Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Dracorean

    Now the air targeting thing doesn't seem so bad, just gotta lead the target, from what I see the rockets tracking seems limited by the square around the reticule. However I find it strange how it doesn't work against the vehicles when you fire it at them, because we already have so many dumb fire ones, a magazine fed one isn't as special. Then there's the damage, this really confused me, it was so low, I thought at first it was like the fury, how some vehicles get damaged more so than others, but this is not the case.

    Though these specialized launchers are suppose to function to greater effect when fielded in numbers but I really don't know why they lowered the damage to such a degree but I'm sure it will come back up.
  2. MahouFairy

    this update might be a way for SOE to cheat players of their 1000 certs or 700 SC
  3. HateHoppersWJetpacks

    I think this is a case of the intent being far better than the actual outcome. I presume I bought the Striker after it was already nerfed. Cause I always saw it as a 5 shot - NS Annihilator. It's main purpose at most, was you could afford to waste 1 missile to lock-on and still have more in stock before you have to resupply. And so I use it as such.

    While adding the dumb-fire seems interesting, the weapon has neither the projectile speed or dmg per hit to make it useful to me other than vehicle denial. This patch made this weapon no longer capable of fulfilling this role. It is now neither suitable for anti-air nor anti-armor. At best, maybe you can spam it into infantry crowded areas.

    Cause really the lock-on range for air is incredibly tiny. That effectively reduced it's range to deter aircraft that simply fly higher or move slightly to the right, and then slightly to the left. While I'm sure everyone's skill will improve with this weapon over time, for the most part this is only good against low and slow flying aircraft. Who are either trying to camp/destroy a sundy or is a noob pilot. And even then, his weapon will probably kill you before you fire your 3rd missile.

    I'm deeply disappointed in this change, and would like to have my certs refunded for the Striker. I can only picture myself using this for laughs. And even then, it would be the people who see me firing this at them...that's laughing.
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  4. Kociboss

    The only good change about the Striker is the new scope.
  5. Ztiller

    The lockon proximity is 15m, not 5.

    100 damage is just against infantry and have no relation to vehicle damage whatsoever.
  6. Ztiller

    You have never used the Spiker, have you?
  7. Beltway

    Actually it's 10m, if it's slated somewhere that it's suppose to be 15 then it's either bugged or someone made a typo. I've been testing this thing all day and it absolutely will not lock on to any aircraft outside of 10m.
  8. Ztiller

    At least when i tested it on the PTS awhile back it was 15 meters.
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  9. Beltway

    Guess they decided 15 was a tad much...
  10. Ztiller

    Or maybe we measure differently? I measured from the center of the ESF i targeted, to the lockon. Maybe you measured from the edge? It's absolutely pointless to put on our tinfoil hats and suspect "Conspiracy" from SOE.
  11. Xasapis

    Do you think that the Coyote mechanism against ground vehicles would be OP? Why I have the feeling that it would have been fine?
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  12. Ztiller

    Higby said they don't want to add this because they want the Striker to need skill to use.
  13. Candarian

    u think a player with skill would use the striker?
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  14. MotionBlured

    A person with skill would use the most effective weapon for the situation, so yes, they would occasionally use the striker.
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  15. Borsty

    It's a great weapon if you want to see an abandoned flash die a slow and agonizing death!
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  16. Tyshon

    I can't believe they did this?! If I want a dumb fire I buy a dumb fire!! I want a refund!
    100 damage? WHAT !?
  17. Tyshon

    The T2 Striker was great for fighting tanks and aircraft. Now what is it for? I hate that guy who wanted this change. If you want a dumb fire rocket... go buy one.
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  18. Tyshon

    No. Change it back to 335 damage.
  19. Tyshon

    I agree. 100 damage per shot? After I realize this wasn't a joke I logged out. I'm not playing until this is fixed.
  20. cruczi

    To be fair, it's only that low so that it wouldn't kill infantry in one clip. Lancer and Phoenix don't either. Damage to vehicles goes through damage modifiers, it would be wiser to adjust those rather than the base damage.
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