Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Bu11ish

    I liked the striker concept. Rocket launcher with magazine, an excellent weapon for TR! I bought the old striker for the sole purpose of replacing the Annihilator, locking on to both ground and air at long ranges and either do some damage or scare them away. The striker completely fails at that now.

    Not only that, the change has made the striker 100% useless. It can be used for literally nothing. I argue that the coyote concept is useless, because it does not work at all at long ranges, and at medium ranges, I can just use the dumb fire rockets that travel faster and has higher alpha damage that may damage an ESF to the point of killing it; probablity wise, strikers still suck compared to default RLs. The amount of damage the striker does is absolutely pathetic, even *if* it hits. Honestly, at coyote ranges, it's undoubtedly better to just shoot infantry weapons at the ESF. Another thing is that ESFs are really hard to shoot when they are moving, and you essentially have a weapon that hits 2% of the time instead of 1%, which is for all intents and purposes equally useless.

    So I suggest two options for the stiker:

    1. Revert to old version. At least it locks on, and it's different enough from the Annihilator that it's not a replacement; the striker counters flares but has low alpha damage.
    With this option, lock on time, RoF, damage etc. can be tweaked. The DPS including reloading and locking on needs to at least equal that of other lock-on launchers, since it doesn't have epic speed and pinpoint accuracy or camera guidance.

    2. This idea completely redesigns the striker, I what I feel better fills the TR niche and is more fun to play with. However, if anything like this is done, then I want a refund on my striker because it no longer does what I bought it to do.
    It's really simple. So TR are bullet hoses. Well lets make a rocket hose. I want 10 rockets in that magazine, fast RoF and projectile speed, low drop, and low damage - something functionally similar to a Fracture. (Since appearently the other two factions' ESRLs have MAX counter parts). No lock on needed. Also get rid of that scope an just make the striker accurate as is or use iron sights.
  2. Zotamedu

    That suggestion would not work well in the game since it scales incredibly well with the amount of people using it. So then we would be back with the original broken Striker.

    No, we don't need more lock ons. Just remove Coyote gimmick, give us a couple of more rockets in the magazine and let us has a close range high risk, high reward AV launcher. Then it might be worth standing out in the open at close range, shooting at a tank. Now it's just pointless since you do more damage for less risk with a Decimator.
  3. DxAdder

    The Striker is a dumb fire RL that has worst TTK of ANY AV weapon in the game.

    It takes 27 hits to destroy a lightning from the front the only AV weapon that comes close is the Fracture with 26 hits.

    It a weapon that has no use other than to get you killed trying to use it.

    Just another sad example of how forumside crying nerf nerf nerf and Reddit crying Unique Unique Unique decide
    how thing work in this game. We end up with useless weapons that can't kill anything.
  4. Flag

    Per shots, yes. Per reload, and relative to ammo capacity, no.
    It takes the bog standard 5 shots to put a lighting on fire from the front (that's all your shots without munitions pouch). It will burn to death before you can fire a 6th, but that's enough time to hit Fire Suppression if you've got it.
    It takes the Skep/Crow/Hades 6 shots to kill a lighting from the front, which is beyond normal missile capacity, just like the Striker. Numbers are the same with the Grounder/Hawk/Nemesis. So too is it for the annihilator, although during the test I was having fun with hit detection issues.

    So between the 2 default locks (they're all carbon copies anyway) and the Striker, the difference lies in the 5 shots v. 1 shot, and in the difference in velocity (115 m/s dumb fire for the Skep, 180 for the Striker) and the Coyote mechanic.
    I'm not saying the Striker as it is is perfect, but it's damage -is- mostly on par with the other launchers. You could argue that it should do more since it has to hit 5 times to do the damage, which in a sense is fair, but in that case it wouldn't be unreasonable to actually tone back the velocity to be more in line with the other launchers, reducing the range of the striker by a notable margin.
    Same can be said for removing the bloom.

    In the end it's not meant to be an all around upgrade over what TR already have.
  5. Ztiller

    That is just straight up incorrect. There are plenty of other AV weapons with worse TTK. The Phoenix, the Lockonsm the Lancer. No ESRL and no lockon have good TTK.
  6. DxAdder

    FYI I had to stand directly in front of the Lightning firing one round at a time to get the 27 hits.

    The Cof fire on the Striker (as it stands now) makes this weapon almost useless.

    If the Striker had a 3 round (higher damage) burst with a tighter CoF it would go along way to making the weapon viable.
  7. Sossen

    It just needs to be a Fracture if dumbfire is on the board. Fracture with 5 rounds, higher firerate and the current lock-on mechanic will be absolutely smashing.
  8. Kcalehc

    Up the magazine to 6 rounds. Give it a 3 round burst fire, with the same ROF as the aircraft coyotes. A short re-chamber animation/delay in between bursts. Tighten up the stationary COF a bit. Adjust damage per rocket down a teeny bit to compensate for extra rocket, make the velocity marginally higher than a default launcher, and the drop marginally less. Keep the AA proximity lock.

    That's what I'd do.
  9. Borsty

    I just want to express my thanks to SOE for giving me the opportunity to start one of the longest threads in Planetside 2 Forum history!
    Now, fix the damn Striker. Just make it a 300 rpm mini-rocket chaingun!
  10. gartho33

    given the current "flow" of feed back and consideration on this topic.... my money is on them leaving it as is.... don't get your hopes up on any changes anytime soon... now they are collecting long term stats...
  11. Bloodlet

    So I recently fired this game back up after playing other things for awhile. I saw TR was underpop so I logged on my TR toon...all I can say is that I HATE what you have done with the Striker SOE. I liked it just fine as a lock on multi purpose rocket launcher.

    GJ breaking it.
  12. Flag

    How long ago was it since your last login? Before or after the requirement for persistent aim?
    If it was before, it seems you got used to having an OP gun. If after... then you're crazy.
  13. Bloodlet

    lol if you say so. I don't remember exactly but I think I had to keep the reticle on. The thing is that even then people called the weapon junk and here you are saying it was OP. Apparently people like you drowned out everyone else and made it the paperweight it is now.
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  14. Flag

    Before the requirement to maintain aim, the Striker -was- op. After, it was simply flawed. Deeply flawed. Too much damage (more than any other launcher), but the ****iest mechanic to hold the damage in check.
    Even so, for all the frustrating sides of it, the last version of the lock-on striker still did a hilarious amount of damage.
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  15. Gypsycream

    The original Striker was broken because it had a long range, didn't need to maintain lock and would pretty much curve around corners to hit targets, but I get what you're saying: a near-instant lock would allow organised fire to hit pretty hard, pretty fast, with some reliability.
    TBH, I'm just being nostalgic to the Planetside 1 Striker because that implementation of the Striker worked fine, and it's closer to the gun we originally paid for in PS2. Whether that implementation would work in PS2 is hard to tell.

    BTW, your suggestion would be slightly OP when fired from the back of the new Flash.
    The Deci-Flash is borderline OP as it is. No amount of easy-mode lock-ons can compare to half a squad of invisible Decis :p