Construction System: First Impressions (post your opinions!)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DeadAlive99, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Hoothers

    Tell em again why should i die over and over, hindering my certs gain, breaking my fun, and my stats ?
    Thank you!
  2. FateJH

    1) This game is nothing if not dying over and over again in pursuit of goals.
    2) You aren't going to gain many certs by trying to not do anything.
    3) Fun is what you choose to do in a game, not necessarily how the game tells you to play itself.
    4) Only petty people will care about you for your stats. Not even the game cares about your stats.
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  3. DQCraze

    Its GARBAGE, dont waste your certs on the Ants. This is THE worst update by far, all i see are troll bases set up in random spots that have no strategic value whatsoever.
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  4. DQCraze

    Totally agree, i couldnt stay on.
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  5. Costa200

    One of the reasons i liked this game was the very little waiting time to get to respawn and be back at it. Today i'm on Indar and TR controls the continent. Then i'm face with a waiting time to get in BOTH remaining continents... FFS... Apparently the game is now pay to play.

    Since i'm not a "member" i'm stuck with waiting lines to get where i want to be. And the game itself... Well, i happened to like the fluid warfare. This is now the trench stage. People building and fortifying. It is now almost useless to be an infantryman. You have these AI towers everywhere that will mow you down like nothing. And an infantryman can't do jack against bases.

    I got to a point where i got bored. I'm a guy with very little time to play. When i do i like... Well i liked the old game. Now? I don't know if i want to be bothered with all this base stuff. Building walls and gun emplacements... I can't see myself having much pleasure from that. And i know that a big crowd won't like it either.

    It seems the game philosophy has changed completely and i'm not sure if it is a change that i like. Will give it a little more time given the time i gave this game and the pleasure it gave me over years, but that will only take me so far.
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  6. JohnGalt36

    I'm excited to play when I get home. It seems like tanks might actually have a purpose now!
  7. AlterEgo

    Too bad my family is Arabian and I'm not allowed to play on weekdays...

  8. AZAN

    I think it's going to take a few weeks for the construction stuff to find its place. Seems pretty nice so far although I am not keen on the whole capturing power cores thing.
  9. travbrad

    Unfortunately infantry doesn't now. Everyone just sets up ANT megabases and camps them with tons of vehicles and no sundies can get close. Which wouldn't be so bad if there were still fights over regular bases, but those seem to have been replaced with ANT megabase camping.
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  10. Gundem

    I'm literally impressed by your nearsightedness.

    The game was already stale, this is literally the exact opposite of making the game more boring.
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  11. travbrad

    The fun part of this game for me is killing people, and that pretty much isn't happening today at all if you play infantry. Maybe it will get better as people get bored of the new shiny toys, but if it stays how it is right now I'd honestly just rather not play (and up until now this was one of my favorite games of all time)
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  12. DQCraze

    My favorite part is logging into VR training and watching 80 people waiting to get on a cont because they are not members. Im pretty sure this will be the nail in the coffin for me, I cant see myself playing this game with the way it is now. Im also pretty sure people are pissed that they have to wait before they can get on continent during primetime, i see them leaving and just saying screw it.
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  13. Gundem

    Well I guess your gonna have to suck it up and deal with it now, aren't you?

    Infantryside has had it's reign. I say they've held the throne long enough.
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  14. Moridin6

    this aspect worries me, otherwise im still excited
  15. Ikarius77

    Use a bigger font size and underlined doesn't make your opinion weight more; yep, those mega big ANT made bases where no one can get near without being obliverated by thousands of tanks, deployed towers and other things aren't stale, Game was already enough difficult to find proper infantry fights with decent combined arms related combats... right now... infantry means nothing.

    And be killed by an automatic Anti Infantry Tower isn't stale, yep, has a salty taste difficult to compare.

    I hope Hades is right and this is only the fever with construction tools ... or i'm afraid this game will be deserted in no time ...
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  16. travbrad

    Nope if the game becomes vehicles only then I will no longer be interested in this game. One of the appealing things about it has always been the MIX of ground vehicles, air vehicles, and infantry. From what I've seen today the latter is no longer important.

    If I wanted a game with only vehicle combat there are a lot better options than PS2 and if I wanted a game to build bases there are a lot better options than PS2 also.
  17. Naracaro

    The update stinks of cash grab so far. All the good buildings are 1000 certs a piece, or $30 for everything. You can build(buy) a base yourself that requires a squad to take it out.

    It was fun for an hour, but once you realize that without paying you can't build a good base and without atleast a squad you can't destroy a pay to win base, meh. Gives more reason not to spend money and recommend others to not even touch PS2. Its a facebook game.
  18. WTSherman

    Remember, the normal, static bases still exist and are still extremely important to winning. Once the "ooh-shiny" effect wears off, we should be seeing a more even mix of player-base fights and static-base fights, which gives the game much-needed variety since you can pick which fights you'd rather go to.

    Also, for people complaining about continent queues, that has nothing to do with the construction system. Well, not directly anyway. That's just the result of SOE/DBG lowering the continent pop caps a couple years back, so now any big spike in log-ins (such as a popular/highly-anticipated patch on patch-day, or public double-XP events) results in long queues.
  19. Badname707

    Honestly, I love it. One of my biggest complaints was that, despite the terrain that is built for combat, almost all of it occurs around the bases. With the new building system, you actually had to fight over every inch of territory. Victories actually felt decisive and based on more than just having a greater population, but actually using the population wisely.

    The major problem I see is that it seems like it requires an outfit to truly appreciate. Unless either the playerbase gets it's **** together and rebuild quality outfits or the devs figure out how to integrate team and lonewolf play, I don't see it having much of a positive effect on the future of the game.
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  20. Crayv

    I think something needs to be done with cortium spawning right inside/near bases.