Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Borsty

    Nice to hear that I'm not the only one who feels that way. Let's see what SOE decides to do. They can't honestly thing themselves the situation is acceptable. Once they see the statistics of the Striker how it is ingame now, they will realize at the latest needs to be done.
  2. Tanelorn

    - note - Original thread closed for including links to other threads. This thread will not include cross-posts.

    As Higby himself has asked the community to test and provide feedback on the new Striker, here is a feedback thread for us all to post in. There are several Striker threads already but all are titled and begin with the OP's agenda. This is a bias-free general feedback thread (at least it will begin that way).

    Higby Pls Twitch Broadcast Oct 1
  3. abaddun

    Increase the magazine size to 20. Increase rate of fire to 550-600 RPM and automatic fire type. Keep the damage profile.Enable homing capability on land vehicles if possible. Increase velocity to 250 KPH. Increase reload speed to 5.5/6.

    You now have have a launcher with very distinct traits that set it apart from the phoenix and lancer. Whilst the alpha damage is low, the large clip and high rate of fire fall in line with TRs weapon trait of high DPS.
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  4. Villanuk

    I get your point, i do feel the damage must go up to some extent to make it worth while using. A normal launcher deals a 1000, so although i get it may not need to be that high, its needs a little more punch.
  5. Villanuk

    Good Point.
  6. OldMaster80

    Same here, I bought it with SC and it's the second time they nerf it. This time is total crap but everyone knew it would end like this, there were tons of post of rants on the PTS forum.
    I wonder what they hell did they expect from a weapon that cannot even destroy a basic Flash with a full clip of rockets. That's ridicolous and PTS forum told the devs clearly.
    But that's the new SOE trend: they introduce extremely underperforming items now, and they buff them later if needed. See the new ZOE, the Spiker, the Valkyrie (still pretty poo even if buffed) and now the Striker.

    Personally I don't spend money in weapons anymore.
  7. Villanuk

    I must admit, it certainly offers the TR trait, good idea, i would take that.
  8. Warnarl

    The results of the change to the striker:

    Only viable vs hover-bombing esfs, esf/air coming straight at you, and in groups of 3-5+ players to make a kill on a single target.

    What are the problems?:

    1. The 10m radius detection is great for a esf that can chase aircraft and keep on target. Terrible for infantry that are stuck on the ground and can not keep up with any air. The lead is soo long and aircraft can turn on a dime and even gals can avoid the shots.
    2. The Aim Accuracy is a bad balance decision. 0.5/1/0.5/1/2 for Striker vs 0.1/1/0.1/1/2 for every other rocket/missile launcher.
    3. The dmg per missile (100) and total dmg possible (500) is not affective enough to out-way the risk of being everyone favorite heavy target.

    So what needs to be done?

    -Increase missile heat detection from 10m radius to 30m radius.
    Striker missile will actually hit moving aircraft not hovering or coming straight at you.
    -Change Aim Accuracy from 0.5/1/0.5/1/2 to 0.25/1/0.25/1/2.
    While it does need to be less accurate than the other launcher do to multiple firings. However making it 5x less accurate is terrible balancing.
    -Increase DMG per Missile from 100dmg to 240dmg, 1200dmg total.
    Even when all the missile hits the target, it does not do enough dmg to warrant the risk of focusing on a target and becoming the best sniper target for every enemy to shoot! By making the missiles do 240dmg each, 1200dmg total, gives enough dmg reward to warrant the risks of using the Striker. At the same time 1200dmg sound like a lot, however thats if the Striker user hits every shot which is unlikely most of the time. Even with the 30m radius increase to detection, probably most of the time will hit 3-4 missiles on a target on average per clip.
    -If changes are too powerful purposed above, just reduce the Indirect dmg before 2m from 50dmg to 20dmg
    It is a valid concern that players would abuse the striker to attack infantry. But its not enough dmg instant nor does have enough rat of fire to be a thrat in an infantry fight. However if it does turn out to be abused in this regard vs infantry, then by all means reduce the indirect dmg.

    I know that the devs are carefully watching the striker and they think its balance from the data they have been using. But the data used is not enough and the striker is worthless to rely on even for what its suppose to made for vs air. By making these purpose changes it will make the striker both viable and balanced.
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  9. Huishe

    Get rid of drop OR buff the speed
    Get rid of spread
    Give it coyote locking to vehicles
    Maybe a damage buff?

