Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. InoxGecko

    I like the new striker to a degree, got a few kills with it. But, there's always a but, the accuracy is still kinda crappy, I do like the full auto but in all honesty I still fire it semi auto, the accuracy decrease just makes me miss 3/5 shots when going full auto against a moving vehicle from +50m. Projectile velocity is nice, damage resistances to the striker could probably use a tweak or two, at least against MBT's, it's just silly how much punishment a vanguard can take.

    With a few small changes I can see myself using this over the Deci in AV combat. Were it not for the raw damage, I would've dropped the deci a long time ago, the velocity is just abysmal.
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  2. Ronin Oni

    I think the full auto is just for really short range (BTW: Does full auto work from the hip? )

    However, I think it could probably be used to fire 2-3 rounds, reset CoF, and fire the rest with more efficiency out to maybe 100m+?

    I dunno, I need field testing.
  3. DrBash00

    A very good update today for the striker!

    I think the ROF needs to be slightly improved, but now the striker is acceptable....
  4. Oguska

    It needs a reduction to its aimed fire CoF.
  5. MostlySilent

    If it has to be pseudo-burst fired, then you're making its sustained DPS vs dumbfires even worse. If you're using it for anti-aircraft it's just not as reliable as a Grounder. Period. Unless you're getting really close with your Scythe/Reaver it's not going to be as effective, beating flares or not. (And getting that close puts you in dumb fire's wheel house.)
  6. InoxGecko

    Huh, don't know if full auto works also from the hip, i'm so used to the old mechanic that I always ADS and then WAIT for the rockets to hit, never even letting the target get out of my crosshairs :eek:
  7. Tuco

    The niche of the striker is suppose to be lock-on, like it was in PS1. So get rid of the NS lock-ons, get rid of flares on all vehicles, bring back old striker, nerf it's damage cause no more flares. Tadaaaaa.

  8. gartho33

    hi again! I'm back with my full opinion of the new (yet different) striker!

    I have now been able to put the striker threw stress, combat and multi range/target tests. And I must say, this weapon now impresses me. I don't know if you fixed the damage output (per clip) on vehicles or what but it is now a threat. That said, this weapon now has a nitch that it absolutely shines in. But we'll get there when I have unwrapped the basis of the weapon.

    first off, the RoF. This makes a huge difference with time at risk vs damage done. I am happy with were this is at this point. Do not change it!!! However... the Cof seems a bit punishing for the last rocket. More often than not I'll send 3 rockets near pin point with a fourth starting to vary and the fifth is a "throw a dart" kind of feel. I personally would ask that this last round be adjusted ever so slightly to be less random.

    Next is the lockon range. Perfect! this is right were it needs to be. enough room to allow for error, hitting quick targets (at close-mid range) and an overall "intelligent" feel. with that I do feel that the range (due to velocity of the rockets) is a bit low to compete with lock-ons.

    with this. I have found a nitch that this weapon destroys the hopes and dreams of every other launcher in the game! This weapon is the anti fly by/ESF linup weapon! this weapon offers us (the TR) a way to counter both the reaver and scyth common and predictable movements. we have a good window of opportunity when they "hit and run" to make them think twice about going for that second round.

    This is something I think should be pushed for this weapon.. but now I'm down to opinion and not experience.
  9. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    I still dont get the concept.
    Striker: I need more time to deal less damage with horrible auto fire accuracy than any other launcher. Against air i have better chances to hit with the Decimator.

    Show me someone who doesnt prefer a single shot launcher with more damage and a flying path you can count on.

    Please tell me how you do your "balance" stuff, because there is no case in the game a logic player would pick the striker over another launcher.
    Patching some sparkles on my dead rat wont make it a puppy.
  10. Gazatron

    Ok so I tried out the new striker today and I like it but I still think it needs further tweaking.

    I feel the ROF needs increasing by another 50%.


