Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. ATRA_Wampa-One

    The lancer's severe downside is that it's not actually hitscan like people think (if it was I would have a much better accuracy than 60%) and that you are very vulnerable to sniper fire while you charge up your shot. So much so that I'm usually doing counter sniper duty when my outfit does lancer camps. If you don't charge it up then it does pitiful damage along with having pitiful velocity and it's not even worth using. Furthermore, the Lancer only does damage if you hit where as you can flub 1-2 of a Strikers shots and adjust for the last ones to still do damage.

    The Phoenix only has a range of about 300m before becoming useless, and IIRC the Striker's range is still 500m which again puts it in the middle of the Phoenix and Lancers range.

    Seriously, asking for something like the old Striker back is like VS asking for the old ZOE back. They were both incredibly OP and it's not going to happen.
  2. Fellgnome

    Buff the damage, make it wire-guided with light homing capability. You guide one rocket with the others following. I want a weapon that's fun to use, not just a dumb-fire for people who can't aim very well.
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  3. Ranik

    600 m/s is terrible velocity?

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  4. Leonard DeVir

    I propose to rename it into S.T.R.I.K.E.R:

    Stuff That Really Irritates; Killpower Effectively Removed
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  5. ATRA_Wampa-One

    With the 1x scope it has yes.

    Equip a TRAP with a 1x reflex and see how hard it is to hit vehicles at 500m.
  6. Ogopogo

    That's the best joke I've heard all day. With the firing accuracy, drop, flight time, and increasing cone of fire of the striker, good luck.
  7. ATRA_Wampa-One

    It's almost like I've been saying they need to drastically improve all of those to make it functional... because I have.
  8. Gypsycream

    TBH if they want to add a coyote-esque launcher then it should be common pool. If they want to make it balanced, going by the current state of the striker, it either needs an increase in velocity or homing radius, damage would probably be ok as it is for that role.

    Eitherway, the striker itself should be a multi-shot, lock-on weapon that works against both AV and AA. Just like it was when we bought it, and preferably like it was in PS1. The current iteration of the striker simply isn't a striker.
    The problem with the pre-patch striker was that, between getting a lock, firing and keeping a lock, you couldn't do anything but stand in the open for a while using ADS; if the target was at a longer range (the range a striker is more useful than a dumbfire launcher), then it was even worse as you needed to wait for your missiles to reach the target before you could even reload, compounding the problem by effectively reducing the sustained DPS of the weapon.
    Damage and balance aside, this was an issue with the mechanics of the weapon that could have been fixed by simply reducing the lock-on time and/or allowing you to reload while in ADS (just like the PS1 striker.) That should be the first step in fixing the striker.
    Adding a dumbfire mode and the ability to lock missiles after firing them would be great too.
  9. tf2hero

    anti scatmax anti EVERYTHING
  10. MuggieWara

    Seriously after using my Striker (bought with SC a while ago) today i cant be constructive!Are the devs trolling us?I mean how could they even release it that way?Are they even playing the game?The Striker is now a joke!
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  11. John_Aitc

    Is the Striker Planetside2's most tweaked weapon in the game? I think this is its 4.5th nerf-buff cycle.
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  12. Borsty

    I think so. One would image they got it to where they want it by now.
  13. Gypsycream

    I think it should also lock-on to flying LA ;)
  14. Dracorean

    You know, to understand a weapon you need to be on the receiving end as well as being the one to use it.

    All of the empire 'special' launchers seem to have the little downside of leaving you exposed as you use it, Phoenix with the camera, Lancer with the charge up, and striker with the lock on. Alone all are pretty obnoxious things that you have to avoid, not because it can kill you, but because they hurt your vehicle. Now when fielded in numbers, that's when it can kill you. 3 guys with any of these launchers can pretty much make vehicles say 'Nope' specially against a coordinated group.

    With regular lock on launchers, you can see how effective they can be when you gather several people in a squad with HA with such launchers. Try it for yourself, its quite fun actually.
  15. Auzor

    Regarding the coyote mechanic:

    I've only tried out the striker in the VR. (and on my low TR char I sure as hell ain't buying it now!)
    -> Sometimes, I shoot at a reaver for example, I aim next to the reaver to try to see the 'range' of the coyote lock.
    But, the striker does change path, but the missile seems to steer right past the reaver instead of, you know, hitting it. No 'red cross' damage indicator seemingly appearing on screen either. So um.. is the 'coyote' lock supposed to be a 100% hit or are there angles where it won't work or..
    It is possible the cause is from firing at two eligible targets, since that is what I was kind of trying.
    Now, this might only happen in VR, or.. it might be live right now. I honestly don't know.

    ->I've also shot at a galaxy. IMO: you almost need to hit the galaxy for the missile to hit the galaxy. (what a strange way for a weapon to work right?). Here's what I mean: it seems the 'space' around a reaver where the missile becomes attracted to the aircraft is bigger than the range of the space around a galaxy (/liberator).
    Suspicion: the Striker locks on within a distance of X meters from the 'aircraft location'; it's center. But, of course a galaxy is much bigger than a scythe or reaver. Meaning at the moment the coyote style functionality doesn't seem very helpfull for hitting the bigger aircraft. It should extend X meters from the hull of an aircraft.
    Maybe this is the case but it is visual deception due to how big a galaxy looks?
  16. NXR1

    All factions have a bad max ability lockdown only helps for anti air but makes you a sitting duck for anything that wants an easy kill C4 fairys are a huge problem when you cant even move
  17. Ransurian

    I'm positive that everyone on the Striker's receiving end right now is laughing their ***** off.
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  18. Borsty

    Actually, firing that thing feels like being on the receiving end.
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  19. IrishPride

    I don't even know what to say about the Striker, at least in a constructive manner. It just needs a boost here and there nothing else special needs to be done with it, ya know, maybe like a increase mag cap, velocity boost, and that is pretty much it for me.EDIT ( and for godsakes increase the stock rocket carrying capacity for it or something too especially when it only dishes out that minimal AMP damage).
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  20. NXR1

    If you just suggested 3 people with a striker can do anything you're wrong, 3 people emptying a full clip from a striker is about the same is 1 person with an ML7 but the ML7 is fire 1 shot hide all damage out while with the striker you have to stand there for awhileto fire the entire clip, HE lightnings will have a nice time farming you and your 2 friends
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