    That's it, it's now in the same niche the lancer is. Maybe a bit worse, but still useful and in a niche.

    Right now it's uselesss. I want a refund.
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  10. Warnarl

    Coyotes comparison with the striker ends with their shared mechanic. They are both weapons that have similar roles but there are some huge differences that makes it impossible to balance one another vs each-other.

    -6 missile per clip vs 5 per clip for stiker
    -The esf can keep up with other aircraft to stay on top of them.
    -Reload and ammo capacity can be increase without sacrificing defenses of the aircraft.

    -Heavy has to aim from the ground and can not follow an air target on foot. Even in a rumble seat its not as easy to stay on target as a coyote esf.
    -Its long reload time is .6s longer than the coyotes
    -1 less missile per clip
    -can not upgrade reload speed
    -ammo capacity per clip upgrade is no where near the coyotes.
    -While firing the missiles makes you the sniper target of every enemy in the area.

    So you see, its impossible to try balancing the 2 together when they are used so differently. While they do have the same mechanic for locking onto aircraft, the roles they fill and what they can do are too radically different to compare beyond what they only share.
  11. Ranik

    Some issues for you guys. Buffing the velocity too much will cause it to be a nightmare vs air since it will now have high speed AND homing.

    Leave velocity out of it.

    What we need to look at are

    Homing radius vs Air.

    Homing vs Ground.


    Rate of fire (aka 3 seconds to actually shoot the thing.)

    Magazine size.
  12. Ztiller

    That would make the Striker insanely overpowered. It currently have a RoF of ~120. Giving it a 20-round mag and that RoF would let it literally kill a ESF in 1 second, or a MAX in less than a second.
  13. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I've spoken about the Strikers AV damage in another thread but I'll do it here as well.

    The maximum damage it should do is set an unimproved Flash on fire to the point where it will explode before you are done reloading, or should kill a flash in one clip. What the listed damage is is irrelevant. Lancer's and Phoenix's can't kill infantry with one clip and neither should the Striker. What they can do is kill a Flash in either one hit or set it on fire to the point where it's dead before you're done reloading.

    Remember, the Lancer and Phoenix isn't that good when just one is used, it's only when they're massed that everyone complains about them.

    Buffing the velocity to 4-500 and having it lock onto both ground and air vehicles would put it in a sweet spot between the Lancer's high velocity but low damage unless charged function, and the Phoenix's high alpha but low velocity and TV guidance function. The Striker would be a medium damage, medium velocity launcher where the benefit is that you have to just get close to the target before the lock-on take care of the rest.
  14. Gypsycream

    ^This. So, so much this.
  15. Warnarl

    if you could actually hit a moving aircraft or not one comming straight at you.
  16. Borsty

    Although I can see the point of moving my thread to a different forum and changing the headline, I think proper forum-moderator behaviour would be to edit that information into the first posting.
    Don't just move and edit people's postings without making that clear to everyone. That like making up quotations!
  17. Warnarl

    except lancer and phoenix dont have the sever downsides of the striker. The slow rof and multi-missile firemeans it makes you a sniper target of every enemy in the area. As well as a phoenix you can fire from a spawn room or behind cover and hit a target reliably in its range. While a lancer can be multi fired or charged fired up and dont have to stay in the open very long as you have to with a striker.
  18. NoctD

    Personally all I think the Striker needs at this point is to simply retain its new operation mode, but to have its old damage model restored.

    That's what SOE should have done to begin with, and then tweak if needed based on if it was too effective or not. Instead, they obviously changed its resist type, damage model, etc.
  19. Ransurian

    I'm not sure what data they've been using, but common sense dictates that the weapon's abysmal DPS, inaccuracy, projectile velocity, and user exposure time is all going to invariably translate into an abysmal weapon. The weapon's stats are just plain awful, and they need to be improved -- particularly its damage and overall TTK against vehicles. Alternatively, giving the weapon a lock-on functionality against ground vehicles while buffing its velocity would make it much more useful, as well.
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  20. Ranik

    When it comes down to it the new Striker is neither interesting nor practical. It needs to lean heavily towards one or the other or moderately towards both.

    Interesting means ground homing and better AA homing but only small considerations to damage and RoF.


    Practical means more damage vs ground and a much better fire rate so you aren't a sitting duck for 3 solid seconds.