Constant G15 Errors on Emerald

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by dusandros, Apr 17, 2022.

  1. dusandros

    exactly what the title says. Constant G15 errors when logging in on emerald. Quite terrible lately.
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  2. EmptyTomb

    Same Here!! It's been like this all day today.
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  3. BlopTheBlam

    been happening every weekend, all weekend long, cant log in if not logged in before 7pm... today emerald wasnt as active as normal, and i cant even log in after 5-6 trys....
  4. Killuminati C

    Same. I didn't have any trouble Friday but since Saturday I've only been getting G15 errors. I can get on Connery just fine but Emerald seems to currently be a no go.
  5. Cyllus

    Same. Just came back after a break and the game played fine until Saturday. Now logging into Emerald is a pain in the ***.
  6. Essayons12b

    I thought it might have something to do with traffic, but it's midnight now and still receiving G15 errors. Mind you, I'm a member and have played this game for years without login issues. Something is obviously broken and the number of posts is probably just a 10th of the people with issues. It's great we have some new shiny objects to play with in game, but if people can't login to play. What use are they? I don't get to play much due to work, second week in a row I've been locked out of playing. Come on Rogue, get it together before you lose your membership base.