Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Mxiter

    What if the vehicle peek a boo?

    I used all ESRLs during hours and I plays my alts mainly for thoses.
    If you're a sniper and miss a lock on guys moving very slowly during 3 sec, you should go back to plays wallbreaker.

    A phoenix can be used at 259m of unaware people with no chance to find back and can even be used from the spawn.
    If you think that no LOS @ 295m of the target is taking too much risks, what should you thinking when you meet a decimator rambo jumping in middle of ennmies tanks zergs. :D
    It had better damage per mag. the rests are even or lower than others lock ons.

    It had also the longuest exposure time (lock-on time + 3 sec) and the longest fire+reload speed (more or less equal to phoenix depending the phoenix range).

    i see 20 time more Phoenix/lancer shots than TR/NC max using it's ES ability, or people killed by the inquisitor/rebel.

    1) charge is generally better than anything on maxes.
    2) NS are best pistols most of times.

    But i have no issue to see the spiker at the repeteater/desperado level and ZOE at Anchor/Aegis level since i'll be only annoyed by on very rare moments (unless ZoE is overpowered and is spammed as much as it used to be).

    Oh and the striker is actually worse than the release lancer since it have lower DPM, slower ROF, slower velocity and no charge up mechanics.

    I even think that it's the worse unbugged item ever released on PS2.
  2. siiix

    why because the 0.75 second or the 150 extra damage ? so change only that .. but instead SOE destroyed it
  3. Flag

    Back then, before the maintained lock requirement, the difference of 0.75 could mean the difference between getting a lock or not get a lock.
    Once you had a lock, it took way too much to first break the lock (if you even could), and then to shake the missiles (which was an absurdly hard thing to do).

    So it wasn't just 150 damage. It was a lot more.
  4. Furluge

                        Lancer                    Striker
        Vanguard TTK    55s (27 Charge 3 Shots)    58s (30 Shots)
        Muzzle Velocity  800 m/s                    180 m/s
        Maximum Range    700m (400+ render range)  300m (0+ render range)
        Ammo Pool        24                        20
        Ballistics      Straight, No Drop          Rocket drops according to speed 
        Note: Lancer damage drop off starts at 500m (200+ render range)
        Note: Striker rockets only lock onto aircraft and only if they get within 15m of one.
    This is how the thing was released. Obviously there was a huge problem here because as you can see, there was nothing better about the Striker. Since they've said there will be buffs, unsurprisingly, we'll see how it turns out. Since I haven't heard of any huge projectile speed increases I expect that the lock on will have next to 0 effect against aircraft. Basically it's a bonus to ward off low flying hovering aircraft. I'd like to see the Striker achieve a TTK similar to the default rocket launcher, since without any real special advantage like the lancer (Shoot for full damage while invisible at long range.) or the phoenix (shoot from cover) and it doesn't even really do lockon, it should at least be able to compete with the ML-7 in terms of how fast it can destroy a target.
  5. cruczi

    According to the hotfix notes, the lock-on range was 15 meters on release. Tomorrow it'll be 20 meters.
  6. Furluge

    Thank you for the correction.

    I think the core problem is getting a slow projectile near a fast moving vehicle though. It's really hard for me to say exactly how much of an effect it will have on air though because quite simple I don't like the infantry AA launchers to begin with, and knowing the striker does that job worse, I haven't seen much reason to use it in that role.
  7. Ztiller

    Tell me, do you even know what the Release Lancer looked and worked like? Do you know what buffs they had to do before it got to the point where it is now?
  8. Mxiter

    It had COF even on charged shots and maybe higher damage degradation.
    You also couldn't swich hip to ADS while charging it.

    The striker actually looks like a release lancer with no charge mode, 1 less shot per mags, lower velocity, drop and slower ROF.
  9. Ztiller

    Also, the ability to lock on to aircraft, higher damage per shot vs vehicles and no massive trail leading back to your position.

    But i know that argumenting balance with you is completely pointless. You will never believe that the TR get anything other than the worst all the time. It would not surprise me if you think the AMP is worse than the Spiker.

    This is a pointless discussion and i'm not going to push it any further.
  10. Mxiter

    The ability to lock aircrafts is acutually close to useles since it have a large COF and a low velocity. Higher damages per shot? it deals more or less the equivalent to stock launchers damages (according that all damages hits). Massive trails? Strikers rockets makes big red trails too.
    I said on others posts that i'm totally fine to buff the spiker at the repeteater/desperado levels and would give to VS the AMP in an hearthbeat if the striker could reach the phoenix/Lancer level.

