Constant crashing every 10-20 min?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by subz3r01337, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. subz3r01337


    I've been playing planetside 2 since early beta with little to no problem on the high setting 70-120 fps no problem.
    But last week i decided to change my setting to ultra through useroptions.ini, i turned everything up and it looked awesome got around 50-80fps. I noticed when playing i was getting frame spikes of 5's and crashing every 10-20 min. I went back to high settings since i though it was the ultra settings but i was getting these crashes again even more often. Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Any way to fix it?

    My computer specs are:
    I5 2500k 3.4ghz
    6950hd 2gb OC to a 6970
    8gb ddr3 1600
    sabertooth p67
    1tb harddrive
    windows 7 32bit (need to upgrade)

    Im pretty sure my computer should be able to handle ps2. Should i upgrade something on it to see if it runs better?
    Maybe its the 32bit and i need 8gigs?

    Sorry for the confusing post im bad at this stuff. Thanks!
  2. BenYeeHua

    windows 7 32bit (need to upgrade)
    Just change to 64bit, and your problem will be fixed.
  3. AgentRev

    I have 7 64bit and I too crash every 10-20 mins. I have 16GB RAM.
  4. BenYeeHua

    Yes, but at least it don't crash when the process can't getting >3GB for the game.
  5. Kr3posT

    I have the 64bit version as well and the crashing problems have started to appear to me after the last hotfix. No more interest in playing, when this happens.
  6. BenYeeHua

    Ya, just thinking you are killing many people, and crash...
  7. AgentRev

    I don't recall seeing the game consume more than ±2.6GB for the 4 months I've played, but I do agree upon upgrading from 32 to 64 if you have more than 4GB in your machine, otherwise the extra memory is useless.
  8. bloodwolfnz

    Getting this as well every 30m - 1hr, or the game bugs out and I only see the sky box where ever i'm looking at >_<.

    i7 3930k 3.2ghz
    gtx 680 4g vram
    32g 1866mhz
    win7 64bit

    Really shouldn't be happening please fix soon.
  9. BenYeeHua

    Ya, but I also don't remember to check its vmem, which RAM+PageFile.:)
  10. Kr3posT

    Would be regretful to get the crash after every kill streak o_O , but for now it's happening in random order.
  11. kgbrd

    I had the same issue until I reduce my resolution to 1600x1200. I think PS2 cannot handle high resolutions.
  12. BenYeeHua

    Ya, and because of that, I can kill a team with grenade, and also get some helping cert after I dead.:p
  13. JDC052

    The problem isnt anyones cpu or gpu, its in the game programing that you crash, there is a memory leak that causes the same data to be generated over and over again till you run out of memory and crashes your system, requiring a reboot to PS2. To confirm this is happening go to task manager and see your processes info for planetside, you'll notice the mem usage going up, up, up, never going down. This is a issue with the game and cannot be fixed without serious technical modding, which would likely lead to a ban. I run the bare minimum of reqs with a 32-bit and 2 GB of ram i still last 2 hrs, the only thing im not sure of is the reason a PC with more ram would crash faster than mine would. The only thoery i can conclude is that your cpus are working so well you actually generate useless information FASTER and that causes the crash. No technical support to claim this thoery is right though, i simply want to play the game. Still looking for reports but have yet to see an actual program fix for this problem, hopefully jan 30th will address it.