Construction System: First Impressions (post your opinions!)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DeadAlive99, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. _itg

    Keep in mind the system was just launched, so everyone is trying it out all at once. Things will settle into a rhythm after a week or two.
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  2. Kalashar

    ok so it's a one point, I logged in to be shoved into VR. There were a good 10-15 people in there. I was 11th in the queue as all access.

    ok long wait to get to a continent on which I enjoy fights...I mean none, oh sure a couple of 1-12 areas, but...what is this a joke? This one says 12-24 vs. here, nobody touching the

    GET THE Higby Out of the GODDAMNED WAY....

    If this is the game to come, kiss it goodbye. All you guys saying oh it's not so bad, you watch the population plummet as people go and look for games that are playable. I don't get it. YESTERDAY there was some great action, good pop, everywhere I went.

    Dey Break Games lives up to its name.
  3. user101

    To Hell with the BUGS..
    Let the Nerfing begin....!
  4. Kalashar

    Please go back to minecraft. NOW.
  5. Kalashar

    who cares if it's rushed? there are NO FIGHTS...I tried chars across all factions and servers....they're trying to force you into lower pop areas which means....low pop boring non-fights...or zergs on player built stuff that nobody cares about. It's HORRIBLY thought out. EPIC FAIL and likely the death of the game. Why bother letting them fix things when the WHOLE CONCEPT is broken? I don't want to play a reverse Wow (best MMORPG FPS EVER turned to an RTS).

  6. WTSherman

    If you're getting put in VR training, it's not because they're trying to send you to the "lowest pop". You only log into VR for two reasons:

    1: You were in VR last time you logged out

    2: All the continents are completely full.

    The second reason doesn't have anything to do with the construction system (edit: other than its popularity). SOE/DBG massively lowered the continent pop caps a year or two ago, sometime around the last round of server mergers. Full continents are only caused by one thing: massive spikes in population. The same thing happened during the double XP weekend shortly after the Valkyrie was released.

    Of course, it would be perfectly valid to argue that DBG does need to raise the continent caps if all it takes to cap out the servers is a popular patch and/or a double XP weekend.
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  7. Campagne

    I would say "go back to World of Tanks," but I bet that's probably not for you.

    I don't really know of any aerospace combat games you could play. Maybe that's why you're so sad.
  8. Ikarius77

    I'm Ok with queue system... but... who cares about unbalance pops when people will stay on stationary non infantry zergs who autogereate VP points for doing nothing but get people outside real bases.
  9. Gundem

    War Thunder, Hawken, Team Fortress 2, MWO, Planetside 2, Rome II, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War just to name a few games I play.

    Sorry, but I respect PS2 for what it should be, not what you infantry peasants want it to be.
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  10. DeadAlive99

    I agree.

    Listen guys, don't bail out so fast. You've got to give this time to settle in, and yes, it will need a good chunk of tweaking, but Sherman is right about the standard bases: You can still play them and still lock continents by capturing territory the old fashioned way. Plus, when you capture territory, your team is able to move HIVE's closer to enemy warpgates, and this generates VP even faster, so capturing territory is still very important!

    Right, plus, we've always had queues, technically. When the game launched and every server was spilling over with players, there were queues.

    I know queue's aren't fun, but they do mean that once you get in that the server is FULL, and that DOES mean fun! Full queue's is actually a very good sign.
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  11. sebastian oscar post

    ******* epic!
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  12. KElljart

    As a whole I think that it needed more work before it went live. There are way too many potential bugs / exploits that can be used. I like the construction set up with one exception it should only be allowed in remote places where it can not be used to pinch off a road / access to an area, near the road or access to an area ok but not directly on it. Critical supply bases for infantry on Indar have been moved or removed totally allowing tank and buggy zergs with nothing to stop them except the vulnerable walls of a base. All in all there have been too many changes too fast.
  13. Ikarius77

    All FPS :rolleyes:

    Infantry peasants on a FPS game...

    Man... not sure if you are trolling or just *****.
  14. hogancom

    Emerald | NC | 101

    I got to play a bit before the Rush Hour. I'm sure I'm going to like it as the depth of the game adds many new elements.

