Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. tahn1000

    it's embarrassing that my t32 does more per hit than my striker.

    even i do more damage running into a tank than my striker

    (please don't nerf me, or my t32. it's all i got left)
  2. MahouFairy

    now the Striker is nothing more than a troll weapon. Congrats to SOE for giving the TR a troll weapon for our empire specific rocket launcher. Keep doing this. I'm sure that troller empire specific rocket launcher is a new among all the fractions, and thus "unique" :)
  3. IrishPride

    T32 is boss! One of the bst lmg's in the game imo. I can even CQC against Orions by hipfire with it.
  4. Yeahy

    Shhh, TR thinks striker is half decent.
    Now it doesn't have to get a buff.
  5. Yeahy

    Lasher much? Spiker?
  6. TheRunDown

    I still think it's pretty much useless, even more useless, it's auto lock range is VERY small..

    I preferred the old one, with the old one at leased you could actually hit a moving target.
    The new one moves too slow, has a terrible clip size for what it is now for, the damage per rocket too low.. You need to fire 4 before it even makes up for 1 normal rocket from any other launcher..

    Used the new Striker with a group of 3 people, 1 out of 5 rockets would actually do something, and the rest travel so slowly the ESF has already lazily turned away from it.. no effort is needed to evade a Striker Rocket.. the only people we caught out with it, were people diving or flying directly at us, anything flying sideways or away from us was near I'm possible to hit.

    We even tried to dumb fire a MAX to death. It's not possible, takes more rockets than 3 people can shoot at it.
  7. Keiichi58

    Well, what little I got a chance to do with the Striker, I will have to agree... The Striker is not tuned right. At the moment, I think the Muzzle Velocity is a bit weak... It does force me to either go with the Annihilator, Skep or the Grounder instead of wanting to use the Striker.

    I think I would have preferred the lockon ability looking down the sight and dumbfire for off the hip. With the LDS, it slows the user down as they have to keep the lockon which I think was a reasonable downside to the striker. The striker's new method is too situational against air, even more so given the low ranging lockon and not noticing its effectiveness against ground vehicles either with the gravity when fired from the hip.

    If this methodology was to be kept... The lockon guidance needs a broader scope or the missiles need to have a much faster velocity. I would lean more to the former than the later.
  8. Jube

    Do we really need a mechanic for the Striker? I don't believe so. Just make a dumbfire with a fast fire rate. Give the rockets a reasonably fast muzzle velocity say 250 m/s and give each rocket a reasonable amount of damage, say 225.

    This would put it all on the users shoulders, either they can hit a target or not.

    And please no arguments about rocket spam. Every faction can and does have the occasional rocket spam party. At least with a complete dumbfire Striker we still have to hit the target right?
  9. Fellgnome

    How does this make it anything but a straight downgrade to launchers that don't require extended uptime to deal their damage in smaller doses over time?

    And how does it give the launcher a unique advantage like the lancer has at long range and the phoenix against targets behind cover?

    Seems it'd just be boring and weak, or boring and too strong. It needs a mechanic to make it something other than an up, down, or sidegrade to the basic launchers. It needs to be deserving of it's Empire Specific-ness.
  10. tahn1000

    constructive criticism for the striker? no such thing.
  11. Jube

    250 m/s is much faster velocity than the other TR launchers the advantage is a flatter trajectory which will enable fewer misses at range. Imagine a Magrider having trouble sidestepping your rockets.

    We don't need a unique advantage over the other launchers. We need it to be effective.

    What is boring is a mechanic that does the work for you. Boring is being able to point a launcher in the general direction of a target and score a kill. Give me a launcher that requires at least a small amount of skill any day.

    The most fun I've had with any launcher was after the first Striker nerf which forced me to start using different tactics. I started using the ML-7 and found it much more fun to play than the Striker ever was, because it requires a little skill to be effective.
  12. MahouFairy

    yeah i feel bad for the Lancer too... the nerfs totally defeat the purpose of us having a weapon - what's the point of giving us weapons that don't kill? SOE should buff other fraction's weapons to compensate for another fraction's seemingly OP weapon instead of nerfing everything to the point that gameplay is totally ruined
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  13. tahn1000

    you obviously haven't tried the 'new' striker. even if the magrider DID stand still and just laugh at you, you wouldn't make a dint if you fired all your rockets at him. this actually hasn't changed since the 'old' striker, but at least the 'old' stiker actually autoaimed.
  14. Degenatron

    Just minutes ago I was getting pounded by a striker that was out of line-or-sight. He watched me retreat and he was able to put the rocket right over the ridge and they would seek in on me. Quite terrifying; now I know how people feel facing a Phoenix barrage.

    I did try it myself and I felt it was much better being able to almost "hip fire" the thing. It really gives it the TR flavor it needed.

    I disagree with the idea that it needs a buff. All AV weapons should be "Team Weapons". Meaning you need a team of players focus firing with them to be most effective. No AV rocket should feel dominant (that includes the Mana AV turret).
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  15. Archiadus

    If you manage to get hit by it multiple times in an ESF from what I can tell then you are doing something wrong as it's quite easy to dodge them by actually moving in somewhat of a tactical way instead of flying in a straight line.
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  16. tahn1000

    serously? you think it's fine the way it is? MY T32 DOES SIX TIMES MORE DAMAGE PER HIT
  17. MahouFairy

    yes, but the old Striker would still be more practical in most other situations
  18. Tuco

    Dumbfires are already balanced.

    Not buffing this striker would mean nobody will use it.
    Buffing this striker (to where a player would chose it over a stock dumbfire) would make it more powerful than said dumbfire and then become imbalanced.

    Try something else.
  19. tahn1000

    the old striker still sucked. but i paid for the thing so i used it. right now i'm wishing i hadn't paid for the years membership.
  20. Cyrek

    They were comparing its damage with the candy shooter.