Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Borsty

    It's fighting with the spiker for the title. At least for the "worst infantry weapon" title.
  2. Jolanar

    Where do I go to request an SC refund for this weapon? I paid for it back when it was a very good weapon. It has gone through 2 iterations of changes now and it is not the weapon that I purchased. If I am not successful in getting a refund on this weapon, I refuse to spend any more money on SoE products unless they can PROMISE ME that there will be sufficient buffs to this weapon in the near future.

    EDIT: I never did give my constructive feedback: 100 direct damage per rocket is too low for a dumbfire that requires you to land all 5 hits. There should be some benefit gained for landing all 5, maybe something like in Halo where you land enough Needler shots and you do extra damage.

    DEFINITELY increase the velocity to compensate for the loss of this lock-on ability. At least buff the coyote-eque range of these missiles on air targets. I couldn't hit a flying whale with this darn thing.

    If nothing else, there should be a specific situation where this weapon trumps all others, otherwise I will choose the best option every time. This weapon has right now NOT A SINGLE BENEFICIAL THING ASSOCIATED WITH IT. SoE, you are better than this.
  3. doombro

    It's worse than the Spiker.
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  4. Yeahy

    Sure, I agree that striker is in a awkward state right now, but that doesn't mean you post threads under the title of "constructive feedback" when there is none. I'd even take non constructive feedback if you don't claim it is.
  5. Borsty

    I didn't name this thread "constructive feedback...", some moderator hijacked my thread, renamed it, moved it - and forgot to mark the post as edited or
  6. Nayrx

    The 5 meter proximity lock on is not working at all. First 5 meters is too small of a range to get close to a moving target and the rockets move too slow for it to be effective even with a larger lock on range. And of course the 100 damage is too low. Given that not all rockets will hit the target 4 rockets should be at least equal or greater to that of 1 grounder rocket. There has to be some pay off for using a launcher that requires more time to score hits. Maybe double the clip size and double the rocket speed this would be in line with TR weapons. High capacity and High ROF.

    The striker is still in a state that gives it nothing to offer over existing common pool launchers.

    Also I think the semi auto firing is also a draw back.
  7. Stigma

    The striker currently has two major problems - each of which would make it a subpar alternative to use compared to pretty much all other alternatives:
    - Its damage output
    - Its velocity

    The lockon range being small is fine, but it just absolutely needs more velocity then it has. Trying to use this against close-flying air (its supposed specialty role) is nearly impossible. If the target is moving at all you have to lead by such extreme amount that landing consecutive shots is very unlikely - and to add insult to injury you would still need 3 people doing it at the same time in a coordinated effort and not miss in order to kill a single ESF (13 hits to kill I believe it is). Against anything more robust than an ESF such as a liberator the damage output is just pointless... so even if if you could actually land hits on a larger and more predicable target like that it would be entirely ineffectual.

    I don't think this thing can ever be an effective weapon unless it gets significant buffs in both departments, but above anything else it needs more velocity - because damage won't matter if you can't land more than 1 in 5 rockets. It really isn't a matter of having good aim and lead... when the projectiles are that slow there is no way to lead with any significant degree of accuracy unless the target is moving slow and in a straight line.

  8. Yeahy

    Ah ok.
  9. Brasil

    Comes the sad in our hearts.
  10. gartho33

    my .02... I did not agree with the change when it hit PTR, so when the current and unsatisfying version of the striker hit live I decided to throw a few hours at it to see what its real potential is..

    I must say i'm not pleased. sure its "combat" range per rocket for a "hit" is indeed now render distance, but that does not mean its "effective" range is anywhere near that. I'd go so far to say that is "effective" range falls far below the 100m mark... yes.. hitchance is now the shotgun equivalent of the rocket launchers (sorry NC we beat you to it), but it the lack of any sign of DPS or even DPH (Damage Per Hit) is rather disappointing, nearing out right unacceptable. I know this weapon was not meant for infantry, but if by some form of sorcery i can hit any single infantry target more that once with this weapon.. I deserve a kill... for the shear skill alone this weapon demands is disturbing.

    To top that off, what the weapon was meant to shoot at, being aircraft (mechanics and what not); it lacks any of the needed forms to hit anything that is moving, or outside of "but slapin" range. if this is meant for air (as it undoubtedly is) it needs velocity to rival the lock on speed of rockets. As stated before the "effective" range of this weapon puts it in AI territory, not AA.

