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  1. chamks

    hey construction is so fragile right now, everyone know that. it is a way of playing the game that is different than the usual k/d try hard gameplay, to provide a safe heaven and objective to your empire. its been stepped upon since every patch in the last 5 years but the last one, demolition patch, was the nail in the coffin.
    no matter how well you build it, protective, comfortable and time spent on it, any infiltrator in a lighting will kill any stracture from 200m away. no matter if you putted repair modul or no or even durability. walls getting decimated by two tanks, infiltrator able to put cortium bombs in structures that ruin the base in two easy to plant bombs, terminal being able to be hacked so that infiltrators can pull vehicles to ruin the base. the structures themselves are hard or not possible to plant in desired way due to terrain and mechanics limitations. building it is more chore and time consuming than ever with this new mouduls chore traveling. its the most fragile and vonerable thing for its role (maybe except for maxes). and this whole thing is a mess and a joke. it clearly been dumped on by design.
    please do something about it! do it! remove or change any counters that makes it to be justified, like the artilery section.

    - remove or heavily change artilery so that changes will be justified and balanced.
    - work on the building mechanics of the construction so that building will be better.
    - bring back immune to damage for construction when under some moduls, and at least make much tougher, like 3x tougher with 2x regen. and bring back regeneration for stractures that have no repair moduls like spawn tube, recon radar and tree stand.
    - make it easy to place muduls and monitor them under a designed tab window, maybe in the silo or in the vehicle
    control window. to straight out replace them in need.
    thank you!
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  2. chamks

    konstrakshen tu wik put thing on the teybol. like seriously is none agree with me? infiltrators with auto snipers of 450 dmg and smg that deal more dmg than heavy lmg, max one shot/80% archer/ c4/ deci, 2 protected sunderer garages out of 200
  3. Icedude94

    If you're going to build a base and expect it to be defended, join an outfit to play with and build on the open capture point bases. The try-hards always show up to capture those with a valk drop on the point so you set up the base with the turrets facing inwards and no cover around the capture point for them to hide behind.
  4. chamks

    yeah you are right, it does help and the turrent face inward but sometimes its 4 people. and most of the time people wont come to your base to defend. it doesnt matter when one tank can snipe your base or 2 people with cortiom bombs.
  5. lukenukeum

    Bases are OP. You can build an anti vehicle turret for lightning tanks. Utilize mines, light posts, darklight attachment and use walls that block out infantry for infiltrators. I will admit its very difficult to start a base by yourself in a hot area, its supposed to be that way. But any group of 3 competent players can show up in the hottest fight and build a base right in the middle of it just fine.

    a well designed base with 3-4 players building/defending is basically impenetrable unless a giant armor column shows up.

    keep in mind im from connery its basically dead, not sure how the dynamics are on a server like emerald during peak hours.
  6. lukenukeum

    Also you need to work on your english if you want to get your point across and get constructive feedback.

    "konstrakshen tu wik put thing on the teybol."

    Nobody understands stuff like this.

    Back to your point of 4 raiders overtaking your base, as I mentioned earlier, tighter base design with walls that connect may help with this, you anti infantry turret will make quick work of them. If they come in by air, your anti air turret can take them out.

    I proposed that bases being attacked should have some kind of support spawn feature IE pressing J for instant combat will automatically spawn players to your base to help defend during attacks, or squad members can be notified to auto redeploy when a base comes under attack by 4 or more players, 2 or more tanks.

    But your base shouldn't be easily defended against 4-5 attacking players with just one person, that wouldn't be well balanced.

    But I do see your point and frustration, and agree there should be better ways to defend a base such as different construction techniques that help with base defense and help with summoning base defenders when needed. (nobody wants to sit around a base all day waiting for a fight)

    tldr: we need changes that make it difficult, but not impossible to solo defend against 3-5 attacking players.
  7. DobryiPupok

    Oh, that's for sure. Let me just remind everyone of something.
    Because I think people just completely forgot about it.

    At a time when constructions were really cool (this is 2017-2018), even at a time when there were HIVEs, also when prowlers were not nerfed etc- the online presence on the server (I can talk about Miller) was great for several years.
    But then they started nerfing a lot of things, nerfing this, nerfing that. And now online is very low.
    This clearly shows that whatever they nerfed wasn't a problem.
    There was no need to listen to people like you and nerf, nerf, nerf... - this is the real problem and time has shown this very well.
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  8. RiP0k

    It’s just that they often write that Construction OP are those people who either decided to build something a couple of times and never built it again, or those who saw the construction from afar. After all, it’s normal to have a base in the future war made of straw. Isn't that right?)
  9. chamks

    let me rephrase that: one guy with this kortioum bombs and this laser gun that call flail artilery yesterday destroyed my base. i respwan he kill me sometimes with the flail as i respawn, sometimes with his gun. i kill him he come back and keep shooting this stupid flail. and there was another idiot that helped him for some of the time. i was in the general big squad and nobody came to help. thats the most stupid thing i have ever seen. artilery should NOT deal damage to konstraktion. my base was well built and hard to go into. kortioum bombs should not do anything to bases and should be removed, another cheap and easy stupid op one hit kill designed by these awful devs that should be removed. it should be destroyed only by man fight of bazuka/ armor guns. had he tried to kill my base this way he wasnt have a chance
  10. RiP0k

    The base should only be destroyed when Silo is destroyed. This is the core of the base. And this will make it necessary for the enemy to storm the base in order to destroy it. All other structures except Router spire and OS Uplink should not be destroyed while Silo is present.
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