Constructive Feed back for the Striker

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Borsty, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Tuco

    Yeah if I wanted a dumbfire I would have bought the decimator.
  2. ajma

    If I remember correctly, VS didn't get a cert refund when the Saron was changed to how it is today.
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  3. Kanil

    Never would have guessed that an anti-infantry weapon does more damage to infantry than an anti-tank weapon... almost as if the devs are hinting that you shouldn't be using it against infantry. If I recall correctly, there's another ESL that doesn't do so well against infantry, for some reason...
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  4. Degenatron

    I was in a lightning.
  5. Archiadus

    Joke's on you then, it doesn't home-in on ground vehicles. :p
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  6. TheRunDown

    They should just delete the Striker, SOE clearly can't fix it/do anything with it, or should I say fix it and make both sides happy.
    Turn it in to the Rocklet Rifle, instead..
  7. MahouFairy

    well, what we got now was a "downgrade of a downgrade"
  8. tahn1000

    SOE clearly have the agenda of simply deleting the TR side and just having two teams. why else would they steadily nerf everything into uselessness?
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  9. Xasapis

    The old Saron was a completely different weapon. It changed from a one hard hitting beam with a small fire delay to six beams, no fire delay but with bloom when firing fast.

    The 250 damage will never happen, as it will allow you to one clip infantry, something no other ESRL can do, especially on dumpfire mode. What can happen, is to lower the vehicle resistances vs the striker even more so as to allow for futher damage per hit.
  10. trustedaid

    No you got "unique" which is EXACTLY what you guys have been asking for since the game came out. Except now you realize that "unique" SUCKS. Well, welcome to the club. Join the VS at the bar to drown your sorrows. We've been here for ages.
  11. MahouFairy

    now can you see how "unique" our weapon is? :)
  12. MahouFairy

    nahh I was one of the few who were hoping this change wouldn't be implemented
  13. BarxBaron

    Stop being hard headed.

    You KNOW that "unique" != BAD.

    Camera guided is unique and fun. The downside......very bad DPS compared to others, if used stupidly you are a sitting duck. The upside....great alpha, if used correctly can allow you safely pressure armor/sundies. The pheonix even brings more fun counter play into it. ( I always feel like a boss when pistoling one out of the air at 50 m)
    It's a good unique weapon all around.

    The lancer is DEFINETLY not bad. I don't care how much you spandexians cry about its DPS.
    Render. Range. Nearly. Hitscan. Launcher.
    No more to be said. DPS has to be bad since its so easy.

    Old one outshined by Annihilator.
    New one outshined by....everything?

    If the annihilator did not exist the nerfed striker would of been perfectly fine IMO.
    Unique and in an ok spot. Launcher that has no use vs turrets or maxes. Good full damage per lock (IF the missles hit), but poor overall dps compared to a pure skep or grounder.

    But no. They had to bring in the annihilator first then nerf striker to where it didn't hold a candle to it.

    Also..does anyone remember that when striker shots went up at an angle...then came DOWN on its target? This was AFTER the "run through hills" bugs were fixed. That was freakin' awesome and should of stayed....still uncertain to this day if that was a bug or somesuch ;p
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  14. DxAdder

    Poor Striker nerfed harder than the UBGL.

    It's the worst RL in the game and I wish I could get a refund for it..
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  15. trustedaid

    The Lancer is only better than the Anni, G2A, or G2G launchers like 10% of the time. The only time you pull it is when you're going to be sitting in a group, sniping vehicles. Otherwise you simply don't carry it around because it's horrible up close.

    The Phoenix is almost the same.

    Now the Striker has joined the group. Could it use a few improvements against vehicles (resist values for the vehicles and maybe lockon range)? Sure, but don't expect it to be significantly better than it is now.

    Nobody uses the Lancer solo and very few people use the Phoenix solo (unless they're camping at a base, near a spawn point).
  16. DxAdder

    It was on the PTS for a month and they flat out ignored ever comment about it, they don't care and we aren't getting a refund.
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  17. tahn1000

    dumbfires are actually what HAs use to kill maxes, or at least that is what it used to be like.
  18. trustedaid

    Also, the Lancer/Vortex is the ONE place the Charge mechanic isn't HORRIBLE. But guess what? We have 2 other guns with it which nobody even bought because they're that useless.

    We have plenty of "unique" weapons which are utterly worthless and nobody gets except for trolling purposes (Lasher, any VS pistol, Phaseshift).
  19. MahouFairy

    I don't mind if they nerf its dmg against infantry, but why couldn't they just re-implement lock-on on both air and ground and give it the option of dumbfire without the coyote tracking ability?
  20. xArchAngelx

    You do realize that we have been giving you constructive feedback since the change was made on PTS. There are numerous threads in the PTS discussion section of YOUR OWN FORUM. Did you not read them?