Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. cruczi

    How is the video "theoretical"? It shows how long it actually takes to kill the target. Theoretical would be a number calculated from stats.

    I mentioned point one in my previous post. Point two is debatable, I'm pretty sure hipfire COF is a consideration on both other rocket launchers and on pistols.

    Whaaaa-? I think the absolute opposite. Are you sure you're replying to the right person..?

  2. Huishe

    Can you please compare raw dps somewhere else? It doesn't matter anyway because striker isn't supposed to be dumbfire sidegrade.
  3. MaRyuu

    did you try holding mouse button until it fires?
    1 click - fire
    2 click+hold - wait till it fires, repeat
  4. cruczi

    What is it supposed to be, in your opinion?
  5. Huishe

    ESRL with unique properties and a clear niche that has its uses more often than not. Preferably AV, since AI RL is not something soe will ever do and anti air is too situational.
  6. cruczi

    I was thinking more specifically. Obviously, if it's not a dumbfire sidegrade, then it has some other role that makes it unique. But what role?
  7. Zotamedu

    How is theoretical ever remotely relevant when actual "real life" data is available?
  8. Zotamedu

    If you hold the mouse button, the striker will fire one and only one rocket. It will not fire a second rocket until you release the button and press it again.
  9. MaRyuu

    I meant for second shot you hold your 2nd click until it fires
  10. Huishe

    I already posted one suggestion on the previous page, i think. Coyote vs vehicles + no drop + speed for long range AV like lancer, but trading accuracy and speed for DAKKA. Balanced right (i know i know), it would still have same long range av dps as lancer. Or wire guided **** for the same thing. There could be other ideas for long range AV, for mid range, for short range AV (however it's not a good idea to have this i think, goes against the idea to work in groups). It's soe's job to think of a good mechanics actually.

    OH WAIT I KNOW. Give striker a lockdown.
  11. AlexR

    The main problem with striker is not its stats. Yes, maybe striker is terrible now. Damage, lockon mechanics, everything is bad. But that's not a problem at all! You know there are some things in game which i don't like, or can't use right, or don't understand how to or maybe 10+ reasons more why they are not for me. And i'm okay with that because they are not in my loadaut, not certed not even bought. The striker. Il iked it so that was the reason i spent 1000 certs. What happened now is that it was changed into completely different weapon, not even close to what i liked. I'm okay with a lot of buffs\nerfs because they were just adjustments to things and some things really need to be adjusted. Okay. But striker was fully changed into something i would never want to have. All stats, mechanics, everything in this weapon is like from another non existent striker from somewhere so the only thing i have from my old bought item is its name. That is just not right, gentlemen. Its like you buy a microvawe oven, then come home and after some time it will turn into a toaster. How do you think is that okay? I mean yeah, toasters are also good, and some people like them and need them, but i personally don't. That is not fair. Maybe it's not so bad in some cases, maybe some people will love that striker, but not me.
    What i'm trying to say? I'm trying to say that it would be nice from SOE to refund that. That's it. Main word is nice. Don't you like to be nice? There might be an option for every striker owner to make a decision: Do i need it or not? If not, then just press [return to shop] button, if yes, then okay sir, go play and enjoy. Fair enough. That's all we need now. When it just came out we could decide is that for us or not. Why would not do that again? Actually it would be even better if after every global patch which changes things we could choose yes\no on every changed weapon. Simple but nice isn't it? Return certs\sc or even just trade it on an item with the same price so you will stay on the same place from economical angle. That's it. Be nice.
  12. cruczi

    Let me ask again. How is the video theoretical?
  13. Zotamedu

    I have found it! After I did a little TTK experiment in the VR I have found the niche for the new Striker.

    First off the results of my little experiment. These are rockets needed and meassured time to kill a Magrider from the side. I choose the Magrider because it was closest to a terminal in VR.

    Striker: 23 rockets and 37 seconds
    Decimator: 5 rockets and 27 seconds
    ML-7: 6 rockets and 30 seconds
    Grounder: 7 rockets and 37 seconds

    So here we have it. Why would anyone pick a Striker over any other launcher with those numbers? A nest would be much better off with just Grounders. Same TTK and the ability to actually hit air. But there is one magic number in there and that's 23 rockets. The stock ammo pool for the Striker is 25 so it's the only launcher that can theoretically kill a Magrider without having to resupply or use an upgrade to increase the number of rockets. So its niche is soloing abandoned vehicles without having to give up the nanoweave or flak armour. You can not use C4 either. The Magrider needs to be abandoned because that's the only way you can stand there and pound it for 37 seconds. As soon as you start bringing extra rockets, the niche is gone. Or two bricks of C4 for that matter. The vehicles also need to be placed so you cannot easily reach the rear.

    So it has a niche, it's a completely unrealistic and useless niche but apparently its there.
  14. AlexR

    i lol'd :D
  15. The_Blazing

    Lancer trails not being visible is a rendering problem (trails not being visible if the shooter is not) that has been around since launch, along with all othe rendering crap we still have today.

    Still, I do agree that the Striker could use some changes. For starters, I'd give it much better accuracy than now, and possibly higher damage against some vehicles (namely tanks, Liberators and perhaps Galaxies, using custom resist values like the Lancer and Phoenix do).
  16. Ransurian

    It's usually far more difficult and dangerous to connect four to five rockets with the Striker than one Decimator rocket that can be popped off quickly from cover. Assuming all rockets connect, the Striker should deal the most damage out of any rocket launcher on a per-reload basis by a decent margin, since time spent being exposed to enemy fire while firing dinky, inaccurate rockets is time spent reloading for single-shot launchers. This is part of the reason why the Striker's overall TTK and performance is so poor -- its damage per magazine is completely unjustifiable when taking into consideration its other stats, namely its overall DPS against vehicles.

    So, yes, two full magazines of Striker ammo should cause a Vanguard to smoke if all rounds connect, assuming the weapon's stat profile in general is going to be kept the same. If the weapon's rate of fire ends up being increased alongside a velocity / accuracy buff, I'll be fine with its mediocre damage output. Otherwise, it needs to outperform other launchers on a per-reload basis by enough of a margin to justify the inherent downsides of having to connect multiple conventional rockets to a target as opposed to just one in a single reload.
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  17. Tommyp2006

    Consider how much has already been said about the striker, the only thing I'm going to say is what I said in game when the VS were laughing aboutnit. You know a weapon is terrible when it even your enemies complain about how bad it is.
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  18. RottenHeart

    they only need change the weapon's name to "T2 Scratcher"
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  19. Jube

    Ok you want constructive feedback. Tell us specifically what the Dev team is envisioning for the Striker. Then we will go out of our way to play the Striker in the manner you are envisioning to get you the data you want.
  20. Ranik

    I don't think they have any idea what they want. The devs have remained utterly silent on what it is supposed to be. Right now it's a supremely subpar AA launcher. If their intended goal was to make it an AA launcher they kind of decided to once again screw the TR out of unique mechanics by just giving us something that is essentially a grounder.

    The more I think about it the more I realize they need to make bold steps to make it unique rather than just an AA launcher.

    Screw it, introduce ground coyote mechanics and let's see what it looks like from there.