Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Tuco

    When all infantry run the same speed, carry the same amount of ammo, pilot all the same vehicles, there aren't very many tactical niche's to fill. The only variable left to make something "unique" is DPS.

    There can be only 1 "unique" dumbfire weapon.
  2. Ztiller

    Not sure if serous...

    That doesn't mean the Magrider is good at killing vehicles. Actually the opposite.

    If i said that "The Striker is actually really good right now, because you always have a squad using it together" you would call me an idiot.

    The Magrider is used with 2 people so frequently because of how weak it is when used alone, and having 2 people is the only chance the VS have to get tanks on the battlefield.
  3. Tuco

    I tihnk they were trying to buff it, not nerf it.
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  4. NC_agent00kevin

    So basically, what TR wants here is an ESRL that can kill targets in a short amount of time all alone.

    Heres a secret:

    The Phoenix and Lancer cant do that either; unless the driver is afk and sits still for several hours while you chip away at it.

    The ESRLs are all best used as a squad. If you dont want to use them with at least one other guy, prepare for disappointment. Sure, it might need some adjustments - but you should never expect it to be a weapon that is effective when using it solo.
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  5. Imperialguardsman

    They tried to buff this I guess, change its role I suppose... well it didn't work. It doesn't have the rate of fire to be useful enough as a close range AA weapon nor does it have the rate of fire to kill tanks fast enough. I say add an auto mode to it and a slight, well lets be honest, a major fire rate increase considering the striker only does about the damage of one normal rocket per mag. The way it is now your more likely to be insta gibbed from a tank standing there like a silly person trying to get all 5 shots off quickly to damage the tank. In close range AA its okay but it does not shoot fast enough to be useful as close range AA. The old reddit/ forums stuff... I see wanted this to be a mini coyote... well it sure as heck didn't get the coyotes rof, but still got its reduced damage thus making it mediocre against everything outside the already damaged Anti-infantry esf.
  6. MaxDamage

    I would say delete, start again, but they just did that.
  7. DrBash00

    Why SOE can not just buff the ROF to like 500, leaving everything else like it is, so the (small) amount of dmg, would at least come as some burst...

    And just see... if its to powerfull, just turn it down again until it fits...
  8. BarxBaron

    Lancer and Pheonix make a difference even solo.

    Both cause pressure and have a decent niche.

    Striker has neither of these.

    BTW all rockets suck solo vs vehicles. Even the great deci takes 2-3 good reloads to put a dent in. A good tanker does not give you the chance. HA AV are always team weapons or used against vehicles that are already hurt. All vehicles die from multiple sources plinking them down, like they should.

    Stop using the "team up" argument. Even when teamed a group of grounders will ALWAYS be better then a group of new strikers.
    The same cannot be said of when comparing the pheonix (guided) or lancer (extreme ease of use + extreme range) to the NS/base rockets.
    Both of these have a use beyond the NS rockets unlike the current or OLD striker (annihilator was much better 95% of the time).
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  9. Keiichi58

    Interesting that you pick two videos for 'max' kills with the lancer, where the first one, the user took 4 shots to 'kill' a max. 4 shots to kill one ******** max player where two shots missed. The second one was a one hit, where you don't know the status of the MAX because the person was far out and lucked out on a hit. So this argument, you want to make as your proof this is 'not hard'?

    I'm sorry, but even statistically speaking, this is not going to be a strong enough argument and I even USE the damn lancer on targets. My hands are never that steady or lucky so you really can't argue this as a 'valid' point when even the FIRST video showed the guy had to luck out on 2 of his 4 shots against a MAX user who should have been taking cover to begin with. Easy would be anyone pulling it off, that is not the case there.

    And lastly... It is amazing, how you quote out of context and then, use a video of a PRE-NERF Phoenix to justify your argument when the phoenix was nerfed to make it harder to use against infantry. Even the video states 'Pre-nerf Phoenix vs Infantry' when I am talking about the CURRENT Phoenix which you are arguing at the moment for the sake of use against MAX armors. And Even from that video, positioning is key where he is not firing in Medium range, but in a valley near the Regeant Rock Base over the ridge to where the trees are East of Regeant Rock.
  10. Bingabong

    I'm not sure it's possible to be constructive about what you devs have done to the Striker, considering how destructive you have been. I can't see how this got past any kind of quality testing. It's a virtually useless weapon. For the missiles to "lock on" you have to actually hit the thing you're trying to hit. So it's effectively a rubbish dumbfire weapon. Moderate my message if you want but you devs seriously f**ked up and you deserve the criticism. I paid money for this weapon you have abitrarily made into a POS. Anything that can be bought should have the refund option if you so dramatically change it. It's nothing like the item you sold me. Return it to the state it was when you sold it me you con-artists.
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  11. Mxiter

    Lancer videos: Try to hit a max at those range with any other launcher with less than 2 rockets (50% accuracy like in the video): it's just impossible to do ,especially with the striker that have a crazy COF.
    It's even easier to do it with a lancer than with a laser guided AV mana turret.

