Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. NXR1

    250 damage - yes
    less drop...ok sure
    velocity 500.....uhhh....maybe not so much
    slight increase to lock on distance wouldnt hurt
  2. MaxDamage

    They don't have to give refunds for anything. Even if you bought it with cash, legally you bought the imaginary currency, the purchases you make with that are not covered by electronic sales/goods acts.
  3. MorganM

    I don't see why it's that difficult. They know if you unlocked it with Certs or SC. Refund that amount. Only tricky part MAY be if you bought it on sale or used SC you got from 2x / 3x SC deals.

    Honeslty, as someone who paid SC for it, I would accept 1,000 certs.
  4. MorganM

    I don't see why it's that difficult. They know if you unlocked it with Certs or SC. Refund that amount. Only tricky part MAY be if you bought it on sale or used SC you got from 2x / 3x SC deals.

    Honeslty, as someone who paid SC for it, I would accept 1,000 certs.
    The 'lock-on' MUST be made to work on ground vehicles. That's half the point! The weapon was originaly a lock-on for both air and ground. If they are going to play fast and loose with nuances about what a "lock-on" is then it had better work as it did before; on both air and ground.
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  5. China1949

    I really don't know what are SOE mind thinking-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am a Chinese players
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  6. TheMish

    Pretty sure whoever they hired to program the weapons has the downs.

    No way someone can be this stupid, to screw up that weapon, so badly.
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  7. Igninis

    Soooo I did some testing in vr (shots required to kill, not waiting till flames finish it off):
    tanks (rear/front/side)
    mag rider 15/27/24
    vanguard 15/32/29
    lightning 12/22/18
    stock sundy 25
    flash 6
    haraser 12
    esf 12
    valkyrie 18
    liberator 30
    galaxy 63

    Normal heavy caries 5+20 rockets, max pouch allows 4+40. You all know rate off fire but it is faster to kill a flash with t9carv (~5sec) than with a t2 striker (~10sec). It is faster to kill harasser with clip upgraded mini gun than with a striker.

    I would suggest to revert the change and reassess current mechanics from scratch. Btw you can not hurt yourself with striker if you are shooting ground while crouch, or if you are kissing the wall and shooting it.
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  8. MorganM

    I think if they refunded the weapon and said "if you like the new one; buy it again" they would quickly realize how ****** everyone thinks it is.
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  9. HamOnRye

    I am pretty sure they are not listening to our feedback. If you look at the Test Forums not only did we inform them the performance was terrible, we offered reasonable alternatives, and even asked them to hold off on issuing changes on the Striker with this patch.
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  10. China1949

    I want to return 1000 certificate
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  11. FateJH

    If this is what a Rocket Launcher is like to SOE, imagine what a real Rocklet Rifle remake will be like.
  12. TheMish

    I got one reaver kill just now with the Striker!

    Feel like a God. Only took 3 clips. Most of which were missed shots.
  13. Edelhonk

    pilot was afk or diconnected...right?
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  14. TheMish

    No, it was after he was shot to **** by infantry and Maxes.

    Hit him with 3 rockets, and got the kill.
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  15. cnec31

    Just revert the change for god sake...I swear I will behave and never complain about a "underpowered" weapon again.
    With old Striker, I can ,at least,if nothing else, single-handedly control a bridge with just the lockon--that's without even firing a single missile.

    AA damages axed 4/5
    AV ability gone for all intend and purpose

    In return we got "features" of"
    non-existent dumbfire attack for AV and AI
    homing AA missile that is simply in any fooking way inferior to the old lockon range
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  16. Warnarl

    Thats IF you can hit the ideal air target. The Heat detection radius is too low at 10m so you MAY get ONE rocket hit on a target not hover-bombing or coming straight at you.
    And in groups you would need to have 5+ players with strikers to be deadly and not be an annoyance. having 500dmg TOTAL, half of 1 SINGLE normal lockon launchers. Combine with the inaccuracy and reduce chance to hit a target with a rocket/missile at range means its req to have at least 5 strikers vs 1-2 heavies using the annilator.
    it needs more tuning up to comfinsate the extreme downsides the striker has.
  17. Warnarl

    I dont want the old striker back. I just think the way they impliment on live is too weak. Good mechanic but the rest of the weapon is flawed.

    All launchers have a much higher survivability for the heavy using it that the Striker user does not. VS can charge the lancer then come out from cover to quickly hit something then go back into cover. The Phoenix again can be used behind cover and in the spawn rooms. Though it may have a short range, the phoenix is useful as a base defense since hardly any are over 300m radius.

    asking for 240 direct dmg is not too op per rocket. It would still has a low aoe and have to hit all the shots on a infantry/vehicle target close range vs instant 1000-1335 with the other launchers to choose from. Even phoenix has 750 dmg and larger aoe dmg than the striker.
  18. Ronin Oni

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  19. Warnarl

    oh threre listening, mods been hopping on "why striker is crap threads" all day and deleting them! :)
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  20. Axehilt

    My predictions feel pretty justified that they should've created a new weapon rather than take a weapon they've already sold players (sometimes for real money) and completely redesign it.