Constant crashing at different intervals

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Mjolnir, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Mjolnir

    Ever since the last update or two, I am crashing ALL THE TIME. Before the optimization updates I could go hours and not crash at all, but now I crash every 50 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes it will go a bit longer, but sometimes I will crash after only a few minutes, ESPECIALLY after pulling an air vehicle (which is obviously incredibly annoying).

    I have no changed anything about my PC since the past few updates, so I highly doubt that it is causing this; it has to be the game (I experience no instability or crashes in anything else, and my temperatures are all constantly monitored and low).

    I can't seem to find a pattern to these crashes, and they aren't even always the same kind. Sometimes the game will crash and I will get a "planetside 2 has stopped working" message, but other times the game will just disappear and still be running in the background, despite not being there on my desktop anymore. I believe the latter case is due to a memory leak of some kind, as when this happens planetside2.exe is usually using over 3.2 GB of memory. I have 12 GB of RAM, so I am certainly not running out of memory, but something about the game is causing it to crash when it uses a large amount of memory.

    These crashes are just software crashes, and not once have I had a full computer hardlock or BSOD or anything like that; the game just stops working.
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  2. Gheeta

    You are not the only one, these started with PU1 and recently got a lot worse with ESF update. While i can't be certain i think these crashes have something to do with loading new areas. One of the most common causes seems to be flying and warping to different continents.
  3. Lordsartek

    I had the same problem ever since PU1, mine crashes with total black or white screen, and rarely sometimes it crashes to my desktop, when it crashes to desktop I can Alt-TAP back into the game though. No error messages for me though at any time. But I Can't rule out that it might be smething on my end , just funny that it first started happening when PU1 went live right? o_O
  4. MadBeef

    So you don´t get an error Code or anything I take it?

    It could be worth a try to see if you can force Planetside 2 to create a crash log for you. I have never tried this myself though and since my game doesn´t crash I cannot test if this actually works or not:

    Anyway, to try and force planetside 2 to create a written crash log, open useroptions.ini with a program like notepad and add the following lines in the bottom, then save the file:


    After the next crash see if you can find a crash log in your planetside 2 directory.
  5. FleurDisLee

    this sux i still cant load past 98% whats soe doing?
  6. Lordsartek

    Okay, thanks I'll try that. Where should the crash log be located after I try this, any specific folder?
  7. Lordsartek

    Try and wait for 5 -10 min, sometimes its just really slow.
  8. MadBeef

    Should be in the standard planetside 2 folder.
  9. Lordsartek

    On another note, after the latest client hotfix (Client hotfix January 23, 20014) I get stuck at character login screen (after you have chosen a character) for 5 - 8 min only for it to crash afterwords with no Crash log/error message or anything. total shutdown to desktop.
  10. Lordsartek

    Okay so now I'll tryed it, still no crash report/log. So either I can't find it or it dosen't create one. Thansk again anyway :)
  11. Mathroy

    Exact same problem, exact same crashes, but for me, it never goes up to 60 min. Forreal, it crashed always after between 45-60 min. Even sometimes after 30 min... This is so annoying...