    Same with ZoE at aegis/anchor level.
  11. gartho33

    To keep feed back organized, I'll continue to post feed back on the stiker 2.0 here.

    First off, I have not tested this in live combat, nor have I done any extensive or stress testing.. so this is a "first impression" review.

    the changes that were made, I personally approve of. this is a great step in the right direction. good job SOE, I commend your efforts. the fire rate is quite welcome and the lock range increase I can see being a problem (as now I may lose a few shots to an unintended target). The cof also feels real, much more so than the "random" direction that the first iteration had.

    all in all the "feel" of this gun is right on par of what it is intended to do. now we are down to nitch tweaking. thank you for the fast response on this matter.
  12. Golconda

    ESRL and their purposes, aka "reasons to roll them instead of standard copycat launchers":

    Phoenix -> no drop, can be guided, can hit stuff out of line of sight, can kill things that no other launcher can.

    Lancer -> no drop, pinpoint precision, extreme long range, obv you can hit things you can't hit with any other launcher

    striker -> ???

    I really like lancer and phoenix, and I absolutely don't think they are OP nor UP, they just fill nicely a niche. in That situation (maybe 1 out of 10 situations, but still) you will always have a reason to roll em.
    the reason to roll a striker simply isn't there for me, vs infantry it's just pointless (pmuch no splash dmg, 5 direct hit to kill someone with no overshield/flak armor, automatic fire bloom just make it impossibile to connect hits on a single target). here's some test:

    and vs a tank, just see how may rockets hit the thing.

    before this mess of a balance patch I used to carry the weapon just like a weaker ES annhilator version, now I really dont know why I should carry it instead of the standard AA launcher.
    the gounder is more useful vs infantry, vs ground targets AND vs air, since 1 grounder rocket seems to deal the same damage as 5 striker rockets, but you don't have to be afraid of evasive manuvers, rocket drop and target's direction prediction.

    the weapon is basicly a much weaker grounder and doesnt fill any niche, buffing its damage can be done untill it becomes stronger than a grounder, at which point anyone will carry one on his HA. the weapon purpose has to be completely redone as now it's only a weaker version of other launchers.
  13. Ronin Oni

    "It's not OP! REVERT!"

    le sigh.

    How about we don't throw out the baby with the bath water, we get some real field testing on this thing (maybe don't full auto on tanks at range, obviously the full auto is intended for shorter range higher DPS bursts where the Striker was particularly bad before) and then it can get tweaked more as needed.

    Maybe? No?

  14. Golconda

    I think pre-patch striker was better than what we have now, there's no reason to carry one.compared to a grounder we have worse killing power vs infantry, worse vs ground targets due to worse accuracy, pretty much same damage per clip vs air.
    gimme a reason why I sould carry a striker over a grounder, I can't see any
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  15. MotionBlured

    If it's not OP then it's not worth using, clearly.
  16. Ronin Oni

    Hey now, that only applies to VS.

    Everyone knows this.
  17. Golconda

    pls explain in what way the striker is supposed to be stronger at short range, given the gap in damage even with all 5 rocket hit the target is pmuch nothing, given also that you need a lot more time to fire 5 rockets instead of 1.

    with a dumb launcher at that "range" every moron could hit that tank with 10 rockets out of 10, while still being able to 1hit infantry, having decent splash damage etc.
  18. MotionBlured

    No rocket has "decent" splash damage. Dumbfires don't have a proximity lock on to aircraft, and how much damage will you're one dumbfire do if you miss?

    Do you even know what the damage difference is?
  19. Golconda

    do you even know what an AA rocket launcher is? It has lock on lol, do you think you miss more or less than coyote? And concerning damage, 2 clips of striker leaves a schyte in flames, exactly as 2 grounder rockets.
  20. Ronin Oni


    Very very VERY few G2A's hit me in an ESF. Those that do never hit me more than once. The only time I ever die is if there's a pack of them and my flares were on cooldown AND I was unable to get something between me and them to stop them from achiving full lock.

    They're great at deterring... terrible at killing.

    Coyote style won't give the warning. I'm already thinking that coming in to make a strafe attack and getting a face full of striker rounds from multiple enemies is going to be particularly dangerous. I could also see them being used against Libs and Gals effectively, but we'll see with use.

    In any case, reverting is not the answer. Pushing forward with changes to make it fit better is the answer. To that end I'm not yet prepared to comment and won't be until I've had the changes in my hand for a couple days and get some solid real use out of it in the field.