Construction Engineers, hive killers and more.............

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  1. Sgt Mcguilicuddy

    'Shoot em in the face' is a TR outfit whose priorities are building massive bases, generating cortium hives, defending the hive and sending assault teams to kill enemy hives. We also build orbital sites when appropriate. We will block bridges to prevent enemy advances on our homelands. We help new recruits understand the construction techniques we employ as well as teach methods and an understanding of the construction concept.

    We provide support bases for fighting outfits to refit, refuel and respawn. We set up vehicle terminals and safe havens to fight from. We are a not so formal, but friendly group that thinks having fun is the most important aspect of the game. It helps if you have a microphone but is not a requirement. We are in the building phase of our outfit with some great plans for the future. We welcome outfit leaders to contact us when scheduling special events.

    Our facebook page is found under /YankeeBastid. Our founder is x101x.
  2. Sgt Mcguilicuddy

    One more thing, we are a family oriented group. Swearing is frowned upon. Try not to.

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