Construction bases roadmap 2023

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  1. OneShadowWarrior

    Very unexciting roadmap for 2023 with construction bases. I always thought this was another botched plan of the game trying to do to many things.

    Rather see the servers fixed, the audio system in this game long overdue for an overhaul, Esamir and Oshur are not finished they need traditional bases and you need to find a way to make the waterfights feel like a true frogman, so many abilities you can’t even use and boy there are so many things from the original planetside you can pull from.

    Performance improvements and cleanup always a must, plus bug fixes.
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  2. AuricStarSand

    I'm fine with construction rounding itself.

    Yet as for entertainment, I mostly just want infantry jungle fights, similar to shattered warpgate, most of the amp stations removed for more jungle terrain fights, some trenches outside, more rock bridges & just more overall environment bases boulder hedge mazes for infantry. with 100 bushes for one region. Else warehouse dm mode with 4 floors of boxes and warehouses where kills win you the region.

    Other than that a Avatar bow for my smg infil main. With feather arrows.
  3. OSruinedPS1

    In the future we're gonna look back on these days as the golden era of base construction.
  4. RabidIBM

    I hear you. I'm a builder main who had called for construction to get some love, but I didn't mean that I wanted an annual road map with only construction listed.

    That, and if they're going to re build the entire builder system then they need to consult builders more. That, and the lazy, no-friends types who want to pull a base apart by themselves need to not be included in the conversation. I specify that last part because they seem to be the main drivers of the conversation based on what's been announced.

    Nobody who plays PlanetSide 2 as a MMO combined arms game is dying to auto turrets or pain fields.
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  5. lemurwrangler

  6. Demigan

    Oh no, don't listen to the builders. Especially not the builders. The builders are the ones who suggest things like "let's make an anti-infantry turret on the ground that can easily kill all infantry but can't be killed by enemy tanks" and that kind of stuff. "let's make everything invulnerable again!" is also a popular one.

    Builders want to make murder holes, not bases that are fun and engaging to fight at. They might complain about that solo infiltrator destroying their base, but it's their fault that became the go-to method of destroying it. There's only two ways to really deal with a base right now: Cheese it or leave it. There's no incentive to fight at it if the entire thing is just one giant uphill battle designed to not be fun but just to keep you out.
    You might say "that's the point" but no it absolutely isn't. The builders should be encouraged to build a functional base that remains fun to fight at, not a murder hole that pads their stats or makes them feel tactical for something that is hardly even used or noticed most of the time.
    That means that the builders should be encouraged to create a battle zone that defenders want to defend while attackers want to attack it, along with reasons to actually attack it. Creating larger buildings instead of tiny single objects like an OS is a smart thing, in fact it's something I proposed before. It means you can create an environment where players can fight, rather than a hole where if you get passed the walls you are now facing automated defenses, painspires, further buildings with one-way shields and the defenders themselves in a place where most of the cover is going to be the things you either want to destroy or that try to kill you. Guess how players adapt to that kind of thing? Because early when construction was made players really wanted to join in the fight around PMB's. But as time progressed they started doing things like "let's just not get close and bomb it from afar" because, and get this, it is far more rewarding to do than trying to bash your head against something that can practically only be designed to kill you and have no other function.