Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. dBus

    The fact that it can fire 3 missiles before the Grounder can get a lock becomes it's advantage. It is able to finish off injured vehicles quickly, and get locks on vehicles that other lock-ons can not.

    For example, you could just keep popping your head out of a window and popping off rockets, or get that really fast moving ESF that is on smoking health.

    It will end up being much easier to hit vehicles with SOME of the rockets. You might not be able to hit them with all, but you will at least be able to do damage where a Grounder wouldn't have time to lock on.
  2. Chrispin

    ...and at the same time be half as threatening because the damage and hit chance of the rockets are both so disparagingly low.

    I would love to just "pop my head out of a window and pop off rockets" if it were half as accurate or had half as much alpha damage as a Lancer, but it doesn't. Also hitting a "really fast moving ESF" is exactly what the Striker's weakness is, so you can go ahead and discount that as one of its uses.
  3. Tatwi

    Reading this I honestly wonder if you've actually tried to use this weapon since the change. Personally, I couldn't hit aircraft that lazily sauntered by at reasonably close range, let alone have a rocket catch up to an ESF that was flying away. Not trying to be rude or anything, but those things frankly didn't work at all in my experience.

    Also, who cares about finishing off a vehicle? Any of the existing launchers can already do the same thing.

    Finally, hitting a vehicle with SOME of the rockets does practically no damage. In all cases you're entirely better off using something else, be it an Engineer turret or a Burster MAX or one of the other rocket launchers. Even an Anti Vehicle Grenade is better than the Striker...

    Again, not trying to be rude. I just don't see your justifications for the weapons usefulness as being within the bounds of reason.
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  4. Degenatron

    Um, yea, it does. I've used it.
  5. Archiadus

    You'd better stop using those cheats right now then because:

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  6. Shaggath

    it's simple change striker to make something who give a tool to deal against mag ppa.
    Dumbfire are avoid.
    Lock are stop by speed and little rock you can see 80 % of a mag and loose a lock.
    And try a c4 against a ppa with radar it's really a bad idea.

    At opposite prowler can be easely destroy with a simple dumb fire i don't talk about lancer because i see the light but never the launcher.
    This is balance you take a tank you give the better avoidance and you give the more powerful ia weapon for cqc mid long range.

    Normally when we try to balance an asymetric gameplay you can give something powerful to one faction but you also need to give a counter to other faction.

    My weapon actually against mag is to put a smoke and put mine and pray to have and idiot in front of me.

    The solution is to kidnap higby and force them to play tr for a week.
    Stuck with a ha against a mag for a week perhaps he can understand the frustation.
  7. Shaggath

  8. Ztiller

    The Striker was as OP as the old ZOE before that, so i can completely see why a TR would think it was such a great thing.

    YOu have just forfeit any right to complain about other factions OP weapons.
  9. Keiichi58

    Actually, it is only 1 NS Rocket Launcher. The Empires have 2 specific infantry Lockon weapons, a Ground Vehicle and an Air Vehicle lockon launcher. Add to the Air having 1 Air to Air lockon based weapon, then the Coyote type weapons on the Lib and the ESFs. The Striker, for intents and purposes, was basically what the Annihilator was modelled after, however, they screwed up on the Lockon mechnics for the Striker that made it not quite 'right'. At the same time, in Planetside 1, there was no 'look down' mechanic.

    The original Striker was, for all intents and purposes a lockon weapon that targeted air, ground and MAX armors. It was 3 missile clip which changed to 5 and later, a secondary firing mode to fire it without it trying to lock onto a target. A little after the 3 missile to 5 missile change, it was also changed so that it would not track targets unless it had a lockon to begin with.

    The Striker, as it is now, is not exactly correct for all intents and purposes. It should have been allowed to be 'hip fired', with a very weak anti-infantry component so it can't be used as an anti-infantry spamming weapon. The lockon ability was fine for what it did because the flares/smoke can mitigate the issue and the fact the tracking methodology is not was crazy when it first came out was an improvement.

    The Coyote method would only be decent if it had a broader lockon 'latch' than the air or making the round a much more 'harder hitting' round. But in all honesty, making it hit harder is a bad idea.
  10. Keiichi58

    Any TR player knows better than to attack a MAX with the Striker, they use decimators or the ML-7. The Striker is better than the grounder or the skep in some cases where ammo on the run, plus when doing Anti-Vehicle hunting, you can't switch between the Grounder or the Skep for long range engagements because Grounders only work against air, tanks only at short range. Skeps only work well against ground vehicles at most ranges, a luck shot with air.

