Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Aggressio

    Oh yeah, it's unique indeed :)

    And yesterday I was having so much fun with it :)

    I mean, it's so amazingly bad that it made me laugh...The joke that it is made me laugh when I tried to kill infantry with it. I was having time of my life not killing anyone. I did manage to kill one reaver with it (it was on fire and driving in direct line towards me at <20 meters). For hundred or so rockets fired that's pretty good, eh? :)

    But the joke starts to get old already. The thing is now completely useless. It makes pretty lights, but so do flare guns. Flare guns have the added bonus that they can kill people too.

    I hope someone does a duel video on Spiker and Striker to see which would win the Worst Weapon on Auraxis Award. I think most TR will know how to place their bets.
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  2. MahouFairy

    welcome to the club! I wonder which idiot complained so much about the old Striker to the point that it got totally became a troller weapon. I loved usind the old Striker against air despite the extended lock on time, but now I wish i bought the Annihilator instead.
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  3. MahouFairy

    Oh yeah i remember there was this video on youtube that compared the worst weapons from various FPS video games. I think we can nominate this weapon as well. :)

    On another note, it certainly wasn't worth investing 1000 certs on a joke weapon that I wouldn't even spend 100 on it
  4. xArchAngelx

    Constructive Feedback:

    1: Right now, the Muzzle velocity is too low. The Darts need to be bumped up to atleast 400m/s from the 180 it is now.
    2: The Damage right now is Laughable. You need to increase the Direct damage to 225 and the indirect to 50.
    3: The RoF needs to be autofired while holding the mouse button down.
    4: The Drop off needs to be extended.
    5: The Coyote Lock mechanic needs to be increased to atleast 30-40 meters from the edge of the plane.
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  5. tahn1000

    this is the most constructive i can manage - you did a bad, bad job (frowning on you but in a nice way)
  6. Chrispin

    It needs to home in on ground vehicles too. It just makes sense. It'll still be a higher-skill weapon than the Annihilator.
  7. trustedaid

    Who cares if it's bad? It's a FUN weapon to use, you said so yourself.

    Who cares if you can't get a kill. This is a game, the objective is to have FUN, not kill stuff.

    At least that's what the TR have been telling the VS whenever they ask for buffs to the Magrider or Lasher, for years now.
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  8. tahn1000

    the magrider never needed a buff. we don't have anything to damage it with anyway.
  9. cruczi

    Unfortunately, killing stuff is what makes the game fun.
  10. trustedaid

    But if killing stuff = fun...and the Lasher gets the least amount of kills and points of all the ESHW, then it MUST NOT be fun.

    At least given your argument. Therefore it needs a lot of buffs or the other two faction's weapons need nerfs to equalize the amount of fun they are.
  11. cruczi

    First off, no it doesn't mean it "must not be fun". If kills = fun, then a few kills is a little bit fun.

    Secondly I bet most people who have used all three ESHW's would agree the Lasher is not as much fun as the other two. Read: most, not all. There will of course be those who think Lasher is the best thing ever, but they are in the minority.
  12. Replay

    Wow you guys are harsh. Seriously, numbers can be adjusted really easily, but a different mechanic? That is hard to do. Up the travel speed and up the damage high enough and it will be everybody's favorite toy. Right now, its fun to shoot with. Is it effective? Not in the least, even en masse it would be worthless, the travel time and damage is abysmal, but that is just changing a few floats in the code, changing it to a dumbfire rapid fire rocket launcher with a potential heat seeking if your aim is good enough? That's hard. From here it's just flush it through the buff nerf cycle we are used to till the devs find a good middle ground.
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  13. Replay

    Actually lasher is my preferred ESHW. However my aim is garbage so for me it actually dramatically ups my DPS and I like the ability to tactically suppress doorways.
  14. MahouFairy

    the Striker was the best thing I've ever bought, until the 02/10/14 patch where it became totally bull.
  15. Hoki

    Its a dumbfire that can only really kill ground vehicles, its got nerfed damage against air vehicles in the VR at least.

    All five rockets into a reaver and its like "sup".
  16. iller

    the VS Lancer, perhaps. The phoenix on the other hand can be outrun by Valk or Turbo'ing Harasser. It also turns slower than a Lib/Galaxy. Anyone we "hit" with it, clearly wasn't trying to evade anything. That said...It's still way more effective than this new Striker is like an astonishing margin :eek:
  17. QuakerOatsMan

    Having used the striker, I'll say that it does have potential, but in its current state—and compared to ALL other RLs—it is too situational to use. It seems like what Higby was going for was more of a quick-response no-(low)fly zone weapon, which the striker does somewhat decently, but I don't think TR players wanted their ESRL converted into something that is practically pure short-range AA.

    While the switch from a lock-on to coyote mechanic certainly allows for a less clunky and more "mobile," direct, and responsive feel to the striker, the damage output and ease of use on everything aside from hovering ESFs is abysmal. The utility of the striker in most AV situations is eclipsed by the standard G2G/G2A launchers, as the striker is practically incapable of engaging vehicles beyond ranges of ~100m (or sometimes even 50m due to its seemingly-randomly-implemented cone of fire).

    The striker should be able to—but does not—deal a healthy amount of damage to MAXes, base turrets, etc. (around 200 damage a round may bring it in line to the damage that a lancer, phoenix, etc. can deal per unload upon AI units—while still leaving it far less lethal than a standard AI weapon)

    TL;DR The striker is semi-decent with only an AA(hovering) role, which is not what players wanted.
    Even as a "live test" release of the reworked striker, I don't understand why the striker was released in its raw PTS state. Proper data cannot be gathered on a weapon that nobody wants to use.
  18. Kanil

    Assuming VR is correct: The thing already has damage per mag very similar to that of the Decimator. It's slightly less, so giving it a small buff to be in line with the Phoenix would be nice, but it doesn't seem to be really lacking in damage.

    Obviously it needs to be made more usable, to get that damage actually on target.
  19. Hoki

    How is that constructive feedback?

    Anyways, it sucks vs aircraft, its good against ground vehicles.

    All said and done, unless you un-nerf the damage to aircraft theres absolutely no point in even trying to shoot them with it, and I think that is a problem.

    Its too bad too cause I think it would be very TR weapon of lots of little dumbfire rockets, but unfortunately nobody is going to use it due to how terrible it is against air.

    Also figure out something with either the fire-rate or the reload. While the rockets are very fast and easy to use, the dps is rather low.

    I don't think anyone expects it to be as high DPS as the other dumbfires, but this is muuuuuch lower dps than the other dumbfires.
  20. cruczi

    I would happily give first hand feedback if I dared spend 1000 certs on a weapon that's receiving so much negative feedback. So, my constructive feedback is to beg you to use your common sense when designing an anti-vehicle weapon. Start from there. A standard issue pistol should not be more effective than a rocket launcher at killing an ATV.