Constructive Feed back for the Striker

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  1. Borsty

    After some time testing the new Striker on the server now (and ruining my K/D while doing so), I came to the conclusion that all the fear was warranted and it is now
    UTTER ****
    let's compare it with the Lancer.
    - The Lancer has a far higher DPS
    - The Lancer shots fly in a straight line, so hitting stuff that is far away is easy
    - The Lancer's beam is fast, so hitting moving targets is easy (also, you can't dodge them in vehicles while you can easily dodge the striker)
    - Flares have no effect on the lancer
    - You cannot see the lancer's beam flying towards you until it's too late. You can just turn around and fly away from the strikers missiles
    - You charge the lancer while stepping out of cover, fire and step back. With the Striker you are exposed for quite some time + shooting red flares!!

    During my tests I have successfully killed: 1 Reaver. It was flying at about 5m height, slow, and probably 8 other dudes were shooting at it. I just got the last hit.
    I could not destroy a flash that was driving slowly by without even taking notice of me firing at it (I think I hit him 4 times). ML-7 would have killed him easily.
    I damaged some lightnings and Vanguards, but only from ranges less than 50m and again a ML-7 would have done the job better.

    As a conclusion: I want my 1000 certs back. I bought the Striker couple months ago and had some fun with it, although it never felt great. It is now a completely different weapon (-> not the one I bought), and on top of that, it's ****.
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  2. Gypsycream

    Imagine if you actually paid money for this. :p
    I got the striker back when it first came out. It got nerfed soon after, to the point of it being comparatively useless, but at least it still functioned the same, it was still the weapon I bought so there was no complaint from me there.
    Now they have replaced that purchase with a completely different weapon, with a completely different function. It doesn't matter if it's a good weapon or not, it's not what I paid for.

    A cert refund for the striker is the least they could do.
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  3. abaddun

    Well, since the ZOE certs were refunded, the least SOE can do is provide a cert refund/voucher.
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  4. Auzor

    Smea-gol.. Smeagol.. Why does it cry smeagol?
    Cruel Devs hurt us. SOE tricksed us, nerfsed us precious
    Of course they did.

    I'm sorry, but coyotes are essentially arguably the best anti-esf system for short ranges. Soo, logical step: nerf the damage.
    I agree that I would.. spend certs elsewhere :p

    I'm not to sure the lancer really has 'far higher' dps, against what targets etc; the dmg modifiers matter very much.
    I find it hard to be sympathetic to a nerf to what was once arguably the best AV RL in game.
    Don't worry, I'm sure it'll get rebalanced. Right after _everything_else_wrong.
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  5. Ransurian

    Great point. The Striker is irrefutable garbage. Moreover, it isn't what people initially bought.

    Two magazines -- TWO MAGAZINES -- of Striker ammo to a Vanguard's side doesn't even cause the tank to smoke. And that's with every single rocket connecting, which can't be expected in a real combat scenario most of the time.
  6. Gypsycream

    The problem is that this isn't even a nerf. They have essentially removed the old weapon from the game (the one we paid for) and replaced it with something different.
    It would be like buying an annihilator and that purchase getting replaced by a grounder. As far as functionality is concerned, this is exactly what has happened to anybody who bought a striker.
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  7. JuntaM

    I can only agree here as I am one of those who actually paid that thing with real money.
    I wish I hadn't.

    These drastical changes on things ppl actually paid for is just too heavy guys. In my country are special laws against this kind of scamming, but well ... SOE is not based here and has their own TOS I accepted. My fault I became a (paying) customer. A Fault I won't do again.

    I really do not care for a money refund, but you should really, really allow players to get SC back, if you change these items into something now completely different. I never bought this kind of item, i would never choose to as it is now.

    I feel swindled. Like many, many times before with SOE and especially Planetside2.
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  8. Ransurian

    Everything that needs to be said has been said in the plethora of similar forums concerning the Striker's ineffectiveness. There's no reason to keep the Striker as it is.