    Phoenix video: It's AI damages were nerfed, not it's max damages nor it's maneuvrability. And last time i checked, a max move slower than an infantry.
    An other one:

    imagine that the target is a max (wich dies in 2 rockets) do you think it's as easy to hit it at those range with an other RL??

    Both of those weapons are the only infantry weapons with the AV mana turret (wich makes you a fragile & immobile target) that are able to fight back reliably a 2nd gen AV max at range.

    But the TR already sucks at ranged AV-Anti maxes with the fractures (comparatively the the vortexes/raven) why would they need a long range AV-Anti max RL?? They just have to use AV mana turrets and be instagibbed by lancer, phoenix, comets, vortexes, ravens, tanks shells and so.

    As said previously, i don't care to be able to hit aricrafts with the stiker: the Grounder and Annhi do the job just fine.

    What i want is the same ability than NC/VS on my ESRL and with a close efficiency, whatever the mechanincs involved. (Even if they reduce AI damages like they did with the lancer & the Phoenix to don't compete with snipers rifles).
  12. Alan Kalane

    People complain about the striker not being unique enough...
    But what would you give to it to fill the TR trait? Remember it has to be light on the game performance.
    Other than the "uniqness" it's just a matter of changing some numbers on the weapon to make it balanced. Every weapon can be balanced in a specific environment just by changing it's stats. I think they are going to buff it really slowly untill they reach a level where it's competitive against the other launchers (unless they abandon it like they did with ZoE)
  13. MotionBlured

    It's unique and more fun, now it needs some buffs to make it competitive and useful.
  14. Rivenshield

    Frig you, OP. After ten years in the original game and two years in this one they just took my Striker away from me. It's ALWAYS been a lockon weapon.
  15. Mxiter

    5 phoenix or 7 lancer user can instagib a vehicles at 300m.

    If 7 strikers users aim a vehicle at 300m maybe 5 rockets will hit it wich deals less damages than a single phoenix/lancer shot.

    an uncharged lancer shot deals more damages than a striker shot, the lancer have also better velocity and more shots per mag and both are terribly inaccurate.

    TLDR: a single lancer user is more effective than 2 stikers users.

    What the stiker needs is a serious COF reduction (certainly a total removal), an high velocity buff (at least twice to reach 350-400m/s) an AI efficiency reduction (like they did with the lancer & the nix wich have damages multipliers against vehicles) and eventually an AV damage buff to compete with the nix and the lancer.

    It would rvrntually become more effective than a single fracture, but arn't the phoenix and the lancer more effectie than a single vortex/raven?? Yes they are and by a large magrin.
  16. MotionBlured

    So lancers and Phoenix users have perfect aim, but striker users are all missing 1 eye, and legally blind in the other? That doesn't seem fair.

    And lets not forget, the range on a phoenix is closer to 270m.
  17. Mxiter

    Isn't Phoenix range 295m??

    It's not hard to reach 40% accuracy with phoenix and Lancer.

    If you succed to hit an immobile vehicle with the striker at 150m in full auto with 3 rockets: go play to the lotty and you'll become rich.
  18. MotionBlured

    I wasn't aware the striker had full auto, and maybe you should learn some trigger discipline.
  19. BarxBaron

    One of them is camera guided.

    One of them has 600m/s to 800m/s dependant on charge level.

    Two of these are not like the other third, which is 180m/s and needs all 5 to hit to do anything decently.
    One of these three things need more skill then the others. Where is the benefit?

    Stop being trollish.....I swear.
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  20. Mxiter

    Because lancer users uses trigger discipline with uncharged shots?

    The striker have already the worst DPS at max ROF and already have the longest exposure time (wich makes them the most vulnerable).

    Asking to spend 1 sec between each shot to reset the COF?? ok if the stiker deals 750 damages per shot.

    Or... we can also reduce phoenix velocity by 50% and increase the lancer charge time by 50% to keep them balanced with the striker.

    Deal? :D

    Edit: well it would still be more effective than actual striker since the striker main issue isn't the pathetic DPS/DOT, but the unability to hit anything reliably.