    It's velocity increasing to something like that of the ml7
  11. Nayrx

    I agree Its improved since the last patch but it doesn't have a role. Maybe a larger magazine would help. Then it would at least have something to set it apart. like the potential for more damage even though most shots will miss and you will not get that extra damage but the chance is there.
  12. Ronin Oni

    Old habbits :p

    Uhm... it is faster... quite a bit so...

    like 120m/s for ML7 and 160 for Striker IIRC
  13. Beltway

    Whelp they patched the striker again today and I have another in depth analysis for all the concerned TR that read the forums. As always I will have a TL:DR section at the bottom if you don't want to read through all my findings.

    New Changes
    After much appreciated complaints from all factions the developers decided to give the striker the following (and much needed) buffs:

    • Automatic Fire
    • Rate of fire increase to 150 from 100
    • Cone of fire growth reduced to 0.5 per shot from 2.0
    • Direct damage increased to 200 from 100
    • Lock on range on aircraft increased to 20 meters from 15 meters
    • Adjustment to vehicle resistances

    VR Testing

    Learning from my past mistakes I decided to go to the VR room for testing the striker buffs. The first thing I noticed was the weapons full auto capability, this mixed with the increased rate of fire definitely makes the strike feel better. Dare I say better than it's ever been. Also YES you can full auto hip fire but I don't recommend it unless your target is less than 10m away from you.

    Out In The Field

    I will say I was pretty impressed with the initial run with the weapon. I was able to engage enemy armor (with crew) with confidence and didn't feel like I was a sitting duck. The damage increase is noticeable but I feel it's only because of the rate of fire increase. Air craft is still a bit of a hit or miss but it's still an improvement! Where our first initial run of the new striker landed me ZERO hits I was able to land two or three shots consistently with the buffs.

    The Pros

    • The weapon feels 100% better than it's ever been.
    • Rate of fire & Full Auto helps the striker compete with standard launchers.
    • Respectable damage.
    • Less time spent sitting out in the open!
    • It's actually useable.
    The Cons

    • While you can hit aircraft from time to time it's still not up to par with other anti air launchers. Best case scenario is use the striker on extremely low flying targets.
    • While the damage increase is a big improvement I still think it needs a small increase Ideally 225 damage per rocket.
    • Will most certainly need to max out munitions pouch to make up for missed rockets/ learning curve.
    • no lock on for ground targets. Although its not a problem for me a lot of people feel it should have this ability. Currently I am not so sure it should. No because it would be overpowered but because you have an increased chance of locking on to something you aren't aiming at.

    The new striker upgrades are a very big step in the right direction for the future of this launcher. Is it in a perfect place right now absolutely not, but it's close. The damage is still no better than what you already have in an anti air launcher and in every case scenario with the exception of close range is the striker a better pick. What the striker does now is add a bit of convenience for close up battles. Which in my opinion is better than nothing. I give the striker a rating of 7/10.
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  14. Oguska

    Still this es rocket launcher has no advantage over bulk launchers.Why bother to use it.
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  15. Zotamedu

    I tried it for awhile today after the changes and it's still useless. Or rather, it's good at giving you air deterrence ribbons and air kill assists from low flying and slow moving aircraft. That's the only thing it can hit. Hovering ESF and low flying Liberators and Galaxies. Most of the time, I would have been more effective against those aircraft with my Decimator. The only kill I got was a Reaver that suicided after I got the last hit. The pilot got away. That's all I have to show for several hours of Striker play.

    Here's what's wrong with it. The accuracy is horrible. I tried the full auto thing and the spread made me miss a Vanguard at 50 meters. I was aiming straight for it but the last rocket was so far off it missed. So fire rate was in fact not a buff in real life unless you are standing next to an empty vehicle. You still have to tap it slowly to hit stuff at realistic distances. The range is horrible. You cannot use it beyond 150 meters and even at that, it's too inaccurate to reliably hit stuff. I'm, not talking rapid fire here. I waited two seconds between shots and it still was not accurate enough to hit an AV Phalanx at 150 meters. So how about close range burst damage? Nope, tried to jump a Vanguard and was rewarded with an AP shell in the face after three rockets. Next try on the same Vanguard and an infiltrator showed up in front of me. Hit him twice in the face before I was killed. So we have no damage, neither sustained nor alpha and we have no accuracy and range at all. So basically, it can only be used to harass slow and low flying air. If used in a group, it can kill low and slow flying aircraft at close range. At longer ranges, it's too slow and too inaccurate to get even within 20 meters so there a lock-on will win.