    OK, Rush Hour comes. I can't even get on any continent, queue timer is 3 minutes for all the continents. I"m talking about the Queue timer that is stuck in its own temporal space/time dimension that don't go down or might and then goes back up. I have spent some good money in the past to get weapons and such but don't really go for the membership thing. Best for me to drop $20 and get the items I want. I hope the all continent queue isn't going to become the normal, as this level 101, whom is a loyal soldier will not wait for queue long, ended up leaving the game. I would hope in the future, you might add something like a VIP membership for those loyal soldiers that are battle rank 100 or more. Maybe even something tiered. The message i am getting is, pay to play, and who gives a dam about all the hours a person puts in. It takes a while to get to 100 when not playing membership. Remember, I"ve put some good money into the game too.

    I'm sure I'll be able to play in the off hours and am looking forward to testing the new equipment and developing new tactics to overcome the difficulties of stronger fortified positions and a more dynamic battlefield. It is an update I recommended a few years ago and believe in.

    Though I am very glad that people pay for memberships, I do hope you find a way to show more respect to those that have higher battle ranks. Someone needs to show the solidiers were to go and fight while offering a chance to win. This is a great game and I"m glad you continue to make it better as time passes. I still want to see oceans with ships to ferry men across the continents. Yes, U.S. Navy Veteran here. Keep up the good work. I know you try hard.
  15. user101

    Yup, game is a complete stailmate on both side, air will need a 400% in crease in armor and weapons for this to work.
    Looks fun -- but plays bad.
  16. Gundem

    I'm not sure where you get your definition of FPS, but I'm pretty ******* sure that Rome II and Warhammer EC are NOT "First Person Shooters".

    I'm pretty sure you are the ******** one here. Or you lack basic reading comprehension, whichever is worse.
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  17. Moridin6

    ok So i got to play.

    I logged on and Kroop was on, sent him a message and got invited to his platoon. Theyve got most of base built RIGHT NEXT to the TR warpgate on Hossin, far from our closest hex. Kroops busy explaining everything as a train of ANTs go in and out. i watch peole place things for a few then buy(certs) the AV turret, place it, place an auto engi turret near the silo and hop in my turret.

    Some more building goes on, some more ANTs come and go and then someone says "well this is kinda boring"

    Kroop comes back.. "Just wait"

    He tells everyone to make more turrets or whatever they can and then then HIVE goes up. Core arrives, we're on the map operating at 83 percent efficiency..

    2 minutes go by, a lone NC lib comes to investigate, and the SHT HITS THE FAN

    all turrets turn on the lib and open up, suddenly prowlers are coming in. Flashes harassers and mossys. All get wrecked by our defenses. its a slaughter but its epic. Fighting on terrain that may have never seen battle, infantry flooding over the hill trying to breach the walls. Infils and LAs sneaking in and causing chaos, my litle auto T was beepn steadily.

    Eventually.. we ran out of juice . lol .

    we were Way over extended and our giant slap in TRs face was about to come to an end. the auto repair nodes went down, Engis on the front line fell back to repair but the TR were everywhere. <y turret went down, then another and another. Soon i was hiding in a bunker repairing it desperately while taking what shots i could a who i could. The HIVE blew, and those few of us still alive were wiped out, but it was a Lot of fun, and we filled the "victory" bar by like 60 percent.

    final thoughts:

    I dont feel the TR could have done it without the combined arms. If you build in the right spot it Should take the combined might of land-tank-air to take you out.

    this would Not have been possible at all without being a platoon.

    made a bunch of xp, got some good kills, had fun at a new location, and loved that we were doing a big F U to TR

    if only the base had been in the shape of a dick..


    *havent tried the max gun still but all the rest is great
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  18. JohnGalt36

    So it's actually like a war now, and squishy infantry only serve to go inside buildings?
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  19. mike196840

    Wait you mean War is not like little kiddies with prepubescent balls hip firing each other in a building. YOU MEAN IT INVOLVES AIR GROUND AND INFANTRY FORCES FIGHTING SPREAD OUT TO HOLD TERRITORY AND RESOURCES.
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  20. BengalTiger

    How about giving an increase in armor to.... armor?

    Why does everyone always look towards air as the ones that capture territory?

    And yes - air should be able to equip some sort of bunker busters, a weapon of velocity so low that a Bulldog shell giggles as it zooms by, but one that would truly make an earth shattering kaboom (thus anyone who could crawl would have time to get to safety, but immobile forts would get pounded).

    I'd like to see some sort of MOAB dropped from a Galaxy to shatter walls.
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