Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Tuco

    How about get rid of the NS lockons, get rid of flares, and bring back the old striker with a Damage nerf.

    Tadaaa, balanced like it was in PS1.
  2. Tuco

    Those 3 NS lock-on rocket launchers (and the flares on vehicles/aircraft that came with it) totally threw out the balance that existed in PS1 between the lancer, phoenix, striker.
  3. LenaQuin

    Why we dont like it? Because it´s useless.

    - Heat seeking only for aircraft indicates that its main use should be against aircraft. But the radius of it is so small that it doesnt even help much.
    - If you can predict the movement of a vehicle by around 0,5seconds it will have an effective range of about 90m given the horrible muzzle velocity and bullet drop.
    - Low damage against anything makes it pretty useless against anything. It is a high risk (exposure time), zero reward weapon. Just give us back our certs and delete this weapon. I rather have 1000 certs and no ESRL at all.

    Did a single developer actually try this weapon even once? Maybe they should tell the players what role it is supposed to fulfill.
    Using this striker feels like a BASR with 12x scope but 100m/s muzzle velocity that needs a full magazine to kill something.
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  4. CorporalClegg

    Fun concept, needs a buff. Not enough damage output, and the damage you can dish out is high risk damage as it requires long exposure. This would be fine if it were higher damage like the striker used to have. Needs a damage buff or double the magazine. Velocity could use some help too.
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  5. Peebuddy

    God, this all started because they changed the striker to require a constant lock. That's what it all boils down too.

    First introduced it was OP, then its damage was nerfed, then they removed the fire and forget mechanics EVERY OTHER LOCK ON HAS, then people stopped using it, then they tried to put a spin on the weapon using the new coyote coding, and now we have the PoS RL we have today.

    It can still be salvaged! It had TWO god damn modes in PS1, bring back the lock on striker with a coyote dumb-fire secondary mode.
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  6. iller

    Feedback: The lockon time would be the problem from my perspective.

    This thing should really be a "Soft Counter" to Harassers when coordinated fire is utilized by multiple players. People have probably been arguing over the damage and nothing else. But I'd raise the bigger point that a weapon that can't hit anything does basically ZERO damage. So fix that part of it first. Increase its DPS by letting it lockon to ground sooner and then tweak the damage later if it's still not seeing enough coordinated use.
  7. dBus

    Um guys.

    Why don't you just do this...

    ASP-30 Grounder

    Max Damage: 1000
    Magazine Size: 1
    Time to lock: Standard

    T2 Striker

    Max Damage: 200
    Magazine Size: 5
    Time to lock: Six times faster than normal. You don't have to maintain lock, but you do have to re-lock for every missile you fire. 0.2 second delay before the next lock begins.

    So, this way the Striker actually has a use. It can lock and start firing way before the other launchers. By the time a normal launcher would be ready to fire one missile, the Striker would have already fired 3 in the air. Less than a second later, all 5 missiles would be in the air, all independently tracking the target.

    Advantage: Extremely fast lock time. Can hit targets that appear only momentarily. Can land all missiles without too much difficulty, as total lock time for all 5 missiles is not much greater than a single launcher.
    Disadvantage: All missiles have to hit to do the same amount of damage. Lock on only, can not be dumb fired.

    Note: Vehicle Stealth will have a correspondingly weaker effect on a Striker. For example, with maximum Vehicle Stealth, a normal lockon launcher gains 1 second to lockon time. However, a Striker will only gain 0.2 of a second per missile lock. Total time for the entire magazine will be increased by 1 second. Not per missile.
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  8. Geneaux

    Under those conditions, I can still hear the NC screaming 'OP'. To be fair, that lock-on speed is quite a bit much. Fun but 'tu madre'.
  9. dBus

    The DPS for the Striker will still actually be lower than the Grounder, because it still wont be able to fire all 5 missiles in the time it takes for the grounder to fire 1. And you have to hit with all 5 missiles to do the same amount of damage.

    The advantage will be in picking off weak vehicles, or ones that only pop out of cover for a moment.

    IMO, it's actually very balanced. Provides advantages and disadvantages.
  10. Crayv

    The new mechanic is a step in the right direction but right now it needs either a large buff to either velocity or damage.

    It really depends on what the Striker should be. A long range launcher that is able to threaten air and ground alike. Or a close range powerhouse that will make tanks and aircraft think twice before getting close to a group of TR infantry.
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  11. tahn1000

    well, i think the HAVE nerfed my t32. it's 'cone of fire' is out of control now. i've had enough. time to look for a game where the paying player feels a little bit respected.
  12. Mxiter

    The striker don't needs lock-on mechanics.

