[Construction] I built inside a lattice base on live server and this was my experience

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  1. karlooo

    There was some base on Oshur where you could build inside of it. Intentional or not, it was an unpleasant first time experience and it will be worse based on what the devs are planning to do with construction, but whatever.

    Why? Because I instantly noticed that the buildings which are supposed to provide cover, do not provide the advantage for the users in such an environment. When I am thinking ahead of time of what will happen with construction.
    So, you are basically creating a mess inside of the lattice base for both sides, that is how building inside will always end up. This is the ultimate goal, give you an option but provide little to no strategical advantages. That is what the devs are attempting.

    The base was fully enclosed from vehicles. I placed a ramp on a wall that was low enough to get inside and it had plenty of terrain for building. I was not under pressure, had plenty of time. So, I just played around and created this simple design. I tried to keep it as open as possible, create a defensive position as close to the point A as it can get and allow team to use as firing positions. It could only be entered by foot from our side, the enemy had to go around the walls. ... 3 Anti-Infantry turrets, automated, on both ends of the base and all the other necessities.


    The only items that were able to provide a strategical advantage where the anti infantry automated turrets... The area denial. Automation is rightfully getting removed and for some reason the devs hate the turrets, stationary guns, so all you will be left with is walls and structures.... Once again those provided nothing. Because of how the lattice bases are designed it only created a mess. And once again this is what the devs are going for, create such a lattice base design where this will always apply.

    Having a fortified spawn tube near the point was the most useful, it was like having a Sunderer close to the point just like the enemy had. And that is it, it is not even worth placing walls and other structures, if this base is the model on how they want to implement construction.

    There is something missing.
  2. RiP0k

    My vision for PS2 is how it could be, all hexes have bases created by the developers. There are no bases to build. All bases do not have a respawn room. NCZ Restricted Zones all have a radius, the smallest radius currently available for bases. All structures in the Construction System are invulnerable when equipped with a repair module. When a faction appears on a new continent, it starts capturing hexes. Builders create bases and outposts between those bases, giving a respawn point for their faction and crafting vehicles. And so the capture of the territory gradually takes place, with the subsequent creation of positions for revival, which will serve as a stronghold for the faction. Losing a player-created base will have an impact on the entire faction. There will be more zerg battles which is the main advantage of PS2.
  3. Demigan

    At this point we should just auto-delete every suggestion from the builders, as they seem to have no clue what they talk about.

    You say that none of your items did anything except for the turrets. So you couldn’t even use the wall with the firing port that gives you an advantage over your enemy? You had no way to use it to create chokepoints or tactically advantageous terrain? If you can’t even do that and can only see the value of automated turrets, how did you ever survive on Auraxis for more than a minute?
  4. karlooo

    It's simple, they just moved into A. And even though we had a spawn right next A, which the enemy had as well, with with 3 turrets defend it lol, the enemy outnumbered us. At zone A they had natural cover and we couldn't push them out of there. It was like we had a Sunderer, but we didn't have enough manpower to do much. That is basically it... But you also have the option to form the lattice base, equivalent to as if I were playing around with some map editor, but wtf is that?

    I expressed that the environment at that base (which I assume is the model if it was first available for building) was not suitable for placing more structures than the one that holds the spawn. They would only act as an obstacle for both sides, just like the stones on that lattice base and it was best not to even use the cover anyways.

    My design was very humble and technically it was almost perfect but to actually create an advantage there, you would need to cheese it, create some brain damage inducing design and that is not my thing.
    For example what I could have done instead was build a full circle around A with no way of entering by foot, fully enclose it with a spawn inside... So, basically the model here is that no matter what you do you will always create a mess for both sides, obstacles for both, and to actually create something advantageous you would need to cheese it and that's what I ultimately hate about this model...

  5. Demigan

    So what you are saying is you were so outnumbered you couldn’t hold off the opposing force with a chokepoint and AI turrets…

    And because of that zerg beating you, the construction system sucks? That’s really what you are going with?
  6. karlooo

    Oh yeah, and says the person that is for the Lattice-Based Construction Areas, you know all about tactically advantageous terrain.

    Yes (small fight, little amount of combatants), the turrets were only some area denial, so the enemy movement was mainly down the choke (green line) and paradoxically, so did we... So, that's what meant, it's like as if I am playing with the map editor and forming the preexisting lattice base, just playing around.... Map editor would be good, it would be cool if I could level out some terrain to prepare for building, but this like placing blocks as if I where playing Minecraft, which I have not played in my life for some reason, it is silly here...
  7. AuricStarSand

  8. 23rd enigma

    Probably noobs that spawned in is the reason his base didn't get utilized to full extent. If it was a good outfit, they would abuse the infantry tower (i don't think the poster had one) and wall ports. The 1 way shield are OP imo and should have a way to be disabled. You can also use mana AV turrets to shoot tanks while shielded by the 1 way shields. There are just so many things the noobies don't know about, like the boat launcher for example or map pulling vehicles.
  9. Demigan

    You didn’t notice it, but the point about advantageous terrain is to CREATE IT using the construction system.

    And I am not that much for lattice-construction bases, but if I have to choose between regular FU construction bases no one wants to play at (not even defenders) or a lattice-base that can actually serve a purpose? Yeah I go for the second one.

    Now as I already said several times but you completely gloss over every time, the best situation would be when construction bases placed anywhere have a purpose that attracts defenders&attackers and are fun to both attack and defend.

    What would be wrong with something akin to playing with the map editor?

    And considering that your people could use the walls to clear enemies trying to use the chokepoint, you still have the advantage in the chokepoint. Now you have too few players to make use of it… which is actually something I’ve pointed out for years now: its never been designed for solo play or low pop play. The AI modules were just supposed to offer a limited self-defense capability until defender arrived, not be the mainstay of defense for the builders. You have too few players? Well sucks, then you have to use very limited construction as well.
  10. karlooo

    In your dreams. From my experience it only created an obstacle for both sides and it was best to not even use it in that specific surrounding.
    And lets say I did enclose the A point fully with a spawn inside, ok we have the advantageous terrain lol.... But what happens then? An accumulation of allied forces on this advantageous terrain and because of this we do not have enough manpower to push the enemy out, as many are sitting on the advantageous terrain....

    Actually this is off topic but you made me think of something. You know, each faction should have their own mind.... Blue team, red team, purple team, they have their own mentality, their background, but for some reason who is controlling them right now? One mind, one point of view.... (I am talking about the developers)
    And an example now, we never understand each other, and that is what factions are for. You pick a group that best fits you but because there is this one mind controlling them from above, this leads to biase towards one team, misunderstanding towards another.... It is becoming apparent that each faction would need a separate mind, someone with the correct background for each (create some rules by which they need to go by) cause this is never going to work out, where we give out suggestions and then one person formulates it based on their own perception, which I personally hate. Very visibly this is not working out.