    My last gripe about this weapon is the CoF. IF you are going to refuse to change ANY thing else... make the blsated thing shoot straight... a clip CANNOT kill any infantry without the fool feeding you (no rly.. plz feed us.. it needs something to measure...) and you CANNOT kill them anyway with the ttk being 4 times that of any other launcher (ohk direct hit vs 5 hypothetical hk) allowing the target more than ample time to get to cover. I can think of no reason that this gun should have any Cof for balance reasons. Even vehicles will have minimal issues avoiding the full (hypothetical) damage potential this weapon would have should CoF become a none-issue.

    I'll not touch the damage per round as I'm no mathematician and they have hidden multipliers against intended targets... so i'll let them keep the "no AI" aspect of the launcher.

    though this be my opinion, it does seem to be a fairly shared one. I beseech you SOE, make this weapon worth using in any nitch form, or revert the change completely. I know we asked for change, but this weapon does not have any practical use. At the least buff it to compete with the other launchers in the game. I beg of you!
  11. JunkNstuff

    Hmm, was the Striker before the patch still considered by most to be an OP weapon? I found that often most folk didn't use it, but I still loved it even with the lock on rules. Every hit on something just kind of felt solid and satisfying.

    I tried it in the VR and was surprised when I had to unload around 15 rockets into a Harasser to kill it.

    I guess I'm up for trying any new mechanic to a weapon, but I hope that the damage gets increased if all the other stats stay the same. If nothing good happens, I'm not going to be one of those players who complain about wanting my certs or SC back. I'll just just pour a drink in remembrance of a genuinely fun rocket launcher and move on.
  12. Chrispin

    It'll probably take about 6 months but I'm sure they'll buff the damage from 100 to 105 per rocket and the velocity from 180 m/s to 190 m/s. That's how SOE balance usually works anyway.

    Also I'd like to challenge everyone on these forums to think of a weapon with a slower TTK against infantry (excluding shotguns because their effectiveness heavily depends on distance from target). I can't think of a single weapon...
  13. Konstantinn

    100dmg per shot on striker.... is this a joke SOE????
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  14. ScrapyardBob

    It needs a 10-15% damage boost to start with, definitely on the weak / useless side at the moment.

    Not sure if 20-25% stronger is warranted, but giving it another 10-15% quickly would help a lot without going too far.
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  15. AdmiralArcher

    make it automatic and give it a 10 round mag

    and when i say automatic i dont mean slow i mean fairly fast
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  16. sL360

    I had a Spiker/Striker duel today. I got killed.

    Spiker too OP, nerf plz soe.

    (I swear to god, if some bleeding heart VS thinks I'm being serious...)
  17. Dracorean

    So you attempted to do this and failed miserably? Like, get some guys in a squad, surround a tank, and spam rockets like crazy? Or are you just making some hypothesis here? I'm pretty sure any idiot with a launcher can kill any idiot in a tank, and we have plenty of both don't we?

    But even if you don't kill the guy in a tank, he/she is running from you right or is he actually killing you?

    To the others who quoted me, I know the thing is weak, same can be said for other special launchers, it really only works when you have more people with you. Though I've looked at the weapon, scary thing against air but I noticed the damage is so low, it wasn't that low before..
  18. Candarian

    striker vs grounder
    infantry grounder is 10 sec faster
    vangard grounder is 2 sec faster
    esf grounder is 2 sec faster
    max striker is 2 sek faster
    grounder is 750 cert cheaper and kills infantry faster
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  19. Warnarl

    have you actually used it? its useless with the heat dection of 10m unless they are not moving much or comming at you. The lead req is so large at medium to max range and accuracy while aiming the lowest of all launchers its lucky if you hit a air target just once.
    A compitent tank driver will have a 2nd gunner and it takes so long and does little dmg its doesnt take very long for the tank to home in on you and either avoid or attack you. Vans are the toughest tanks in the game and the mags are the hardest to hit and turn around on a dime! One shot in the butt is all it takes to get its attention to turn around and take you out with the mag. If either bother with how low the dmg and inaccuracy of the weapon.

    Oh and heres another difference between phoenix and lancer vs striker. Both of the other ESLs are high accuracy vs the rediculous low accuracy of the striker. That and other reason stated by me and other players shows that balancing the striker to the other ESLs is foolish in terms of how they do damage since the way they function is radically different from one another.
  20. Ruffdog

    Just.....just change it back. That's my feedback. I don't recall a demand from the TR masses for this. Nor lots of complaints from the other empires pre-patch.
    Its now a completely different weapon. Vehicle lock has gone , air "lock" is a joke. Damage is well, insane frankly.
    I bought it for the functionality as soon as ES launchers came out, yep sc, probably slightly nostalgic for planetside1, and I accepted where it was up until 24 hours ago.
    It's like someone bought a wireless capable laptop, took it home, then 18 months later the shop manager comes round and takes the WiFi card away and gives you a lan lead "here try this"