able to access and flank, like LA's, but because they're at ground level for anyone to enter you just have 1 or 2 heavies shutting it down with rocket/LMG spam; and some of the regular corridors around C weren't much better. Trying to push forward from C through MAX/Heavy gunfire and Decimator rocket spam completely shut down the corridors after C to a stalemate.

    The choke points are a bit *too* predictable and this makes it a bit too easy for defenders to mount a bulwark because they can just sit and wait at certain doorways and farm certs. I set up a router at C at Andvari on Sunday evening and even with literally hundreds of blueberries spawning in right behind that choke point TR were just spamming dakka faster than we could spam bodies. I mean it was mad XP for me with basically the only forward spawn past the inner circular sunderer garage on the entire base, but i can't imagine it was much fun for anyone else.

    I hesitate to really provide any feedback because as was mentioned by the devs in game, there was nearly 600 players on Esamir and almost all of them were fighting at Andvari for a large part of the alert, in part largely because all 3 factions had good access to it. Would that be a realistic representation of a normal alert? I don't think it would. That's just how the alert started because of how the continent faction control was at the beginning. But that being said, there is definitely a bias towards defending the facility if 1 faction can fend off 2 at once.

    TL;DR make the corridors wider (and scale cover with the increased space) so the defenders can't spam trap multiple platoons behind a single entryway.
  4. HeptagonRus

    The main thing which I did not like was how hard it is to distinguish enemies in the new interiors. With the walls and obstacles being of some new color pallette and lot of detalisation, it is very hard to notice an enemy among them. Now I understand why standard walls have this color and texture, they are actually great for target acquisition.
    Idk, maybe it is a temporary visual issue, so when lighting and texturing is finished, problem will go away.

    As for everything else, it is hard to make any conclusions after a short playtest. It seems the bases gonna be the new Biolab / TI Alloys pop magnet. In general, feels quite nice from the first impression.
  5. HeptagonRus

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