Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Warnarl

    so you need more input to decide wether theres problems with the strike, what they are, and how to fix it? Seriously? Or was this just a response to the negative only posts that provided no solution to make them constructive criticism?

    Not trying to be a jerk. Just want to point out theres a lot of constructive posts and solutions to the sriker in the thread that should be recognized. And not ignored/avoided like they were on the PTS Striker threads before the big change went live. This is a problem that needs a fix not a month from now but by sometime in the next few days to a week.
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  2. NXR1

    an idiot with a striker cant kill an idiot with a tank that idiot in a tank can just backup and get away, if its a magrider the only chance of getting the kill is if he hits a rock. if its a vanguard you wont be getting it
  3. Ranik

    Radar plenty of good feedback has been given in between the 'it's a joke' comments. Basically you guys need to figure out if you want to make it fancy or if you want to make it practical.

    Fancy means homing vs ground and small damage / RoF buffs.
    For example. Add ground homing. Damage 150. RoF brought down to a 2s salvo time. Mag size increased to 6.

    Practical means moderate to large damage / RoF / magazine buffs.
    For example damage 200. RoF 2s salvo time. Mag size increased to 6.
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  4. NXR1

    i think if it had 250 base damage and could seek vehicles not only aircraft it would be a valid weapon maybe 250 is a bit much but it needs vehicle seeking and a little more damage
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  5. volth

    Striker should do 500dmg each shoot. You dont hit with all shots and it do 100-150dmg each shoot now lol.
    Or they should fire in a straight line and not at random directions.
  6. Dracorean

    I said 'An idiot with a launcher', something is wrong about the striker and I'm hoping they don't keep it the way it is now, its way too weak however this is something that SoE seems to be doing more so than ever, introducing stuff that is weak at first then balance it out based on responses.
  7. ScrapyardBob

    Boost the damage (10-20%)
    Boost the lockon range (from 10m up to 20m or 30m)
    Make it able to lockon to ground targets
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  8. Some1

    Give it the ability to switch between lock on and dumbfire more?
  9. NXR1

    sorry thought you were talking about the striker since this is a striker read shoulda read more thoroughly.
  10. ConcernedGamer

    It really should be reverted to the original Annihilator lock on only, fire and forget style. Perhaps with its damage in line with other lock on launchers. After all, a whole clip of 5 was doing more damage than other lock on launchers, just from doing the math on the then listed damage stats. Which is more or less what started everyone whining about it in the first place.
    If, however, SOE insists on keeping the coyote style proximity lock on, it should lock onto ground vehicles as well as aircraft.

    I'm not sure the damage should be buffed, because(lol) it takes 10 rounds or so dumbfired to kill infantry and 20 to 25 rounds to kill a tank. (Well.... when I tried it out in VR anyhow, as it is can't hit anything with it from more than 10m away)
    And you know that's the next thing people will cry and whine about...

    If SOE was attempting to nerf the thing so that it really was of no use at all, they succeeded this time around. If it was so overpowered and game breaking in the first place, I have to ask: Why was it put in the game to start with? I'm sure the bright folks at SOE could have come up with a different mechanic to give the TR a cool and useful launcher.
    Aaaaand, if you don't want it in the game anymore, as is quite apparent with the attempts to nerf it into oblivion, just remove it. But do the right thing, and refund certs/SC so we can get something more useful, instead of this underhanded bait and switch routine with the "Game Balance" excuse.

    On the plus side, you can kinda use it like the VS Lasher lol!
  11. Ztiller

    Higby have said, i dont remember where, that it's possible but they dont want it because they want to make the weapon skillful to use. Just making an autop-aim spam-launcher will be the exact opposite.
  12. WTSherman

    As I've said in the other thread, I find the damage reduction completely unnecessary considering the Striker has already lost its ability to track ground vehicles.

    Being pure dumbfire against ground is a hard nerf to its AV capability as it is, nerfing the damage on top of that just adds insult to injury. If its coyote mechanic allowed it to also heat-seek against ground vehicles it would be a different story, because that could potentially make it terrifying well beyond render distance much like the Lancer, but even then it would only need to be reduced to about 300 or 250, 100 is just complete overkill.

    On that note it would also help if they would make an up-to-date resistance table available (honestly SOE needs to make resist values visible in-game so this is less of a PITA) so that we can attach more meaning to these raw damage values.
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  13. Borsty

    True TR style would be to make it a fast firing mini rocket-gun. Like:
    - 50 rockets per magazine
    - 300 rpm
    - 28 dmg each
    - heat-seeking, but only like if it gets within 5m of the target
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  14. OldMaster80

    Personally my feedback is: I like the new Striker concept. I've always hated the fact I couldn't fire infantry, Max, engies/base turrets, that I needed a complete clear vision of my target and I hated being countered by smoke and stealth. I've always felt like the weapon wasn't worth the 1000sc.

    But the numbers of the new Striker are completely wrong. I don't care if they improve the rockets drop, the speed the damage or whatever, just make it at least viable. Right you can't even kill an Engineer in his turret with a full clip of rockets, it doesn't make any sense. And hitting vehicles or aircraft is impossible, rockets are too slow to get in the "lock" range.
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  15. RadarX

    That was a post saying we are going to start moderating posts that add nothing to this thread. Every single post made statistically reduces the chance someone is going to see the others around it. We don't want that.

    Yes you guys provided a ton of feedback on PTS and we've gotten plenty of "I told you so's" over the last few days. Folks who did not participate on PTS want to give their feedback and it may be identical to the PTS feedback. I can't say that definitively yet so I'm asking folks who want to bring up concerns about the Striker just be specific about why they don't like it.

    If you guys want to reiterate your PTS thoughts? Feel free. If not, I completely respect that.
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  16. Ranik

    Ok then let's narrow it down.

    Ok radar first question. Is ground homing on the table of options?

    Second question. Are there technical limitations to the mag size and RoF of the Striker?
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  17. Tanelorn

    Good god, everyone can already use the annihilator, skep, or grounder. How are they different? The 5 shots of the striker already involve a bit of tactical thought. And also the increased exposure time.

    Ahh well... we shall see where this goes...
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  18. trustedaid

    If you guys could decrease the resistance multiplier on the various vehicles, it would be better. Maybe reduce the drop coefficient just a little, but don't raise the rocket velocity more than 10% higher than where it is (it's already the fastest infantry rocket in the game).

    The RoF shouldn't be increased, base damage shouldn't be changed, and magazine size shouldn't be changed. If you change any of these, the TR will end up using it more on infantry and MAX's than they use it on vehicles. That's what happened with the Fractures and they ruined the game.
  19. Beltway

    I personally am measuring on edge. Not the center of the aircraft.

    In my opinion the previous striker was just as useless as this current rework. The problem with the old set up was that it took the down side of two separate mechanics:

    • Lock on : You needed to acquire and maintain a lock.
    • Wire guided: You needed to maintain sight of the target.
    They added the second stipulation in on the first nerf. This doubled the ineffectiveness of the launcher and made everything else a better choice.
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  20. FocusLight

    I can hardly decide if I should flame you for being a horrible judge of weapons, or thank you for thinking "the Lancer sucks!" is actually the case.