Constant crashing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Camycamera, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Camycamera

    anyone else getting constant crashing? i just came back from crashing 8 times in a row while playing.

    i also noticed that there were some little patches here and there, but before the game was fine (straight after OMFG1 it ran fine), hardly any crashes. then today i have been experiencing the above, the game freezes for a second then the screen goes white, and " PS2 has stopped working".
  2. cdavis13

    This! I've been playing about 4 weeks with no problems. I log on today (11-15), a patch downloads and now the game crashes constantly! And I mean freeze, sound goes into a loop, screen turns black and I can't do anything. I have to shut down my computer and restart it. On the last crash (7th or 8th today in 2 hours of playing), the game froze and my computer re-booted itself. Nice patch SOE!
    Just to note, in the 4 weeks up to today, I've played many many hours and never once had a crash.