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  1. Alan Kalane

    Read here about the new Conquest game mode

    Yeah so while looking at that page something occured to me...
    A Lattice-Hex hybrid
    No Redeploy/ Instant Action
    Victory condition based on many things and not just % of territory control

    We've been asking for these things for so long!
    It's almost like the devs wanted to test whether or not this would actualy work... Like it's gonnah be a test gamemode on the live server...To check whether or not these rules are applicable to the main game.

    My theory is that if this gamemode gets really popular eventualy these changes may be implemented to the main game. Good or bad? Right or wrong? discuss!
  2. Catalyist

    I'm wondering why they didn't just update the PTS version of Indar with the parameters of this so called " new game mode" if they are thinking about eventually implementing it into the main game.

    I'm glad that our thoughts and recommendations on the lattice and redeploying have finally come to fruition, but the way it's done is just weird.
    Why do it in an obscure "new game mode that is totally different" (it is not...) from the main game, if it could be implemented straight into the main game so everyone benefits.
  3. janeTEXAS

    Wrong. The new game mode is being implemented to attract the competitive outfits from live servers. So they can rub their epenis on reddit about how good they are at holding points with Maxes and MLG Pro Orion Heavy Assaults.

    And zergfits can finally leave the Live Servers and go zerg with sticky nade spam, Max spam, revive grenade spam and LOLpods to Conquest Mode. Zergfits were the real cancer that killed live servers.
  4. HadesR

    So basically a Min- WDS for zergfits ?

    If Smed wanted them to introduce another game mode I wish they had took the ball and ran with it and introduced something different and unique.
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  5. NinjaTurtle

    I am pleased to see the lattice hex hybrid. This is what the base game needs.

    I hope to hell they take this one aspect of this mode and apply it to the main game outside of this side mode
  6. janeTEXAS

    Smed was smart on this one. Competitive outfits never wanted meta game, look how they get so horny with server smashes and there is no meta game there, its just a copy paste of live server, but there is alot of farming, combined gameplay, drama, and a victory condition. So Smed gave them Conquests. Now they can zerg the **** out of that game mode and stay away from live servers.
  7. Alan Kalane

    Because there aren't enough players on the PTS to test the new rules in realistic conditions. PTS is almost always a ghost server.

    That's the thing, what if it didn't work out the expected way? For example what if most players left the game because they prefered the old rules over the new ones? The game would be done at that point. They had to make this gamemode optional at least for now, until they collect the necessary data.
  8. OldMaster80

    Too much focus on kill farming rather than strategy and territory control.
    Tthe idea to cut resources cost will make it a spam festival with tanks and max everywhere.
    And the idea to have this in a separate instance is complete idiocy.

    The only good thing: removal of redeploy.
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  9. RykerStruvian

    If it keeps zergfits out of the main game, I'm all for it. But I kind of would prefer redeploy removed as well everywhere. And the hex-lattice system sounds like fun.
  10. Alan Kalane

    The resource cost must be decreased because there's no redeploy so you will have to spend more nanites on transport.

    Whether or not tanks and MAXes should be affected is a subject to change
  11. CipherNine

    What does disabling redeploy exactly mean in this case?
    Did they just disable the redeploy button or are you no longer able to spawn outside the region?

    I know it is a dumb question but I wouldn't be surprised if only former was the case.
  12. OldMaster80

    Agreed but with 1 point for each kill you have as result everyone will roll max and tanks to farm as much as possible. Instead of becoming deeper and more strategic we're moving further to the meatgrinder.

    Then removing redeploy is ok but with the old adjacency system it's going to be a ghost cap festival.
  13. Demigan

    Looks a ton better than what we have now, it would already improve the meta-game as it is currently if they just added most of those rules right now to the normal live servers.
  14. CipherNine

    You have more meatgrinder action going on when death means very little.
  15. OldMaster80

    Were you there in the beginning, when redeploy was more restrictive and we played with the adjacency system? Do you know how will this affect the game?

    If they introduced lattice there was a reason. Adjacency system failed years ago, why should it suddenly be an excellent idea?
  16. Demigan

    Yes, I was there. We did have the adjacency system, but we lacked any form of lattice at the time. The lattice has a lot to offer, but it was implemented with a few poor mechanics alongside as well as a lack of real tactical consideration, which we did have before the lattice as capturing surrounding bases reduced the capture timer for your team. The Lattice focused fights more, and allowed Zergs to have a bigger impact than before. Before the lattice a small team could break up, slow down or divide a Zerg by capturing surrounding area's, making the timer for even a small outpost 10 minutes or more. The Lattice destroyed that.

