Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. OldMaster80

    Ok but the problem with the striker was that a rocket launcher that could not hit infantry, Max, engie or base turrets, needing full view over the target, counterable by stealth and smoke wasn't really worth 1000 certs.
    Imho the new concept is more flexible but numbers are totally wrong.
  2. MaRyuu

    I was thinking about Sidewinder from Titanfall, but that would have issues against MAX
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  3. Pikachu

    When was it 335? :confused: It was 500/500.
  4. SpectreGhostWTR

  5. Pikachu

  6. MacavitySWE

    Refund needed yeah, they changed it too much to be the same as the original weapon. This POS crap we got now is really horrible.
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  7. Xasapis

    They didn't refund Saron, so I wouldn't expect a refund here either.
  8. Aragato

    The changes to the Striker were reviewed at length when they were introduced on PTS. SOE has a long running track record of pushing changes made on PTS to the live servers with very few exceptions. Many on the PTS threads made the call for calm until the changes were live. Nothing has changed.

    I know the forums have not always been well curated, but since the changes to the Striker have went live, it seems that the moderators have started locking threads in an effort to "consolidate" the complaints. I have seen no consolidation of threads going on, just closed threads and banned authors.

    When did SOE take a page out of PGI's playbook?
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  9. Winfield

    Having a rapid-fire rocket launcher as a dumbfire is an extremely slippery slope to balance.

    It definately needs a buff right now though.
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  10. Ghelyar

    It seems to me like people are comparing it too much against the lancer. I can understand why they are, as it is the faction specific launcher, but this isn't really as good a comparison as comparing it against the free base rocket launcher.

    It's dumbfire now and the coyote mechanics are not great for it, but even just compared to the basic launcher it's terrible. It takes 2 whole mags to get the same dumbfire damage as you get from 1 rocket of launchers like the ML-7 and takes significantly longer to pump out that number of rockets, while you've given away your position after the first one.

    I can understand them reducing the damage to stop them from being used against infantry and a slight drop due to the coyote mechanics, but it's beyond a joke how bad it is.

    You don't have to fire all 5 at the same target, so it has some versatility there too, but the amount of time it takes to actually fire all 5 already makes up for this.

    IMHO it should have 200-250 direct damage per rocket, 0 splash (or even 0 damage to infantry) and maybe coyote on ground vehicles too and I'd be fine with it.

    I'd also be fine with them buffing out any problems with the other faction specific launchers.

    Another option is to say that the Shrike is to the Falcon and the Phoenix (kind of) is to the Raven what the Striker could be to the Fracture i.e. give heavies the option of using one arm of an AV max, and assume the AV max is already balanced enough.
  11. Voiidd

    Riiight, and what other RL causes "any" MBT to smoke in 2 side hits?
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  12. Casterbridge

    Some of you guys are asking for some rather unreasonable buffs.

    That being said after playing with it for a very short time last night I have no clue what the devs intended with this current iteration other than trying to get the user killed.
  13. gartho33

    in the cases that All suggested buffs go live yes...

    I would much rather see it shine in ONE area and be mediocre at everything else.... the BEST way to do this is a small AA dmg buff and a MAJOR velocity buff... if they did this then the weapon would have A role in the game. With witch I would be happy, it will be an AA launcher with SOME AV power for deterrence, whats wrong with making it do what it IS intended to do?
  14. Ztiller

    Changing it to 335 damage would literally give it 3x the DPS of a Decimator, and allow it to kill an ESF in 3-4 shots.
  15. Tuco

    Everyone said the Striker was terrible.
  16. RadarX

    Folks we are in fact watching feedback on this but we need it specific and constructive. Saying "This sucks" is perfectly valid but doesn't allow me to tell the team anything other than people don't like it.
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  17. Sixstring

    You can't listen to these guys anyway,if they have their way it'll be way overpowered again. I've used it and had it used against me and in realistic gameplay scenarios (not in VR) the new Striker IS effective. If it was any more effective we would have unbreachable one-sided no fly zones again and that is not cool for the other two factions. I play all 3 btw.
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  18. Tanelorn

    Has any dev (or RadarX) explained if ground vehicle lockon or coyote mechanics is possible? That would be a perfect solution, but may require heavy recoding. It is my suggestion to fix the striker if possible.
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  19. gartho33

    Thank you Radar, this is the first (that i have seen) acknowledgement from the devs on this very heated topic. to help paint what state the weapon is in i'll recount the result of an encounter I had with a reaver at a tower. 1v1 you may say.

    despite being able to hit him about 10 times he left the fight (either out of ammo or realizing I wasn't worth the time) without any smoke trail following him. On 3 separate accounts he went into a head to head with me knowing I could do nothing to stop him.

    hope that helps you understand what the receiving end of this weapon think... (witch to my understanding is "phff... no way THAT can kill me")
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  20. Warnarl

    Uh by effective you mean the target not moving, barely moving, or comming straight at you then yes its effective. Unless its a ground target in which case a engy has to barely work up a sweat to out repair 1-2 striker launches on his vehicle.
    As to moving targets beyond short range the lead time is soo large that your lucky to get one shot hitting the air target which only annoyes them. And even ground its hard do to the aim accuracy being so low vs the other launchers.
    No we, at least me and others, dont want this gun to be op. Its just promotes bad gameplay and anger of the other factions that face it. We want it working like intended, which its not atm. And be enough viable alternative to the another launchers with the high risk of using it makes you the favorite target of the enemy to snipe or take out easily.
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