Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. OldMaster80

    I think increasing rockets speed is the first step. 180 m/s is insufficient to deal with aircraft or targets with high mobility (hitting a magrider is almost impossible).

    Then the damage should also put in discussion. It's ok to make sure that rockets spam doesn't go out of control, but right now the striker has the offensive ppower of a stock pistol...
  2. Leftconsin

    I'm amazed at how it is easier to kill a flash, ESF, or Valk with your LMG than the Striker.
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  3. Ztiller

    See? There was a perfectly reasonable and logical explanation for the differences in our tests, and there was no need to light any torches and pitchforks.

    If people actually used logic and reasoning in these forums, i'm sure the Devs would actually listen to them every now and then. But as long as it's a competition in who can spread the most misleading, negative and populistic propaganda, they never will.
  4. Tyshon

    Well I myself was able to take down tanks and aircraft with this weapon. The set up was not the easiest to maintain the lock on. But once you had lock on you could deal great damage. It was great at range lock on. Downside is the time it takes to lock on your a sitting duck. I just want the item I bought.
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  5. Tyshon

    Changing it back to that while making it lock on. We bought this weapon for the lock on purpose. If you want a dumb fire use default one with 1000 damage.
  6. Tyshon

    It was 335 before this update did you not check?
  7. Bullborn

    So having tried it I'm confused at how it got put on live in its current state. An internal playtest should quickly have revealed that there were problems.

    Personally I would scrap the entire design and go back to the drawing board.

    Typically weapons which require some measurement of skill tend to be more fun. If you speed up the rocket then the weapon will just be a a weapon which has an inbuilt acceptance of failure. Which isn't really fun for the user or the person who gets hit. As such the Coyote-missile lockon mechanic is flawed to begin with.

    If I fire a missile and miss, I want it to miss, not change direction and hit anyways. If you make my failures become victories then you take away the fun of actually being successful.
  8. Tyshon

    You can see it here
  9. Tyshon

    The purpose of this weapon was not to hit Max, infantry and so on. We knew that when you bought it. I paid 700 SC for a Lock-On rocket launcher for vehicles and aircraft at range.
  10. Tyshon

    I'm not for more changes. I'm for ending this debate and giving us what we bought. Look if you want a different type of weapon ask for a new one. Don't take away one from players that rely on this set up.
  11. Tyshon

    Because they changed it to a completely different function. This happens to often and I buy a lot of weapons with SC. I've spend maybe $90 in SC so far. I'm looking for another FPS if this isn't fix. I'm not re-buying rocket launchers so I can have a Lock-On feature sorry.
  12. cruczi

    What did you buy?
  13. Tyshon

    Bring back the old striker and I will never complain about anything either! I promise!
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  14. Replay

    The weapon just feels fun, you guys are taking a step in the right direction. Now it needs a serious buff to be a good weapon, but you guys are going in the right direction. Good Job!
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  15. Snorelamp

    I disagree. I don't think it's fun - basically a dumb fire with a small window of error allowance. It doesn't add any particularly unique capability, just slightly more forgiving.

    Both VS and NC's allow them to hit targets effectively where other launchers cannot - at extreme ranges(VS's lancer), or behind cover(NC's Phoenix). Same can't really be said for the new Striker, it's just a dumb fire with training wheels.
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  16. IrishPride

    I really tried in all instances with it, from inside the Valkyrie, cliffs, a squad of Flash/Striker teams you name it it just doesn't seem to work in a team favor so far it could use a slight tweak here and there otherwise right now,the way it is, it is well just a basis on what it could do.
  17. Swooped

    ESF's and Libs can already have weapons that use the exact same mechanic but are just much stronger.
  18. NXR1

    lock on to vehicles and i see this being extremely fun to use (jump pad from biolab to another base spamming it at the massive armored columns) it will be a harrasment weapon but fun factor is all i care about
  19. trustedaid

    It is fun and unique. The problem is "fun and unique" isn't actually good at killing. Unique means different from the rest. Well this is a shooter and we all use guns to kill so "unique" would have to be something that doesn't really kill. Therefore "unique" isn't really effective.

    The Magrider is the most fun tank to drive around (it's like a hover skateboard). However it's the preforms the worst of the three MBT's at doing what it's suppose to do, kill other vehicles.

    The Lasher is "fun and unique" because it shoots big disco balls and feels a lot different from everything else. However it is the worst of the ESHW's by a wide margin.

    You TR kept whining you wanted "unique". Well you got it and now you realize "unique" is synonymous with "ineffective" (i.e. not good at killing).
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  20. Chrispin

    It's not unique enough to give the Striker its own niche where it's better than another launcher in some area. Lancer is unique enough because of its fast-as-a-bullet explosive rounds and Phoenix is unique because it can damage things while the user is safe behind cover.

    The Striker has the "unique" ability to shoot Coyote missiles, but what does that mean for its area of effectiveness? Pretty much nothing except for being slightly (and I mean slightly) more forgiving than a dumbfire when shooting at ESFs.