Constant Crashing.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Therous, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Paisty

    I had a handful of crashes during the gu6 cycle. But last night, the night of gu7 release, I crashed to desktop 8 times in 2 hours.

    The crashes were random times, some were deploy crashes, some crashes happened while just looking in the store, others while i was on point waiting for it to cap. They seem pretty random so far.

    i7- 2600k (no OC)
    Asus Z68 mobo
    Gtx 570(graphics, no OC)
    9800gtx (physics, no OC)
    8gb of 1800mhz DDR3 (no OC)
    (x2) 240gb SSD (raid 0)

    Windows 7 64-bit
    Latest Nvidia Drivers (as of 4-19-13)
    I usually get 60 FPS (v-sync'd) and do not drop below 35 FPS in high population fights.
    Physics on
    Graphics set to High
  2. Kazzah

    "64 bit operating system" when I check - also the memory limits page on microsoft shows 32 bit windows 8 can only handle 4gb at most while I have more than that configured (and recognised) on my system.

    I can confirm it seems to affect me at random too, it can be within minutes of logging in, several hours after logging in, or anywhere inbetween.