    In addition, it isn't unreasonable to expect a cert refund, since the initial Striker and the post 10/2 Striker are two entirely different weapons. Certs were refunded after ZoE changes were implemented. By logical extension, that should be the case here.
  9. LynoocsNC

    why should they give you your certs back? they gave back the certs for zoe and nanoweave because it totally changed the way they worked, and the striker hasn't been changed that mu.. oh wait. maybe it has

    the thing is some people bought the striker with certs, others with sc (unlike zoe and nanoweave, where everybody bought them with certs), and refunding certs would also mean refunding sc, which they have never done. all you can hope for now is see it get buffed to a decent level; personally i would like it being able to launch all missiles as a burst, or some kind of rof increase
  10. Metalsheep

    If YOU feel swindled, imagine how the people who bought the Anniversary Pack (for the Golden Striker AE) feel. I'm one of those people. 50$ spent on that pack.
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  11. JuntaM

    Aaaand another satisfied SOE customer. I feel with you.
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  12. Villanuk

    Ok, guys, lets keep it constructive. Just had a tweet with RadarX and fair play to him for replying back, they are listening to our feedback, im sure many like myself are unhappy with the striker, so lets compile what we think we need the striker to have in order for it to stand up as a launcher in its own right.

    For me, we have the "coyote" style, like or not, its what we have but how to improve it.

    Increase the damage. ( 250 ) Currently 100.
    Rocket drop needs to have more distance.
    Increase the velocity ( 500 ) currently 180.
    The "lock on " needs an increase in distance to be worth while.

    That's my take, now yours?
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  13. JuntaM

    BTW, as I said "many times before" - I had this with many other items in this game, but the striker changes are too much to accept.
  14. Tommyp2006

    It is actually, because they have never done mass refunds for weapons before, and they have said that they will not, because they are purchasable by station cash. If they did, they would have done so way back when the Saron was changed, they set the precedence then. ZOE is a cert only item and therefore would get refunded when largely changed, just like nanoweave, etc.
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  15. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I'd say those two would be a good start.

    Increasing the damage means that it won't be like the Lancer or Phoenix where it's only effective when massed, and increasing the "lock on" distance along with the velocity and rocket drop buff would be overkill.
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  16. Metalsheep

    Revert the change, and make it a Maintain Lock again.

    Add a Dumbfire Mode secondary we can switch to that disables the lockon function.

    Make the rockets able to re-aquire a lock after a target breaks lock, but gets locked back on again. instead of flying up into the air and exploding.

    Abridged: Make it like PS1s striker.

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  17. Ranik

    It's unservicable in it's current form. These are my suggested options from another thread.

    There are multiple options they could try. Depending on how crappy the Striker really is overall and how far they want to go.

    Keep stats as now.
    Change coyote mechanic to function vs ground as well.
    Unique but possibly unbalanced vs ground targets. However very fitting of the name Striker.

    Up damage vs ground targets by 10-20%
    Increase RPM/Fire rate.
    Helps the striker compete with the grounder in versatility vs ground targets and reduces the ridiculous exposure time to fire.

    Increase RPM/Fire rate
    Increase Mag Size.
    Same as (B) but built around more missile spam rather than higher individual damage.

    Increase damage by 10-20%
    Increase RPM/Fire Rate.
    Increase Mag Size.
    Combination of B/C. Worst case scenario buff.

    All of the above would benefit from Autofire. But Higby said they have to sort a Striker bug first to implement it.

    If you increase velocity and keep the coyote mechanic then you are making it a nightmare for air since flares have no effect on it. Velocity is not really an option past the point we are sitting at now. Otherwise it'd be a Lancer with homing vs air.

    If anything it needs it's ground effectiveness buffed to compete with the grounder.
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  18. gigastar

    This thread has no reason to exist over the ones that actually argue a point.

    Also ZOE was nerfed into the dirt. Striker has just been revamped and it will most certainly see more changes over the next month.
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  19. DQCraze

    Id like it to act like the other coyotes where its not semi auto.

    Needs velocity increase.
    Needs better lock on range.
    Needs better damage.
    Needs better range.

    Is this supposed to be AA only lock on.? The other 2 factions have Ground Vehicle based Launchers why do we get AA?

    What we needed was a shoulder fired Vulcan with the same range as the lancer and phoenix instead we got this garbage.

    Serious question to the Devs- what is so hard about giving us a viable weapon. You have all the tools and traits of the TR empire, chain guns, large magazines, high ROF, why don't you start by making a launcher with those things in mind and go from there.
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  20. Ransurian

    I'm not sure if it's already been mentioned, but the revamped Striker's cone of fire should be discussed. It's pretty noticeable at ranges in excess of 150 meters. It makes hitting static targets at range even more difficult, especially if the targets in question aren't completely exposed. If the Striker's overall damage and TTK is going to be low, it needs to be able to compete more effectively at range.
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