    So yeah, the Lattice was introduced, I think it was a meta-game measure that backfired and was never righted. This new Lattice in Conquest seems a step up from the original lattice, as it allows for both adjacency and lattice links to work in your favor, giving you a bigger stragetic choice on what, where and how you attack.

    The complete annihilation of redeploy, although maybe excessive, helps the meta-game by an immeasurable amount. Suddenly players will have to consider transport. The lowly Flash will suddenly become a valuable tool, easily accessed and important for getting your troops to the designated area. Galaxies suddenly stop being temporary rush transports, and are much more important in getting your team to that base you really need to defend, but you can't just instantly teleport to the warpgate or the nearest base with Galaxy terminals, so maybe other transport is better for the time being. On the ground players will suddenly have to create motorcades, with Sunderers and tanks that will travel to bases in need, or just to the base they need to attack (which might not even be the closest base anymore due to stragetic value of other bases!).
    And the attackers? They suddenly have a much larger area to defend against much more people in force-multipliers. Since the defenders might come from any direction depending on what base they are coming from, maybe in the form of some flashes, an entire motorcade of tanks or a large airforce, and you don't know when they are going to come at you, the attackers suddenly have need for scouts to spot them in advance. People who designate "here's an enemy group coming your way". And the strategic insight to set up ambushes or AV/AA nests to deal with them before they reach your base with that much force-multipliers.
    Hell, since you can't redeploy anymore, not killing players becomes a strategy. Destroy a bunch of tanks, vehicles or Galaxies in the middle of nowhere, and let the pilots/passengers live if they exited to try and survive, and they will have to take a long time to reach a base again and get a new vehicle or join a battle. Teamkilling would suddenly be a valid strategy as well, as well as committing suicide to get back.
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  17. OldMaster80

    I want to log on pts and see how it works. And I want to take a lot of screenshots then ill post my findings here and on reddit.
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  18. napozepek

    Post from Reddit !
    "Scrap the new game mode, fix it up, make it an alert type and bring the Lattice/Hex combo to the "old" game mode." The Lattice/Hex combo like you call it was the proposal from the minority of the players 2 years ago I am talking about the LEADERS (squad and platoon - Officers and Outfit leaders). There were open letters, posts, (reddit posts to), .... About that and we were warning the developers that the game could lose the roof (LEDER - squad and platoon - Officers and Outfit leaders - people who LEADED at least 5 days in a week for multiple months (the most experienced LEADERSHIP in PS2). We had a meeting about that and people are pised that it took 2 years. But you are right this has to be implemented as the main LATES there is still work to do so long that the idea behind it (big bases ladder, small bases hex should be great. So why wasn't that implemented 2 years ago ? The developers said that they worked so long on the Later sistem so they will implement it on all continents and because most people liked it. We made it clear that the top of the pyramid is of course smaller but we are the only people that have the experience to give real feedback to the devs. The devs know that and they were admitting that they agree with your feedback on the sistem and that it has to be fixed/upgraded and that a hybrid of both systems could be the solution ! But they spent so many time to do that, and now they wont to spend the time doing other things.
    A lot of people wont agree with this I am 100% shure of that, but I would like to point out one two things out. 90% of the players did never lead a squad (not counting the Monkeys that think they are leading) and from that 10% there is maybe 5% of people who leaded squads constantly(5 days a week for multiple months). I am mentoring people and I see the same think there people that start to lead change there mentality multiple times how the game works and what the best thing is for the game. In 3 years I was leading Squads and Platoons more than 10 days in total (yust leading) and the problem is and this is not just my opinion that you have a room of 100 people that give there feedback on how to assemble a computer, 90 never did it before and the other 10 are split in two groups 5 did it already and the other 5 do it everyday it's their job. The point is it doesn't matter how much the 10 tray to explain to the others or give there opinion on the task the result will be mostly influenced by the 90 people. For the 90% of players it doesn't matter because they are concerned about just one thing killing people and the other 10% will have to work with the consequences of the decision (that's why the roof has big holes - the leaders leaving the game). The best argument is that 2 years ago the top of the community came to the same conclusion individually that maybe the best solution would be a hybrid/combo of both systems !
    I fully support what you are proposing ! We dont need to split the community the ladder/hexsistem should be the new system and the other things that they did are perfect for alerts!
  19. Demigan

    TL: DR
    Instead of splitting up the server population just put it in as an alert. People asked for it in the past.
  20. napozepek

    We were asking for a Lattice/Hex combo or what ever you want to call it. Demigan you didn't get it right. The counting system can be implemented into alerts !