Constants DC's?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lakora, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. FendleyFire

    Having the same issues here, can get on server (Miller) but can't use any terminals and others players are popping in and out of existence. Checked out the server pings on the server select screen and I'm actually getting a better connection with the US servers whilst all EU ones are in the 400+ range.

    Pro7 ****** up?
  2. Bhudda V1

    just logged in about 1 hours ago got dced twice in the last 20ish minutes this is on Connery btw was on esimir got dced joined again saw a bunch of other people in the warp gate talking about the dc then i joined a amerish platoon for about 5 minute's squad spawned to their position a few minutes in dced no idea what's going on but i think it's on soe's end on this one, i had the internet the whole time on my end (watching video's and such) this type of thing soe get's right on so im not worried il play something else for a few day's.
  3. Sumica

    SO how many days has this gone on now with not a single post or reply to it. Must be enjoying the 3 day weekend. Don't mind problems happening it's to be expected but for it to not even get a response for so long starts making you wonder what you are paying for.
  4. JXOr

    I've experienced exactly the same on CERES!
    Sorry that SOE didn't bother to answer!

    I hope the patch coming in a few hours will fix that!

  5. Chipay

    seems like it didn't...
  6. FendleyFire

    Probably looks like I'm on the US East coast somewhere. Sat here in the UK, best it's been for a couple of days.

  7. Doc Jim

    This issue is not connected to pro7 in any way - I'm getting this **** too and I play without a pro7-account.

    Maybe dutch networks are dodgy atm?
  8. faykid

    patch is out, and i can't get in.

    it used to be random, no it's EVERY PLUCKING TIME!!!!

    will anybody from SOE please show up in this thread? what and actual phuk?
  9. Lakora

    You got to be bloody kidding me, even after this patch where the servers actually went down basically a restart n it's still not fixed? N not a single word from SOE either? FFS, get your thumbs out of your *** n at least give us a sign that you're in the least looking into it if you even care for EU players (Not all EU players got pro7, I don't)
  10. iccle

  11. Spanziu

    WTF?! Just got booted from server - and now im getting info - server unavaliable :O
    While forum notifications says otherwise...
  12. Delv

    CTD's are more frequent now than before...heavy battles I can barely hang on (10 minutes), medium battles I am on for about thirty minutes. It has gotten worse than it was before. I am glad they are making a serious effort, but sorry, the crashes are unreal!
  13. Omega1337

    Is there some fix for this?

    I played it 3 years ago without problems but now when i log in and pass the loading screen i try to click on Looking for squads, deploy and instant action but nothing happens and after some miutes i get the message: "Server disconnected" "You have been disconnected from the server."

    When you click OK the game closes.
  14. RocknRoll

    ooh, what a necro!
    Do u use the same installation from three years ago? Mayhaps the client couldnt handle that overkill of updates. My first try would be a complete new installation of the game.
    What hardware do u use?
  15. Omega1337

    I havn't deleted PS2 and have the same hardware like 3 years ago, the game ran well back then so this should not be the problem.

    Will try a new installation. Thank you.
  16. user101

    PS2 was about 3 months ago went through a big major update, changing a lot of stuff that does not seem compatable with the old install. Completely removing all components of OLD PS2 and reinstalling seems to do wonders in game play.

    You should only have one launcher in the windows list and only one PS2 in the windows list.

    If you have like 2 PS2 in the windows list then it's messed up... (program install list)