    Annihilators are fine, however, the ammo reserve becomes the issue. Strikers, while annoying with the maintain lock, the benefit is firing off 1 round and it flared off, you still have 1-4 left to reacquire and fire or switch and fire at. When you spent a round that won't do anything, you still have opportunity to do damage to another target without the additional wasted time for a reload.

    At the same time, you cite the effectiveness of a phoenix and lancer over a MAX. Which is great, except a couple of flaws in the argument.

    A phoenix round does not 'turn on a dime' at times when you want to hit a max unit. You can miss a max.

    A Lancer must actually 'hit' its target. The Lancer is not easy to hit smaller targets, otherwise, it would be a good sniping weapon, which it was tuned NOT to be against targets smaller than MBT/Sunderers unless you are at much closer ranges, and even then, the preferences among most players is not to try and snap shot a phoenix, let alone a lancer, at a MAX, but to use a Decimator, or the ES default dumbfire weapon as a heavy, or throw an AV grenade and hope it hurts like hell.
  11. MahouFairy

    HAHAHAHA OP are you kidding me?

    Sure, when it came out it was OP, just like the NC Phoenix before.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the chance to feel its "OPness" because it got nerfed hard even before I bought it, and a few months later (now) it got "nerfed" again.

    Unlike other lock on launchers, the Striker has no "fire and forget" function, and the lock on time took much longer than the Annihilator or the other lock ons. And guess what, I could still cope with this severely nerfed Striker. In fact, I was hoping to see a some dumb Lib or ESF pilot trying to get close and perform a gun run on me. The problem now, is that the lock on function got removed, which defeats the purpose of me spending a hard earned 1000 certs on a lock on. Therefore, I don't actually consider this a nerf, but rather, trade of my original weapon for a different downgraded weapon that happens to have the same name as my old one.

    So was it OP when I used it? Pretty not. It was a rare sight for any TR to use it by the time I bought one, and the 5 shiny mini damage rockets emerging from my position was like "HEY VS/ NC ESF LOSER, TRY AND BOMB ME IF YOU CAN", which they often did.

    And I don't complain about other fractions having seemingly OP weapons. I counter them like a smart player using superior tactics. :)
  12. Keiichi58

    The Striker, at the moment, is slightly worse than the Fracture. And it is even worst than the Grounder when it comes to trying to hit an Aircraft. 3 missiles in the air before the grounder can lock onto something is assuming 3 missiles are fired and they are close enough to track the target in question, which is not the case. They are even WORSE than a burster user who has no clue how to lead a target because you can't see or judge how to lead to make sure the missile will latch onto the target because it has both a gravity 'drop' until it finds something to lockon to. Unlike the air units where you can get in close to make use of such things, ground pounders have a hard enough time with only 5 shots at a hope to get one hit.
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  13. Mexican Avenger

    In all honesty i saw absolutely nothing wrong with the previous striker. why did they change it anyways? It was balanced, Perhaps slower reload would have been a better choice to nerf.
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  14. Ronin Oni

    ... Are you a Tanker or a pilot? Cause I thought you were a Tanker, and the Striker now is just flat out worse against tanks.

    It makes dealing damage to A2G low flying esf's easier than with a dumb fire, and more reliably than a lockon when they're in close...

    but they don't seem terribly effective at actually killing, just scaring off.

    Anytime you could kill them, you could have prolly hit them with a dumbfire which OHKs anyways.

    It needs some serious looking at.
  15. AdmiralArcher

    actually the magrider is really good at killing vehicles because they are almost always driven with 2 people.

    the striker right now needs a 10 round mag and it needs to be automatic........Muh fingers hurt :/
  16. Vixxing

    But are fired from 350/450 cost vehicles... (infantry is free you know?)
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  17. OldMaster80

    It's now more versatile than before as it has dumbfire, but it's totally useless. Not only damage dealt is too low (100hp per rocket is completely stupid) but hitting targets is extremely hard. Rockets are too slow, and bullet drop too heavy. Personally I can barely hit a Magrider from 40-50 mts, while Flashes, Harassers and ESF are next to impossible to hit.
  18. Mxiter

  19. Archiadus

    Sadly they even nerfed that, now when you hit one they activate fire suppression, turn around and gib you.
  20. Borsty

    Since not much new is added here now, I'd say our (the players') part is done. Your move SOE. Show us you listened this time!