Construction integrated into point capture game

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  1. raffa2

    i've just had this idea, it'd be nice to have a deployable (1x maximum per hex) capture point able to lock the capture inside an hex or simply add an extra capture point to the hex to slow down or stop the capture, it would integrate bases with the game itself rather than just providing support.

    To balance it, once the extra point is captured it is destroyed, and if the hex clock is ticking it can no longer be placed
  2. adamts01

    Let's forget about the masses of exploiters building within terrain and objects.

    What worries me is that this would basically be a free point for the attackers. Just place it on the Sundy side of the base and it's secure, especially since attackers always have the vehicle advantage.

    That extra point would make Ti Alloys and basically any tower actually fun, but I'm worried it would break everything else.

    I am for integrating construction though, and I think the solution is the Hybrid Hex, which would basically add capture points up to and around bases, where construction would be key to holding off attackers, or securing a lane while populations shifted elsewhere.
  3. Ge0mancer

    Realistically this might be more of a PS3 idea than a modification of PS2 but...

    My idea is to fix the lattice system (in as much as it needs fixing) by leaning deeper into the lore of the game.

    In short:

    • Most bases should be cut back and player construction allowed nearby to fortify the relatively modest defenses. Base options would be expanded for players with a cost (and likely ongoing cost) for them commiserate with their effectiveness.
    • Most bases gain a vehicle exclusion dome (VExD) which prevents players from both sides from bringing vehicles into the base without first deactivating the dome through infantry action.
    • Most bases gain an SCU to allow attacking players a means of cutting off spawns from the defending players in the same way defenders can destroy AMS vehicles.
    • Most minor bases become vehicle controllable if an active defense and VExD has not been set up.
    • The lattice lines become nanite pipelines.
    • If you lose control of a hex which connects one point to another the supply of Nanites is severed and the base begins running on internal reserves.
    • Players can resupply a base with Cortium in the same way they can currently resupply a player built Silo.
    • Every action at a base drains a little of the nanite supply (in more or less the same manner as current player bases) so without reestablishing the lines of supply or having players make cortium runs to refill the base supplies the defense will eventually run out of nanites and everything will shut down.
    • At the same time AMS vehicles would also need to have a limited Nanite supply onboard which could be refilled by friendly ANTS or by replacing one or both gun placements with a mining laser.
    • Nanites can be resupplied from an Empire’s Warpgate so there would always be access to power though not necessarily in a convenient location.
    This is not being presented as a finished idea and I know has some issues but I think it should address many of the complaints I have heard and create options for differing play and tactics.

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