    What I would like to know is what niche the devs are aiming for here. What is the Striker supposed to do? Because as it stands, it's useless against all ground vehicles. Maybe potentially very effective against lolpoders. But a Grounder would be more effective. It's hard to give suggestions on what to fix if we don't know what you are trying to do.

    If you want to keep the current accuracy, it needs to do a lot more damage against vehicles. We are talking double what we have now. Because if it's designed to be close range, we need something to compensate for the low alpha damage and that would be better sustained damage. So we stand around in the open, risking getting that AP shell in the face but we risk it because we can do more damage than with a single Decimator. If you want to keep the current damage, then it needs a heavy velocity buff and it needs to be seriously accurate. But that would still just make it an inferior Lancer which makes little sense. So how about increasing the damage against ground vehicles and if you fear it's becoming too powerful against air, just remove the lock on mechanic. We already have two AA launchers, we don't really need a third thing that locks onto air.
  16. Ransurian

    Double damage? Naw, but a ~20% increase in damage alongside a modest velocity buff would probably be enough to bring it in line. Oh, and get rid of that damn cone of fire. It has no reason to exist in a rocket launcher, and it won't make the weapon unbalanced if it's removed. All it does is further **** the weapon's already poor range.
  17. Gazatron

    Really? Lol well it really didn't feel like it when I was using it. But I don't have the stats in front of me to look at.

    But I still stand by what I said and the more I think about it, a tweak to both velocity and ROF wouldn't be too much.

    I have to say I am liking this release UP weapon and buff what is needed. Granted it is more work for SOE but from a player stand point it's good.

    Keep the tweaks coming SOE your doing a great job and thanks for giving the TR some lovin' which you will no doubt receive flak for. Ignor the haters just balance the game. Thanks!
  18. Zotamedu

    If they want to keep the current accuracy, yes they should try doubling the damage. You are talking about increasing velocity and removing COF, then a lower damage increase might be enough. But with the current horrendous accuracy, it needs to be increase by a lot.
  19. Golconda

    SOE guys, this striker/coyote concept just doesn't work.
    the striker is now trying to fill a niche that is already filled by the grounder, we dont need a weaker nor stronger version of what we already have! what every faction already has!
    this striker is made for AA, but a grounder is just better at that, and it's waaaaay better vs infantry and ground vehicles too! the striker will be useless untill it will become, after many patches, a better grounder, and then no1 will use the grounder anymore! why should you do this?

    SOE, just take the easy way! take our TR MAX weapons as starting point, decide what role the striker should fill, do some basic balance work and give us a fracture (maybe with a bit more splash) to have a good AV launcher, a flak gun (a little more ES lol) if you wanna stick with the AA role or a pounder to have a solid all-round grenade launcher.
  20. Gypsycream

    The new striker fills exactly the same role as the grounder. It's still a pointless addition to the game, no matter how much it gets buffed.
    The only unique use I've found for it so far is for firing out the side of a valkyrie when there's an ESF on our tail, which it's actually really good at. A few HA with these and you've got nice A2A defence in addition to the valk's normal functions.
    I mean, it's far from being OP or anything, but it's way stronger than anything else you can put in a valk.

    TBH this type of weapon should be common pool. It seems weird that TR are the only faction with a weapon that functions well in a rumble seat. If you take into account it's going to get buffed with ground-troops in mind, it could quickly get very nasty in A2A.

    The striker itself should be an AV weapon first, AA second. If we want it to fill a unique role, bring back its lock-on but reduce the time to get a lock to almost instant. The total damage it does with 5 rockets should be less than other AV lock-ons, but give the striker a quicker reload. Then, over time, it will do more DPS than other launchers by spamming off more rockets.
    TR gets a launcher with high sustained DPS and low-burst, with a slightly unique aiming mechanic. It fills its own role and is still actually a striker... To balance this as a valk A2A weapon, simply increase lock-on time against aircraft.