    It needs enouth velocity and damages per volley to kill reliably a max @ 300m in 2 volleyrs and hit average moving vehicles at this range if 6-7 guys focus it.

    OP?? it's what the phoenix and the lancer does.

    It needs a twice faster velocity, COF buff and decentdamages against maxes and vehicles. ( modify the vehicles and maxes resitances for it, like with the poenix and the lancer in order to don't far infantries)


    Increase by 50% it's velocity, 25% it's damages(resistances tweaks again), remove the COF and incrase it's ammo capacity (mag size and ammo carrying)

    ESRL are supposed to be long range AV/Amaxes, decent at AA (Phoenix deals mazing damages and lancer is a stong deterrant).
    I just hope that the striker would be bale to get the same abilities.
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  13. MostlySilent

    What people expected: Higher sustained damage, lower TTK, vs vehicles than dumb fires in exchange for constant exposure of yourself. (Risk vs reward)

    What was delivered: Inaccurate launcher with coyote mechanic that only works against aircraft, but is impractical or outperformed in any situation, including against aircraft.

    How to fix it: Double rate of fire (Fix rate of fire bug pls) reduce damage by probably something near 50% very large increase in magazine size. More rockets makes it feel more satisfying while maintaining the same firing DPS, larger (over double) would allow for higher sustained damage while sacrificing opportunity shots. This makes it better in situations for suppressing enemy vehicles, destroying deployed sunderers, or really any time you can sacrifice safety for raw damage output. However, it's not a flat upgrade because you have to expose yourself for longer, so it's worse in situations where enemy vehicles are actively attempting to stop you.
  14. MotionBlured

    It's mag size makes it difficult to use against air. It's velocity makes it difficult to use against everything. And it's damage is "meh".
  15. Tyshon

    Then you would be much better of using ASP-30 Grounder. You would only need to score one hit instead of 5 to do the same damage. That's why the total damage has to be higher because its harder to hit moving targets 5 times even with lock on. Enemies have time to move behind cover.
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  16. Rivenshield

    I just now logged on to see what the hullabaloo was about. I was about ready to nerdrage-quit when the client crashed.

    This isn't the Striker. It's a DIFFERENT HIGBY WEAPON. It's a longer-ranged Rocklet gun. I cannot grit my teeth, put that reticle on an elusive target -- Scythes, buggies, etc. -- show some fire discipline when I get hit, and hassle them with my MIRVed mini-missile launcher any more, and score the occasional joyous kill. I cannot group together with my fellow grunts to form a small bipedal missile complex and rain hate from the heights into the valley. I cannot warn off marauding enemy fighters by pointing my launcher at them so that they hear that ominous 'tink, tink' tink.' I review the countless chokepoints I've defended with that weapon and realize that enemy armor can simply sail right through and up to me, and I can do very little about it.

    This isn't balancing. It isn't even a nerf. It's spittle in my face. It's a kick in the Republic's crotch. It strips us of our ability to use good teamplay. It cheats those of us that paid good money for it. Why was it okay -- with various corrections -- in its original form -- for TWO BLOODY FREAKING YEARS and now all of a sudden it's a problem?

    Frig you people. And frig the idiot with his graphs and dots who thought this was a good idea. I quit.
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  17. Tyshon

    T2 Striker weapon is anti-vehicle and anti-aircraft. Not anti-Max, get that out of your head.
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  18. Tyshon

    Best comment all day!
  19. Mxiter

    The why the lancer and the Phoenix have the same purpose than the sriker but are also amazingly effective against maxes at range??

    You know that the striker is actually less effective than decimator and ML-7 at AA right?
    Why should the striker be effective at AA while the G2A and annhi do the job just well?

    what TR launcher can hit reliably a max past 75-100m?

    ever head about balance?

    I and some TR don't care to reliably be able to hit aircrafts with our ESRL sine we have others weapons for that role, we just ask to be able to do what NC/VS does to have a chance to fight back.
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  20. Tatwi

    Constructive Feedback:

    This was not at all what I meant when I posted that thread about rocket launchers in beta. Thanks for the effort though.

    • Rockets are too slow. I could throw the launcher at something faster than those things fly.
    • They don't home in on anything even when they do manage to get close to a vehicle.
    • The damage per rocket is, quite honestly, a joke.
    • The firing rate is astonishingly slow.
    There is no reason to use this weapon, at all. Ever. Good job, SOE. Good job.
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